BTC Chapter 317 : New way of shooting

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“What? Virtual projection movie?” Seeing the news announced by Red Letter, most people who eat melons are not aware of it.

“Red Letter actually wants to make a movie! Or is it a virtual projection movie? I don’t know what it will be like?”

“This director has not heard of it! There are no familiar stars, I feel that it is not very powerful!”

“I have no interest in seeing science fiction theme. The domestic sci-fi film is simply funny!”

“Yes, whether it’s magic or science fiction, in the end, they made a dog blood romance!”

It is worth mentioning that after the announcement of virtual projection movie by Red Letter, the entertainment circle that always likes to follow hot spot is collectively silent, as if everyone does not know about it, it is not mentioned.

There is no first-line star, even the second-line star said that he will participate in the performance, the big-name stars are full of time, the film and television companies put pressure, naturally will not participate. The director Wang Luyuan did not invite them because he was mistreated by the flow of meat. So he did not have a famous figure from director, screenwriter to actor.

“This is their lineup?” Seeing the news announced by Red Letter, Lida President Xia has repeatedly shook his head. “A second-line director, an unnamed novelist, has no obvious traffic, but also shoots the least. The popular domestic sci-fi movie, the newcomer of red letter film and television is too new!”

“Maybe they are more money to burn!” said Jiang Cuiliu. “This situation is not uncommon. Every year, some companies pay for money in movies. Red Letter Group has more funds and is not afraid of losing money.”

“They love to pay for them to lose it!” Xia Kui said, “In short, we quickly got shooting equipment for virtual projection. I feel that this thing will definitely replace 3D movie. This is not popular in the world. If let us seize the opportunity, Lida Pictures will not be swayed for the next ten years!”


“Director Jiang, Red Letter has already begun preparations, this is their list of people!” In a luxury hotel, a broker handed the information of red letter virtual projection movie to the man on the sofa.

He was carrying an electronic cigarette, his hair was half white, and his eyes were deep wrinkles.

Jiang Hongru, one of the top domestic directors, has also won numerous film awards internationally. And he also directed sci-fi blockbusters in Hollywood, the first director invited by Red Letter.

Jiang Hongru was very willing to cooperate with Red Letter, but Lida Film is his old club, and the old club has order, and he can only refuse. However, he is still concerned about the action of Red Letter Film, and he is also very interested in virtual projection movies.

“Director Wang Luyuan?” Jiang Hongru nodded. “The director they chose a good one. Wang Luyuan is still very talented, but his luck is not very good.”

“Others, is it too much to play?” Jiang Hongru pointed to the name of Yan Wei. “The deputy director is actually the game director of Red Letter? The game director and film director are not the same thing.”

“Is this guy related to the leadership and is strong?”

“There is still this subject, it is still an IP work. This IP traffic is not too hot, the shooting is difficult, combined, this movie is inherently insufficient, it is completely white!”

“Fortunately, I did not agree to red letter, or I have to sign a sign again!”

Agent said with a smile: “I saw it at first sight is speechless. They are making movies. This lineup can only shoot inferior online movies.”

“It’s a pity. I am also very interested in virtual projection film and television shooting.” Jiang Hongru sighed. “It seems that I have to wait a year and a half.”


Although the big fans in entertainment circle don’t care about red letter, other small actors and stars are very good at heart.

When the red letter movie was chosen the men and women, there were tens of thousands of people who signed up, and those who had “I have a star dream” were removed, and there were many strengths.

After screening, they selected the male and female masters and the main actors. Wang Luyuan’s request is very simple, does not require much fame, but must have acting, brain-spirited actors.

The next step is to officially start shooting and start the first virtual projection film and television shooting plan.

As a boss and technical consultant, Lu Zixin is also in the studio.

The virtual projection shooting studio is completely different from the traditional studio. The walls are made of special materials. Each wall is equipped with smart devices and can be used as a mobile terminal.

At every distance, a micro-projection device is installed to adjust the light in the studio.

“Props? Fieldwork! How do you do this, this prop?” In the studio, Wang Luyuan shouted with a loudspeaker.

This scene is to shoot the scene of the alien planet. According to the script, there are many special items needed.

“Director Wang, the props are already in place.” The field quickly replied.

“This is all right? You save money for your boss! How do you express the magic and wonder of alien planet? Is it all computer-specific?” Wang Luyuan frowned. “No, no, it’s too simple!” ”

“Director Wang!” Yan Wei said, “This is enough. The scene has been made, and now the projection effect has not been opened. It is completely different when it is opened.”

“Xiao Yan, I mean, important props must be there. In this way, the actors are more likely to find the feeling, and post-production is easier.” Wang Luyuan explained patiently.

“I know, Director Wang, you know it when you look at it!” Yan Wei shouted: “Brothers, open the projection!”

His voice fell, and the virtual projection studio suddenly led him up. He saw the white room, the light intertwined, and there was a dreamlike scene.

This is a magical planet where all kinds of bizarre creatures multiply. There are multi-colored, strange plants, strange animals, animals with special abilities, and magic creatures that don’t know whether they are animals or plants, such as stones that can run, flying flowers, etc…

The effect of this virtual projection is several times stronger than that of a typical virtual projector. In a special studio, light is reflected in people’s eyes as if everything is real.

“OMG!” The crews screamed, “Too beautiful!”

“This is the special effect?” Wang Luyuan stared wide-eyed, generally filming, are first shot against the props or green screen, and later use the computer to make special effects.

This kind of special effect is also very difficult to achieve, but today, for the first time, he saw the scene of special effects scene directly appearing!

This is completely different from the traditional film shooting, and the special effects scenes that can be seen later can appear like real scenes! Wang Luyuan is shocked!

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