MST Chapter 32 : Weibo Was Scolded

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Ye Guang is still eating noodles.

“Lazy Si Zhende, swearing tender articles…” Ye Guang’s mouth is stuffed with noodles and the words are ambiguous.

Mother frowned, “Speak well! Swallowed and said.”

Ye Guang swallowed the noodles in his mouth. “Of course it is true, I can lie to you, rest assured, Mom, you will believe it when you see the money tomorrow!”

Mother nodded a little, and shouted again: “Really, it’s really good, Mom can warn you, can’t do anything because of the face.”

Ye Guang snorted, “Mom, don’t worry, who you don’t know your son yet, certainly will not do anything that violates the law and discipline and harms public order.”

Mother nodded a little assuredly. Although her son has been uneasy for a few years, parents still know her own son.

“Well, you can eat noodles. I went out and you went to bed early.”

“Get it.”

A bowl of noodles was eaten clean by Ye Guang, no soup, and it was eaten at night, some support. Pulling out the cell phone, Ye Guang called Liu Chiyan and still shut down.

What happened? Didn’t you see Weibo?

Ye Guang is a little lost, but at the same time, he is worried… It won’t… No… No! Ye Guang forced the idea of ​​what happened to Liu Chiyan out of his mind, and Liu Chiyan was a big celebrity. What really needs to happen has long been rumored online, but now there is no news on her online, nothing should happen.

Ye Guang thinks that there is a lot of trouble.

“Forget about it!” Beaten up today, baby is not happy! Sleep.

The next day, Ye Guang got up early, had to go to the bank to get the money early, and had to wait in the queue for a long time. Ye Guang was still clear. I will do this early, so I can make my parents feel good.

However, he is now moving Liu Chuyan’s emergency quota, which has taken care of his parents. If Liu Chiyan pursued, Ye Guang will have headache because afraid of death.

No matter what, I took it first and said, this is an emergency situation. If it is not handled well, ifamily will change! Is there more urgent than this?

“Mom, I’m back.” Ye Guang put a black bag on his hand and shouted when he entered the door. “Dad, you are still there.”

It seems that my parents still have some disbelief to him, and some are not assured. Today, they didn’t go to the store to go to work. They were waiting for him at home.

Ye Guang put the black bag on the coffee table. “200,000, I took it all out, Dad, Mom, look at it.”

Mother can’t wait, quickly open the bag.

Sure enough, the red grandfather’s in the bag was bundled into neat bundle, 200,000.

Father also stretched his neck and aimed his eyes, yes, 200,000. 50,000 a bundle, a total of four, a good number.

The father and mother looked at it and looked at Ye Guang. It seems that the son said it was true. Actually, Liu Chiyan was really hired to the Studio. It’s a little weird. Although my son’s academic performance has been good since childhood, there is nothing particularly surprising in his parent’s minds. How can he be looked at by Liu Chiyan?

Mother: “Son, do you really go to Liu Chiyan’s Studio to work?”

Ye Guang: “Mom, you still don’t believe it, the money is not all real, really!”

Mother excited: “Good, good, great! Then you must help me with the signature photo of Liu Chiyan!”

Ye Guang sweating, I am cooperating with you because of this. What signature photo, son has married her back to be a wife! However, Ye Guang can’t say this.

Mother whispered again: “How good is Liu Chiyan, if my son can give married her, give me a daughter-in-laws.”

Ye Guang scared a cold sweat… Mom, you dare to think.

Father glanced at her. “Hey, you still think about it. Dreaming!”

Mother is not happy, “How is it a dream, my son is not bad, or can he be seen by Liu Chiyan to dig him to Studio? In saying that, near the water, the first month, the male unmarried, woman is not married, maybe two people will call each other.”

Ye Guang didn’t dare to talk, shocked, Mom, you are a god! The son took it.

Father: “Hey, what is the identity of Liu Chiyan, and what is your son identity? In saying that she is a big celebrity, this kind of wife is too swaying, or find a good life.”

Mother: “Alright, that changed me to find something for my son!” Say and look at Ye Guang: “Son, you also have a chance to fight, if you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate, you should shoot when you shoot! No, Mom is looking for a good family! Liu Chiyan, give me daughter-in-laws, if it is, I will say that I have more face.”

Ye Guang was embarrassed and didn’t dare to answer the question.

Father sneer: “Oh, OK, wake up, money is also seen, don’t let go, it’s not safe, let your son save in the bank.”

“Ah!” Ye Guang responded.

“No!” Mother protects a bag of banknotes, “I will save!”

Father frowned: “This is the son’s money.”

Mother: “I don’t know if it is his money. I just give him existence, and later become my wife, and give him some idea how he was made up!”

Father thought about it, it seems quite reasonable, after all, the son is a bit uneasy.

In this regard, Ye Guang did not refuse, said: “Mom, you will save it for me, I can’t spend any money.”

Mother : “Yes, Mom helps you save, you have to spend money to talk to Mom.”

So, the farce about Ye Guang’s resignation finally ended, mother went to the bank to save money, father went to work in the store, Ye Guang, sitting on the sofa in a daze.

What happened still shutting down? Work also resigned, Weibo also sent, this is the fifth day, how to shut down? What happened?

Ye Guang was upset and went to Weibo and wanted to see if Liu Chiyan had any reply.

However, there is nothing. The private message he sent to Liu Chiyan is like a sea of ​​stones. There is no echo. Instead, there are many comments under Weibo, but most of them are scolded him.

Ji’an fried powder : “The trough! Ghost Blows Out The Light Host actually resigned?”

Nanchang Rice noodles : “Really? Why did you resign?”

Jingdezhen Ceramics : “Is there anyone insider who can reveal inside information?”

Pink Dudu : “Stupid Host, resign after resignation, what about my Ghost Blows Out The Light? You pay me Ghost Blows Out The Light!”

Reasonable treatment : “Host resignation should have nothing to do with the show? Will Ghost Blows Out The Light continue to broadcast?”

One two three : “And also broadcast a fart, this Ye Guang is the original author of Ghost Blows Out The Light. He has resigned and how to broadcast it!”

Mimi Pearl Milk Tea : “Powder turns black!”

Lala : “Silly Host, you come out, I promise not to kill you, you lose me Ghost Blows Out The Light!”

Dema : “Stupid Ye Guang ……”

Mard : “Ye Guang is stupid…”

Big White Rabbit : “Oh, don’t do this. Maybe Ye Guang has a special reason to resign. It is said that Ghost Blows Out The Light will not stop broadcasting.”

Potatoes are not tomatoes : “Stupid upstairs, Ye Guang is stupid! Identification is completed.”

Tomatoes are tomatoes : “Stupid Ye Guang ……”

Ye Guang Weibo commented in the buzz, the fans who had already risen to more than 30,000 instantly lost more than half. But for these, Ye Guang is not in the mood to take care of it. He is now full of things that Liu Chiyan is lost contact.

What do you think about how you love it.

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