BTC Chapter 442 : Magnetic Levitation Lane Problem

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“Road planning, how did you plan?” Lu Zixin asked.

Dongfang Hao said of course: “Of course, the magnetic levitation driveway is built, and it must be built nationwide. As for how to build it, I will not care, I am only responsible for research and development.”

He left the problem back without a sense of responsibility, and Lu Zixin didn’t dare to hold him accountable. Dongfang Hao didn’t have any concept of money. Besides mechanical aspects, other aspects of talent can’t be complimented.

If you let him be responsible, I’m afraid he will use the simplest way to throw money! The magnetic levitation lanes across the country cannot be completed by smashing hundreds of millions, billions, or even tens of billions, which may require hundreds of billions!

Lu Zixin pondered, this matter still needs to find another way.

He said: “You send me the information about the magnetic levitation lane.”

“OK!” Dongfang Hao immediately sent the information to Lu Zixin’s smart glasses for him to check.

Magnetic levitation lanes are much less difficult to manufacture than magnetic levitation vehicles. Simply place an 1-2 cm sensor board on the road. This sensor board is like an asphalt concrete that can be laid on a regular road.

From the point of view of manufacturing difficulty, it is much simpler than the magnetic orbiting train track, and the cost is much smaller. The general urban roads can be modified and laid.

But Lu Zixin needs more than that. Maglev cars have to face a big problem, energy supplements!

Maintaining the buoyancy of a magnetically suspended car requires a lot of energy, which leads to poor endurance. Therefore, when laying the magnetic levitation lane, he also wants to join the power system, so that the orbit can generate an induced electric field.

When the magnetic levitation car is driving in this lane, it can be wirelessly charged by the induction battery. The result of this is that this kind of car is no longer needs any power station, as long as it can be driven on the road, it is more convenient, and there is no need to consider battery life.

“In addition to these, it seems that you can add smart multimedia… In this way, there are more things.” Lu Zixin remembered the advice of the engineer when he built the driverless car.

Since the car has achieved driverlessness, the passengers can be freed from the work of driving, and the car rises from the vehicle to the mobile smart carrier.

Similarly, roads can be intelligent, and together, road costs have risen.


“We must not build roads by ourselves. We should seek cooperation from the urban construction department or road construction company.” Su Zhirong proposed at home.

She is wearing a casual white t-shirt, a pair of loose shorts, sitting on the sofa with two big long legs crossed, eating dried fruits.

“The investment is too big, I am afraid there are not many companies willing to.” Lu Zixin shook his head. “They must be shown the dividend.”

“Well?” Su Zhirong shifted her head, thought for a while, and said, “If you want them to invest in construction, they will have to make a profit. What are the benefits of the magnetic levitation road?”

“Car media!” Lu Zixin said first, “Car media service, this is a considerable profit point.”

“The road construction company is not very interested in car media services,” Su Zhirong said. “I think wireless charging can be handed over to them.”

At present, most of the roads on the world are cars with fossil energy, and there are relatively few electric vehicles. However, with the development of new energy vehicles, the car charging business is gradually developing.

If the magnetic levitation road is completed, wireless charging can be realized, and this business must be charged. If there are enough magnetic levitation cars, this is a very promising business.

“This is a good proposal. The business of charging station can be profitable. Not to mention private companies, state-owned enterprises and urban construction departments are also expected to be interested.” Lu Zixin nodded.

How much can China Oil and China Petrochemical earn in a year? That is a state-owned enterprise that is rich in oil. If the new energy vehicle replaces the fossil energy vehicle in the future, then the car charging business can be a big entry.

“The most important thing is to produce evidence to let these companies and government departments believe that in the future our magnetic levitation vehicles and new energy vehicles will become popular means of transportation on the road!” Su Zhirong concluded, “As long as the proof is given and they see that, when we don’t have to propose the construction of magnetic levitation road, they will build it themselves.”

“Well, yes, yes. Since this project is so difficult, let them build it.” Lu Zixin also wants to understand that relying on the power of Red Letter Group to complete such a large infrastructure project is simply a waste of money. I don’t know how much money is, and how long does it take for the road reconstruction in the country?

But if the cities in the country take the initiative to transform themselves, then this is much simpler. As for the added value generated by the magnetic levitation road, let them be better. Pengyun Automobile has mastered the core technology of magnetic suspension vehicles and intelligence, afraid not to make money?

“Little Su Su, you are really my wise helper.” Lu Zixin leaned over and took a kiss on Su Zhirong’s pretty face.

“You make a big profit!” Su Zhirong pretended to be a little proud.

“Yeah, the company is bothering you with so many things, are you busy?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Busy is too busy!” When it comes to this, a bit of exhaustion is on Su Zhirong’s face. She said with emotion: “Our group is developing too fast, and the faster it develops, the more problems it faces. And every time it is a major event that has to be dealt with, tired.”

“I help you massage.” Lu Zixin picked her up and placed it on the sofa, gently rubbing her shoulders.

“Fortunately, there are Hong Xiaoxiao, now AI can solve many problems.” Su Zhirong said, “Otherwise, I can’t even get a day off.”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded and said: “Look back, I will study it again, and let Hong Xiaoxiao learn about the company management. In the future, we will upgrade the management of the company to intelligent management.”

“We only make big decisions, and some small links let artificial intelligence operate. In addition, Red Letter subsidiary that has been operating independently needs only to follow the head office in the general direction, and you don’t have to work too hard.”


Pengyun Automobile’s magnetic levitation vehicle has overcome some difficulties and entered the stage of high-speed research and development. In order to cooperate with the magnetic levitation vehicle to attract some enterprises to be interested in the magnetic levitation intelligent road, Pengyun Automobile intends to release a little news to preheat in the market.

At a recent large-scale auto show in a city, Pengyun Motor demonstrated a virtual projection of a magnetic levitation vehicle, indicating that the concept of a magnetic levitation car is being developed, and hopes to build a new intelligent magnetic levitation road to match the magnetic levitation vehicle usage.

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