BTC Chapter 231 : Opposite

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The reports of the media and the opinions of the majority of users are actually similar. For smart glasses, although they are interested, they always feel a little far away.

Because in most people’s eyes, smart glasses are used to play virtual reality games, and they are cumbersome and rarely used by ordinary people.

In official website of Weibo, and program announcement number, there are many messages from fans of Red Letter products.

“HX GLASS smart glasses, what function? Why not say the function?”

“What features it have?, not always VR, can it reach the level of Google glasses?”

“Definitely can’t reach, VR Google glasses is the most cattle, even think, Carl Zeiss, Epson is nothing like it! In fact, several smart glasses playing games in Japan country is not bad.”

“What do you mean by smart glasses? I don’t wear glasses at all, unless I wear 3D glasses in 3D movies at the cinema.”

“It’s passing, I’m not interested in smart glasses, hey, I’ve wanted to buy a new product from Red Letter.”

“Why don’t you have a smart watch? Smart bracelets are also good, you have to have a smart glasses, you can’t find a reason to spend money!”


Most users are just curious about the features of HX GLASS smart glasses, but the desire to buy is not great.

Before the release of HX2S smartphone, there were hundreds of thousands of netizens booking!

And HX GLASS smart glasses, no one asked about the booking. Only some electronic enthusiasts or VR game enthusiasts are interested in Red Letter’s smart glasses, asking about features and prices.

This phenomenon has made the peers feel a little happy. Red letter is not invincible, what users buy what, now the market survey of smart glasses shows that the user’s desire to buy is not high.

“HX GLASS? First make smart glasses, not smart watches.” a company executives are talking about this matter, “According to market conditions, in smart wearable devices, smart bracelets and watches are sold the best.”

“Smart glasses, it’s too cold. Red letter actually makes smart glasses first, but the opposite is true. It’s really more money!”

They all do Science and Technology, and they naturally know how to invest in a new Science and Technology product. Especially in the smart glasses, in addition to the domestic thinking, other companies have a difference.

The technology of foreign companies still has a leading position, but this piece of even Google smart glasses is not a popular product, it is still a niche consumer product.

“They may be learning Rice to be the smart ecosystem of Red Letter.” Some people say that Rice Science and Technology not only sells smart glasses, but also sells ordinary glasses. There are more things. After a few years, maybe there is a Rice brand sanitary napkins for sale.

“Isn’t it possible? Red Letter’s products, so far there is no cheap one.”

“Take him, do our mobile phone, don’t let Red Letter surpass us in sales!”


Rice company, Tian Xiangshan saw the report, it is also very easy. Because on the smart products, Rice’s positioning and red letter are different, their products are cheaper and the consumer groups are wider.

“I hope that the smart glasses of Red Letter can be sold well!” Tian Xiangshan said while drinking tea.

“General Tian, why?” the assistant asked inexplicably.

“The market for smart glasses has always been an upset. Our smart glasses sell well, but the sales volume in a year is only a few hundred thousand.” Tian Xiangshan said, “This is because consumers are not used to using smart glasses, not only domestic, foreign are the same.”

“If Red Letter can do it well and let consumers like smart glasses, the overall market will open. At that time, we only need to continue to be our independent smart glasses products, and we can also eat a bite.”

The assistant suddenly realized that “You think really far! So, it is good for us to sell red letters. Like Xiaoyu smart speakers, when Red Letter acquires thunderstorm appliances, the market sales of smart speakers are rising every month, including our Rice smart speakers.”

“Yeah. Just don’t know, how about their smart glasses doing this time?” Tian Xiangshan blinked slightly. “Every time, he can bring us some surprises.”


It is worth mentioning that after the news of HX GLASS smart glasses came out, it not only spread in China, but also some foreign media also paid attention to it.

In a news interview, a reporter asked the current president of Apple, Tim Cook, about smart glasses.

“Mr. Cook, recently Chinese electronic intelligence and technology company Red Letter is said to launch a smart glasses that will bring people a new experience.”

“I heard that this company has sold more than Apple in Chinese market. The performance of the product is also very good. Do you think HX GLASS smart glasses can really change the user’s habits? Red letter’s smart glasses will have an impact on the smart product market?”

Cook’s hair seems to be a bit more gray. The recent loss on Chinese mobile phone market has put him under tremendous pressure, and he does not care to dye his hair black.

Cook pushed the glasses and said: “Smart glasses, Apple has been doing it. You mentioned that Red Letter is leading us in the Chinese mobile phone market. This is a normal thing, sales will fluctuate, and that is exactly what they are. When the new product is released, I believe that when we release our new product, we will take the lead again.”

“As for smart glasses, I think it’s probably a virtual reality smart glasses like Google. Virtual reality is definitely something interesting, but I don’t think it can be used as widely as augmented reality.”

“This technology has far-reaching effects and represents the mutual contact between human beings. It needs technology to promote this kind of experience. But nowadays smart glasses not bring people a positive and beautiful experience, but an annoyance!”

“Including Google Glasses, I don’t think anyone wants to wear a clunky thing on their heads anytime, anywhere. If Red Letter doesn’t improve on this, then I don’t think they are smart.”

“Our Apple company believes in making technology a ‘behind the scenes’, rather than a presence that requires the user to pay attention all the time.”

After the fluent answer, the reporter continued to ask: “Mr. Cook, I am afraid there is still a problem. Apple’s smart glasses IGLAS concept has been proposed for a long time, why is there no product?”

“Because Apple doesn’t need to be the first person to eat crabs,” Cook replied calmly. “The first company to launch a smartphone is not Apple. The first company to develop a tablet is not Apple. The first one is smart watch is not Apple, but who would deny Apple’s achievements in these three areas? Nothing is already, blockbuster, we prefer to be well prepared and then shot.”

“Maybe it will take some time. For the user, you should prefer to see a good product instead of rushing to use a fake.”

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