BTC Chapter 232 : Experience Store

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After Cook was finished, the reporters agreed to applaud and recorded his words and published them in the news media.

The domestic media saw that it was even more exaggerated to write the title: “Apple CEO Cook can be blunt, smart glasses are immature products, should not enter the market!”

For such reports, Red Letter naturally ignored it and continued to prepare for the sale of smart glasses.

After the factory stocked up to a certain amount, Red Letter finally opened a new conference to announce the function of smart glasses.

This time, the Science and Technology community and the masses are boiling!

The volume is smaller than the general myopia glasses, the picture is directly projected to the retina, voice control, communication, virtual reality, visual field expansion, information recording processing…

These functions are all gathered in a small smart glasses, which is completely unheard of for the majority of users!

On the information carrier, this smart glasses is less than one-eighth the quality of a smartphone, but it carries no less intelligence than a smartphone.

At the launch of the red letter, the pre-sale price of the most common smart glasses is 6998, and the all-round version is 99998.

This price has surpassed most portable smart devices, even more expensive than some of smart phones.

But no one will think it is expensive, if the function of HX GLASS smart glasses is really like the press conference, it is value for money!

There are all kinds of voices from outside, and everything is just waiting for the official release of smart glasses.

Shanghai, a large shopping mall center, has a smart experience store with a red letter. Today is the day when HX GLASS smart glasses are on sale. The speed of getting goods in a physical store will be faster than online, so many loyal red powders or people who want to find out are queued up early.

The store has not opened yet, and the store has already had a long queue at the door. Fortunately, the staff of the store was prepared, and there same case when the last HX2S was released. Therefore, the protective fence was arranged in advance, and the order of security maintenance was arranged.

A passing aunt asked curiously: “What are you waiting to buy in line? Is it something discounted?”

“No, buy red letter glasses!” the lined up man replied.

“Glasses? So many people are lining up to buy glasses?” Aunt said, “Are you all nearsighted?”

“No, it’s the smart glasses of Red Letter.”

“Smart glasses, not glasses. How much?” Aunt asked, she intuitively thinks that so many people buy, it is definitely a good thing, if it is cheap, you can buy it.

“A cheap seven thousand.”

“Seven thousand?” Aunt showed a surprised expression. “Just buy a pair of glasses? It’s better to buy gold! Go, now everyone is there.”

Ignore the aunt, and some media workers also saw this grand occasion, took photos of the queue, and sent it online.

Morning News: “The Red Letter Smart Experience Store has a long queue, HX GLASS smart glasses are so popular?”

Netizens also paid attention to the news of HX GLASS smart glasses, and saw this report, they were amazed.

“The long queues, I only saw them when they robbed Apple phones. I didn’t expect Red letter smart glasses to be so many people!”

“There are bright spots in this picture. You see, there is an Apple experience store next to it, no one.”

“I’m looking forward to it, is the function really true as the press conference? So I have to pay for one!”

“No hurry, so many people are running fresh on the first day. If smart glasses don’t work well, then there will be no one.”


The experience store finally opened the door on time, only to open the door, people crowded and want to squeeze into it, but they were stopped by security and entered in order.

“Hello, welcome to Red Letter Smart Experience Store. Can I help you?” The waiter smiled and said to the first young man who rushed in.

He is a college student, called Wang Chang, highly myopic, and also a loyal red powder. After hearing the news of the sale of smart glasses, he got up in the early morning and was always the first to arrive.

“I want to experience HX GLASS smart glasses, can I?” Wang Chang hurriedly asked.

“Yes, please.” The waiter took him to HX GLASS smart glasses display cabinet, Wang Chang looked, four smart glasses placed in a transparent glass counter. The smooth curve, the transparent frame, unlike the traditional glasses, is an invasive projection structure, so it looks very clean and full, and is full of Science and Technology.

“I want to experience this all-powerful supreme!” Wang Chang first wanted to experience the best, the waiter gave him out.

Wang Chang excitedly picked up HX GLASS smart glasses, the glasses is very easy, and there is no feeling in his hand.

He asked: “I am highly myopic, can I wear it directly?”

The waiter nodded: “Our smart glasses will automatically adjust for polarized light, myopia, and farsightedness, so you can wear them directly.”

He wears smart glasses and feels very easy and comfortable. The smart glasses were activated immediately. Because it is an experience version, there is no iris recognition and binding.

“Welcome to use of Red Letter smart glasses, Almighty Extreme Edition, it will bring you a different vision! I am a smart Xiao Jing, you can voice and communicate with me.” Smart glasses make a pleasant sound, its sound is very slight, But because it is worn on the face, part of the sound is transmitted through the bone, so it is very clear.

“Now start light adjustment, please widen your eyes.”

Wang Chang’s eyes widened. The initial state of the smart glasses was the lens of normal human vision, so when he put it on, the scenery in front of him was still blurred.

The smart glasses begin to modulate the light and project the image onto his retina at a suitable focal length through a miniature laser projector.

Seen in the eyes of Wang Chang, the world suddenly became clear. It’s like watching a movie, suddenly changing from SD to Blu-ray quality. For a high myopia person, this experience is awesome!

Behind Wang Chang, several customers came to the store. Without exception, they all asked to experience smart glasses.

Wang Chang continues to experience that smart glasses have been wirelessly connected to Red Letter’s intelligent information processing system for voice communication.

He asked: “The press conference said that the glasses can change color, how can it change?”

Xiao Jing said: “You can choose the color through the display of smart glasses, or you can adjust it through the mobile phone APP.”

The voice is over, and different smart glasses styles appear in Wang Chang’s vision. Just like playing a game, there is a panel in front of you.

“I chose the model number 15!” Wang Chang finished, the smart glasses he wore began to change color automatically, the frame became a deep blue of the starry sky, and the stars were flashing.

“It’s so beautiful!” a female customer next to him exclaimed, “The waiter, I want to experience this too!”

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