MST Chapter 30 : Explain

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Father under the fury was not merciful at all, feather duster whining and sturdily drew on Ye Guang body, fortunately, father hand also have a sense of propriety, and he chose to play in meaty place, thigh, butt, specifically to these places, there is a whip in Ye Guang arm, Ye Guang took off his jacket because he was home, and dangled his sleeves. When this whip went down, a long red mark came out

Mother looked a little bit unbearable, the woman’s heart was still softer, and Ye Guang had already suffered a bit, and she took the father and prevented him from playing.

Father anger hasn’t faded, it is fierce against the mother, “How? Are you still protecting him? It’s all you used to do on weekdays! You are so used to him, sooner or later he can give you down! The mother  is a terrible child with long hair and short sight!”

Mother sees father so fierce her, suddenly the gas comes up, said, “Good you, Ye Lunfu! Are you a dog? Who is going to catch someone! You are still mad at me! You are fierce for me! I am greedy every morning and serve as a cow and a horse to serve you two grandpas. I am still wrong. You said that since I entered this house, I don’t care what I am outside the house! With you, I have a good day! You are now counting me down! My son is me alone! You have the ability, you see a lot, you can’t go to heaven!”

The atmosphere at home suddenly became strange. Ye Guang grinned and licked his teeth. Father and Mother didn’t care about him. Instead, the two people were in a hurry, throwing the original interrogator Ye Guang to the side and Ye Guang seeing this awkward.

Take the opportunity to slip?


Don’t wait for it at this time!

Ye Guang cat is in the body, trying not to cause the noise, afraid of father’s attention, and wants to sneak out.

“You give me back!” Father and Mother said in unison!

Father stared at him, “Do you still want to run?”

Mother also scolded him. “That is, the question has not been explained clearly. Where do you want to go?”

Father: “Frankly explain the problem!! Don’t tell me clearly, don’t think about it!”

Mother : “Frankly from wide! Resisting to kill!”

Father : “Yes! Hurry and confess, explain it, I promise not to kill you!”

Mother: “After all, you are still alive, don’t kill, don’t kill, but it’s okay to hit you for a few days, and quickly explain the problem, otherwise, hehe.”

Ye Guang is dumbfounded, what is the situation? Isn’t it just a hot day? How do you unite the front line in an instant, and what happened with nothing? Ye Guang is going crazy, father and mother still have this skill?

Mother looked at Ye Guang with a bad look, thought, your youngster still wants to run when I quarrel with your dad? Oh, don’t even think about it! I quarrel with your dad, that is the internal struggle of the revolutionary team, but the front line is still highly unified, consistent with the outside world, you as a wrong reactionary, do you still want to drive away? The enemy is unanimous,, consistent with the outside world, this is the basic principle!

Ye Guang didn’t dare to talk, bowed his head, looked at the toes, and from time to time secretly stroke the place where the feathers were sucked by the feather duster. It was really hot. From small to large, father mother never touched him. I didn’t expect it to be so big, but it was beaten by Father. It would be shameful to think about it.

Father just played Ye Guang and I had a fight with Mother. The anger has disappeared a lot. Seeing him like this, my heart is soft.

Father sighed and said: “What do you say that your youngster is doing! Since the beginning of the college entrance examination, you have never done a good thing! Graduation is inexplicable to be a primary school teacher, only how long it took to resign, and even a greeting did not fight with me and your mother. Then say want to be celebrity, let me say hello to Uncle Li to go to work, I will open up my old face and find your Uncle Li to do this, you are good! You only work a few days, you have resigned! Your Uncle Li can take care of you everywhere in the unit, and you are entrusted with a heavy responsibility, and you are not thin, ah?”

Ye Guang replied softly: “Not thin.”

Father: “Then you are so picky? You are worthy of your Uncle Li, right?”

Ye Guang: “Dad, I am sorry, I know that this is what I did wrong, but I am not okay. It is some people in the unit, aggressive, not taking things that I have not proved, running on me, I am forbearing for a while. Can’t live…”

“Stop!” Father squinted, “Edit, you continue to edit. How are you still not enough to fight? This thing, your uncle Li have told me, it didn’t fall! Your Uncle Li is so painstaking to help you, isn’t there a solution with the best of both worlds? You are good, resign when you resign, what? Can you?”

Mother also helped: “You’d better tell the truth, you can’t fool us!”

Ye Guang said nothing, he can’t tell father mother because his wife, he resigned, this is the number one secret!

What can I do? Have to hurry to find an excuse.

After thinking about it, Ye Guang gritted his teeth and said, “Dad, Mom, I will tell you the truth. I resigned because I changed jobs.”

Mother: “What job, what are you going to do?”

Ye Guang: “There is a Studio, they hired me to go to work with a high salary. I became a Vice-president. I have a high salary and a good treatment. It is much better than Host in the Radio station! A rare opportunity, after this village, there is no such store.”

Mother do not believe, ask: “What Studio, find a graduate of a second-rate university to be a Vice-president, is it not fast enough to shut down the company?”

Ye Guang: “Mom, how can you say your son like this, I am telling the truth, and you must know studio CEO.”

Mother asked: “Who? I still don’t know?”

Ye Guang affirmed noddedly: “Know! You must know! It’s Liu Chiyan’s Studio. Don’t you often watch the TV series she shot?”

Mother stunned, then mad: “Bad boy has no truth in his mouth, dare to compile anything! Old Ye! Kill him, just don’t have this son!”

Father is gearing up.

Ye Guang sees that Father can’t wait to touch the feather duster, scared to sweat, and quickly said: “Dad! Do not be impulsive!!” Looked at the mother again, said, “Mom, what I said is true, really Liu Chiyan’s Studio. I really didn’t lie to you.”

Mother must not believe, snorted: “Old Ye, up!”

Father holding a feather duster and standing up sneering, Ye Guang is like a little white sheep to be slaughtered.

Lying down! Why don’t you believe it? It’s true that I’m telling the truth, if you don’t believe it, you really don’t believe it! How to do it?

Seeing that Father is coming over to smoke him, Ye Guang quickly retreats a few steps, “Don’t! Don’t fight, I have a way to prove it!”

Father looked at the mother, mother gave a look to father, father nodded and sat back.

Father sneered and said: “How to prove? Say it! Otherwise, I recognize you as a son, but I don’t know your son!”

There is no other way but to do so, otherwise this crop will not survive.

It’s time to force a wave of explanations.

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