MST Chapter 31 : 200,000

Edited; XiaXue

Ye Guang put his hand into the trouser pocket, pretending to smash the wallet and actually took the wallet out of the system storage.

Ye Guang took the credit card that Liu Chiyan gave him. “Dad, Mom, look, this is the card that Li Chiyan personally gave me. There are 200,000 inside, it is my job-hopping fee!” Ye Guang didn’t dare to say more, said 200,000, and it was a huge sum for their family.

Father and mother is a little surprised, the job-hopping back to the job-hopping fee? 200,000? This is not a small amount. They don’t believe it, but seeing Ye Guang’s ignorance, he is more or less convinced.

Mother said: “How do you prove that there are 200,000 in this card? In case you are playing tricks on us again, you can fool us.”

Ye Guang: “How can I dare? Dad is all started, I dare to play slick. This is not lighting in the toilet. Looking for shit?”

Father shouted: “I count you!”

Mother obviously still doesn’t believe it, Liu Chiyan, who is that? China entertainment Heavenly Queen, how can big celebrity there be an intersection with the son? Also hired my son to go to her Studio with a high salary? I can’t figure out how.

Mother : “The matter of the card is not to be said first. You should explain the matter of Liu Chiyan Studio first.”

Ye Guang nodded and was busy: “Mom, I know you may not believe it, but I am telling the truth. I met Liu Chiyan at the TV station.”

Mother frowned and thought, um, celebrity, it’s normal to play with TV station, and she recently fell in love with Liu Chiyan’s TV series, and she also pays attention to Liu Chiyan, as if she heard what entertainment news said Liu Chiyan is suspected of being in Nanchang.

“Well, you continue to say.”

Ye Guang: “I met Liu Chiyan by chance. There was a little misunderstanding. Then we met. Then we accidentally touched it a few times. When she went to the second place, she was convinced by your son’s talent. Liu Chiyan’s current Studio is in short supply of staff and she feel that your son are talented, so she hired me to go to their Studio. Such a good opportunity, of course, I can’t let go, Liu Chiyan, China entertainment Heavenly Queen, follow her better than working at the Radio station?”

Mom and Dad take a look at each other.

Father: “There is nothing to say, what you are saying now, let us believe that the degree is only five or five points, to elute your guilt, to produce evidence, and to come up with iron evidence!”

Ye Guang is busy: “Card, Dad, this card is evidence. 200,000, this is iron evidence. Do you still have a few steel G in your son? There are 200,000 in this card, which can prove that what I said is true!”

My parents took a look at each other. Some of them believed Ye Guang’s words. Today, it gave him a big lesson. How can he still love to toss and be able to deceive his parents at this time? After all, as a mother, son is a heart-to-heart treasure. Although the son does things that do not work, it is also a parent’s hate.

“Good.” Father said, “I believe you for the time being, but you have to prove that you have 200,000 in this card!”

Mother help: “Yes! Only then can you prove that you are not lying and composing stories, and to wash away guilt!”

Ye Guang reveals a difficult color: “Dad, Mom, in this hours, the bank is closed, I really can’t do it now… You believe me! There are really 200,000 in this cards. If you don’t believe it, I will go to the bank tomorrow morning and take out 200,000 for you.”

Mother thought about it and thought it was too late. The bank also got off work, and today Ye Guang has learned enough lessons. When parents, teaches his disobedience son is justified, but the smart parents know that the lesson is learned, but can’t force it too tight.

“Well, let you go for the time being.” Mother said, “But don’t be too happy, you are still wearing a sin! Wait until you come up with evidence tomorrow to make a redemption!”

Ye Guang nodded and said: “Do not worry, Mom, I will go to the bank early in the morning and get it back for you. To prove innocence! Please organize a generous treatment.”

Father snorted: “You still dare to speak! Go back to the room and look at you, i will get angry.”

The father was shunned, and Ye Guang was a horse. Ye Guang took a deep breath.

It has finally passed.

Ye Guang also said with some pity: “Daddy, I haven’t eaten yet…”

Mother : “The criminal has no food to eat, you are hungry tonight!”

Ye Guang: “The criminals also have human rights.”

Mother : “Roll!”

Ye Guang slid back to the room, and finally deliberately said that no meal was miserable, so that parents can disappear.

Today, this is a pass, oh, such a big person is actually beaten, it is a bit shameful to think about it. But it finally calmed down my parents.

Ye Guang took off his clothes and left only a pair of pants and looked at himself. Well, three or four red whip marks on the two legs, there must be on the butt, but he could not see. Father is not really light, but it is good to have skin trauma, not to get in the way.

Dressing up, Ye Guang looked at the time, it was already 8:30 in the evening, well, he had been interrogated by parents for more than an hour. Taking out the cell phone, Ye Guang called Liu Chiyan again, still shut down, helpless, Ye Guang had to open the computer and log in to Weibo and sent Weibo.

Nothing to say, just one sentence : ‘You won, I resigned, almost done.’

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan both paid attention to each other Weibo, but Ye Guang was still afraid that Liu Chiyan couldn’t see it, and sent her a few private messages.

Is this okay? Defeated wife, because of you are suffering, we are suffering. Humph! Go back and clean up!

At nine o’clock in the evening, Mother came in with a bowl of noodles and pushed the door.

Ye Guang said: “Mom, why don’t you knock on the door.”

Mother cut him and said: “When you enter your own son’s room in your own house, you still have to knock on the door?”

Well, this is the common problem and subconscious of all the mothers in the world. You don’t need to knock on the door in your son’s room!

“Eat.” Mother put the noodles in front of Ye Guang. “You, I really don’t want to worry.”

Ye Guang is not hungry, but still picks up the noodles with a smile and eats it. In the end, it’s a mother, how angry, and will not let my son really hungry.



“Is it true what you said today?”


“Really.” Mother is worried. “You can’t lie to us in this kind of thing, and your father’s temper is gone. If the 200,000 you just said is a lie, admit your father is wrong, But don’t be fooled by the law!”

200,000, not a small amount, mother will still be suspicious of this matter, afraid that the son is cheating on them, if the son’s brain is cramped, because 200,000 things to do against the law, then the sin can be big.

Money is a good thing, but the son is the most important!

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