BTC Chapter 443 : Building Smart Lanes

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In the concept of air suspension car propaganda materials, everyone can see that several shapes are more sci-fi and personalized cars than the current Pengyun new energy vehicles.

For example, magnetic suspension public transport, there is no traditional front, or double front design; small magnetic suspension motorcycle with round wheel type, magnetic suspension recreational vehicle with mobile RV, commercial vehicle and so on.

Without exception, these cars are fully autonomous cars that have abandoned the traditional cab design, and most importantly, they can “fly” on the road!

Just like the maglev train, the buoyancy of magnetic levitation, and the road without any friction, the car is paved with a sensor board on a specific road, the speed can reach the high-speed rail!

At the auto show, a large number of media and fans were immediately attracted.

A large group of car fans did not look at the exposed sexy car model next to them, but marveled in front of the super-real virtual projection of Pengyun Automobile.

“Maglev self-driving car, so cool! If you take this car, this speed and the plane are not much different?” Someone exclaimed, “If it is realized, then it will be ten times more convenient to travel!”

Nowadays, in China’s transportation system, airline tickets are generally very stressful to consume, and not every place has an airport, and there are flights every time period. As for the high-speed rail and maglev trains, they also face the problem that the ticket is difficult to buy and the location is fixed.

If you have a small magnetic levitation car and a perfect magnetic levitation road traffic system, that means everyone can reach anywhere in the country within a few hours, regardless of tickets and time constraints.

“Conceptual video only!” An old car fan said next to him, “The concept video of this magnetic levitation car, I remember that there are several car companies have been out, such as the public or something, in fact, are hype. You think about it, how hard it is to build magnetic levitation car, and it has to be driven on the track. How can it be made now?”

“That is also true.” The crowd nodded.

At the scene, an insider of Pengyun Auto was interviewed by a media worker from a famous car website.

“Manager Wang, may I ask Pengyun’s magnetic suspension concept car to show us a development status of the future car, or is Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. ready to develop a magnetic levitation car?” the reporter asked.

“The magnetic suspension car concept video we show today is a new type of car we are developing! Maglev car!” Wang said, “In the near future, it will not only be a concept car in the projection, but true cutting edge products! A new type of transportation.”

“So, Pengyun is really developing a magnetic levitation car! This is really amazing!” The reporter also slightly exclaimed, “As we all know, there are various problems in magnetic levitation vehicles, such as magnetic levitation technology, car magnetic levitation orbits, etc. Many car companies have collapsed, and Pengyun has a way to overcome it?”

“Any problem, we believe that we have enough strength and confidence to deal with and overcome.” Manager Wang continued, “And we also welcome colleagues, and other friends, and we will work together to create a new transportation system. —Maglev Vehicle Transportation System!”

Media reports quickly spread to television and online media, which once again caught the attention of curious people.

The front page of Automotive, Science and Technology news is that Pengyun Automobile announced the creation of a new magnetic levitation traffic system.

The people who eat melons are just curious, but the insiders are questioning.

Immediately, a professional car media came out to analyze and wrote: “The magnetic levitation car mentioned by Pengyun, from the perspective of automobile development, may become a means of transportation in the future. But now, we still have to say a word… premature.”

“We can do the orbital maglev train, but if it is replaced by a magnetic levitation car, it will not work. The development of the magnetic levitation car itself is facing a huge technical problem and the car needs a perfect magnetic levitation track to drive, look around the world, there is no road that can be used for magnetic levitation vehicles.”

“So, this design is nothing more than the hype of Pengyun Auto’s concept. In today’s car enterprise propaganda, it is already strange.”

A well-known car executive also said in an informal occasion: “The magnetic suspension car concept video, our company used it a few years ago. Now Pengyun car uses this hype, follow the trend.”


The voice of doubts is very simple. The response of Pengyun Automobile is very simple. This is not a speculation. Pengyun Automobile will successfully develop a magnetic levitation vehicle in the next six months, and plans to establish a magnetic suspension intelligent road for testing, hoping to find a suitable partner to complete. .

“They not only have to develop cars, but also to repair the magnetic suspension smart lanes? It’s crazy, is the sales of a driverless car stunned them?” Domestic, a top car brand company, the top executives saw this news, tsk tsk is amazing.

“They really dare to think and do it!” said one person in quizzical tone. “They want to transform a construction company? Build a maglev road for the whole world?”

“It is still a problem whether the magnetic levitation car can be built. It is funny to make a lane without a car.”

Not only the car companies, Pengyun car wants to find a partner to work together to solve the road.

“President Lu, now that the magnetic levitation cars are not available, it is difficult for us to find partners who are willing to build roads.” Jiang Xunmei reported, “Several construction companies we have contacted these days have no intentions unless we invest wholly in ourselves.”

“Then let’s get started. Now, the capitalists are not seeing rabbits or scatter eagles. First repair a magnetic levitation smart lane for testing, and invest wholly.” Lu Zixin simply said that the magnetic levitation intelligent roads across the country are not repaired. From the beginning, a test track is still no problem.

“Pengyun Auto has insufficient budget. Our funds are invested in factory construction and new car development.” Jiang Xunmei continued.

“Do a detailed budget report and send it to the head office.” Lu Zixin said with great pride, “I will approve it when I get there.”

The great benefit of Red Letter Group is that it can use the resources of each company to build the latest products. The magnetic levitation smart lane, the budget per kilometer is certainly tens of millions higher than the traditional highway, not to take out a few billion, it is really difficult to repair the test lane.

This budget is of course the most intelligent magnetic levitation lane. If you design according to general standards or low standards, the budget will be much less. What Lu Zixin has to do is to spend a lot of money to let the world watch a show. The magnetic levitation car and the magnetic levitation smart lane are really achievable.

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