MST Chapter 238 : Let’s tear them

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Ye Guang has also made some changes to the Name Tag Elimination link to suit local conditions.

Name Tag Elimination is located in a shopping mall. Before name tag elimination started, they were told, the holy water which can clean the name tag is in the treasure chest in the center of the lobby on the first floor of the mall, but it required a password. The password is today’s day guests. The numbers we infer from the task tips obtained through the game. The complete password requires all numbers from the guest to be combined and the order of the number requires everyone to find a clue at the mall.

Therefore, in the end, the three groups of guests not only have to find clues about the order of the numbers in the mall, but also need to go through a fight and finally get all the numbers to get the final password.

There is a number or multiple numbers on the back of each guest’s name tag. It depends on how the members of each group is allocated. If you tear off the other party’s name tag, you can get the number owned by the other party.

The program continues to record.

The three groups of players is taken to different locations by the black people, then each guest looked for clues alone.

At this time, everyone has separated, so each guest is accompanied with exclusive cameraman and two staff. The cameraman has difficult task, because the guest needs to run and chase in the process of tearing up the name tag. So the cameraman required large stamina and has become cumbersome follower.

But fortunately, the general cameraman’s physical quality is not bad. After all, they have to resist bulkiness. People with poor health can’t do it. Moreover, these one-on-one videographers who follow the guests is carefully selected and top-notch.

Three brothers Wei also among them. These three brothers is tall and mammoth. Except for not looking good, their bodies are just fresh. Of course, Ye Guang didn’t let them idle, he let the three people follow them separately. He, Liu Chiyan, and the other is Heavenly King Liu. Ye Guang likes to use his own people. It’s not an exaggeration to say, some people are cronyism. He likes to leave important tasks to his own people, so rest assured.

The three brothers, sea, land, and air, respectively followed Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan and Liu Xuecheng. The exclusive cameramen for the other guests were selected from the cameramen brought by Beijing Satellite TV.

Finding clues is very boring. Moreover, it’s a big summer, it’s hot and not long after looking for it, Ye Guang is all sweaty, the other guests are similar.

Ye Guang found some treasure chests with clues, but his luck was very bad. The treasure chests is empty. He gritted his teeth with hatred, “I can finally understand this mood.” Ye Guang said to himself. In one sentence, he refers to the feeling Running Man in Dream World. They lose time just looking for treasure chests.

In the entire mall, there are more than fifty treasure chests, and only one hides clues, the others is empty.

After looking for a while. The guests often met during this period, but at this stage, everyone is busy looking for clues. No one takes the initiative to attack and tear the opponent’s name tag.

Heavenly King Liu met Ye Guang.

Heavenly King Liu is also sweaty, “Little Ye, come here, let’s exchange information.”

Ye Guang approached cautiously, then the two said a moment and eventually exchanged a clue that they found.

Heavenly King Liu: “Little Ye, what is the password? Where is the clue? You are the chief director, should you know?”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly, “I don’t know, I won’t participate in these details, otherwise I know everything and how to do the show. These are all made by our dedicated game design team . No one knows except them.”

Heavenly King Liu still suspicious, “Really?”

Ye Guang nodded affirmatively, “Of course it is true. Otherwise, I open golden finger and what’s the fun of playing it? Didn’t you see all my sweat. The only difference between me and you is, I know how to play this game in advance, but how to play the game. You all know before the game starts, this is really not an advantage.”

“Ok,” Heavenly King Liu believes it, of course, Ye Guang doesn’t lie.

Regarding the design of Running Man game, it’s true Ye Guang only grasped an outline. The rest is completed by the game design team established by the program group. After all, he also one of the guests. If he knew everything, it would affect the game balance.

After looking for clues for a while. Ye Guang is tired, he sit on a chair in the mall corridor and said to Wei Haijun, “Old Wei, you too, sit for a while, holding the machine is tired.”

Wei Haijun also didn’t polite, sat down, took out the water bottle hung around his waist and took two sips of water.

Ye Guang looked at it, then pointed to the kettle and said, “Give me a drink.”

Wei Haijun didn’t speak, but shook his head in rejection.

Ye Guang: “Hey, I’m not happy, just a sip of water, am I not your leader?”

Wei Haijun still shakes.

Ye Guang didn’t do it, “Just take a sip, don’t be stingy.”

Wei Haijun finally spoke, “The program group has regulations, the cameraman can’t give any kind of help to the guests. You’re the one who set this rule, saying it is a death rule.”

Ye Guang dumbfounded, touching his forehead speechlessly.

On the other side, Liu Chiyan also encountered the same situation. She found a treasure chest, but the treasure chest is placed on a high shelf. Although Liu Chiyan isn’t short, but she couldn’t reach it at the height of the shelf, so she jumped around. After jumping and pulling for many times, she still failed to take down the treasure chest.

s a result, Liu Chiyan appealed to Wei Lujun who followed her for help.

“Lujun, you help me take this treasure chest down.” Said Liu Chiyan.

Wei Lujun shook his head and refused.

Liu Chiyan glanced at him, then made a begging gesture, looking pitiful.

Wei Lujun was a little shaken, his look was uncertain. Liu Chiyan looked like this and he really couldn’t help to refused, and Liu Chiyan still his boss.

However, after hesitating for a while, Wei Lujun still chose to adhere to principles and obey disciplines. Liu Chiyan was his boss, but when the show was filming, she is only a guest, not an exception.

Wei Lujun didn’t agree. Liu Chiyan pouted and glared at him, jokingly, “Huh, I will deduct your bonus this month, because you won’t listen to the boss. If you don’t help, you won’t help. I will find a way.”

As she said while stomping away, Wei Lujun followed up with a wry smile. Another freelance cameraman pointed the camera at Wei Lujun and recorded his helpless look.

Of course, Liu Chiyan is just talking, she won’t really deduct Wei Lujun salary or embarrass him because of this. On the contrary, such employees who can adhere to principles can make the boss more likely to trust him.

In the end, Liu Chiyan went to find a broom and bounced and pulled down the treasure chest.

After a long time of searching, everyone found some clues more or less. Lan Bao group found the most clues. Lan Bao, Mu Huang, and Zhong Jing were able to understand the password through reasoning. The order was set, but they needed to get the numbers from other guests to created the passwords, so this group of people got excited to try.

Zhong Jing is the biggest one in the guest. This link needs the most brute force and he is the most confident. He pinches his fists with loid ‘Kaka‘ sound.

The three men become energetic and began to look for the guests who were alone. They have regarded them as objects.

“Let’s go, let’s tear them apart!”

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