BTC Chapter 07 : Mr.Lu ?

Edited: XiaXue

When Qin Zhijie saw Ding Yu coming to the office, Qin Zhijie asked: “How was it? You wanted me to fired him. How about you thank me at night?”

He raised his eyebrows, and Ding Yu said with embarrassment: “We will talk at night. There is something right now.”

“what’s the matter?”

“There are two people outside, saying that the Blue Hole game company come to us to talk about cooperation.”

“What?” Qin Zhijie said differently, “How is this possible? It is a liar!”

He himself did not believe what they have said. This small place is a company, but it is actually a studio. How can Blue Hole Game Company talk to him about cooperation? Tencent company initially want to acquire them, but they were rejected!

“I think so too, but they have handed over the business card and now they are waiting outside.” Ding Yu handed the business card.

“Wait, I’ll check it.” Qin Zhijie searched the information on the business card online, and sure enough, he really found Zhang Xiaofeng, the person in charge of the blue hole game company China’s District.

“Are you sure this person?”

“Its him, the image is exactly the same! Now he is waiting outside!” Ding Yu confirmed.

“Great!” Qin Zhijie was overjoyed. “Ha ha ha, what am I going to do now? The Blue Hole companies actually come to us for cooperation. Just take a little share from them, it would be great! Quick, go to the reception!”

He stood up and couldn’t wait to rush out to welcome them. His Intuition telling him that this is a big opportunity. Regardless of what the other side wants, we must seize this opportunity!

Zhang Xiaofeng and Li Ming sat outside and watched this small company.

“I can’t imagine there are talented person like Mr. Lu in such a place!” Zhang Xiaofeng said with emotion, this small company is really too simple and too low!

If you had to describe it in a sentence, the it did not sound good but your company is not as big as our company toilet!

Li Ming also nodded: “The master is in the folk!” (Means : well-known or powerful people hiding themselves)

He whispered again: “Manager, in fact, we can actually buy this small company too.”

“Yeah!” Zhang Xiaofeng thought deeply, it was just a breeze to buy it with the current financial resources of Blue Hole. Just to be able to buy Lu Zixin and the team that he developed together with him.

“Hahaha, the guests are coming!” Qin Zhijie walked over with a smile and said quickly: “I’m sorry, I don’t know the two of you were coming, I am slow.”

Zhang Xiaofeng and Li Ming stood up, Ding Yu said: “This is the boss of our company General Qin, Qin Zhijie.”
(Note : 总 means General Manager or General or Head or Chief. and i like to use General because its sound cool! ^_^)

The two sides handshake, and Zhang Xiaofeng went straight to the point and said: “General Qin, I heard about your company business. We have a meeting in the evening and we attach great importance to it. So I arrived in Jiangcheng early in the morning, just to talk about cooperation with you.”

He heard about our business? Qin Zhijie wondered in his heart, what did their company do? we just make a cottage version of eat chicken (pubg) mobile game.

“This is not good, does the other party want to deal with our infringement?” Qin Zhijie thought inside his heart, but immediately thought it was impossible. Blue Hole is Korea big game company, how can they have time to take care of them? And they haven’t release the game yet!

In any case, Qin Zhijie  was still smiling and said: “Well, thank you for your attention. Please come with me to the office to talk about the details.”

The two entered the office with him, and the staff outside was in mess.

“Oh My God, Blue Hole company actually looking for cooperation? Is this true?” an old employee shocked.

“It’s true!” Ding Yu smiled. “We has checked, and Zhang Xiaofeng is the head of China’s District of the Blue Hole Company!”

“Fuck! It’s really awesome!”

“Do we want to go to the company? Blue hole company actually finds us to cooperate, if we can hold their thighs, then it will be great!”

“I’m curious, in the end what they want to cooperate?”

“This is my first time to see such a big brother! I’m really curious what General Qin talk with them?”

Everyone has a lot of arguments,

In the office, Qin Zhijie looked awkward.

“What are you are talking about? the bug patches and there is a perfect version of “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds”? and you want to buy it?” Qin Zhijie did not understand the other party.

What the hell is that? Their company did not have these things! What a joke, if they have such a programs or they have to be able to make it, they are already god!

“Yes. If you are interested, we are willing to negotiate and buy 8 million Chinese yuan in one go!” Zhang Xiaofeng finished, and staring at each other.

This offer has been discussed with his secretary many times, and he feels that he should be able to make the other person’s heart move. (i.e Tempted)

Qin Zhijie has been completely scared by the price of 8 million! The other party wants to buy his company’s software and bid directly for 8 million! And it seems that there is still room for price!

He is really Tempted, if he can, with eight million, he even wants to sell this small company!

However, he did not! What the other person said, he is completely unclear!

Looking at Qin Zhijie’s expression changes, Zhang Xiaofeng thought that he was dissatisfied and tried to test: “Of course, this is just our offer. If you are not satisfied, we can talk about it in detail.”

Qin Zhijie is screaming inside his heart, he wants the money! But as for what they want, their company really didn’t have these.

He reluctantly said: “I am sorry, It’s not that I don’t want to cooperate, but the software you have said is not what our company does, maybe you made a mistake.”

Speaking of this sentence, Qin Zhijie feels his heart is bleeding. Originally he thought it was a great opportunity, but he did not expect it to be a misunderstanding, its really teasing people!

Zhang Xiaofeng and Li Ming also found out that its wrong. Is it really the wrong place?

Li Ming looked down at his mobile phone and asked: “Mr. Qin, in addition of your Death Game company, is there other Death Game company?”

“No, only this one!” Qin Zhijie said vowed.

“That’s weird. Mr. Lu from your company sent us the beta version yesterday. We have already tested it, and it is real.” Zhang Xiaofeng said.

“Mr. Lu? Which Mr. Lu?” Qin Zhijie wondered.

“Mr. Lu Zixin.” Li Ming added.

“Lu Zixin!” Hearing this name, Qin Zhijie head feels dizzy! Isn’t he is the one that he just fired? Ding Yu ex-boyfriend!

“Are you sure that he is Lu Zixin and this software is what he sent to you?” Qin Zhijie could not believe it, as repeatedly asked.

“Yes.” Zhang Xiaofeng was starting to feel that he was looking for the wrong person. He should of contact Lu Zixin directly. However when Lu Zixin contacted them, he said that he was at the Death Game company.

Now, their bosses don’t know about it, fearing that they are doing good things badly.

“It’s him!” Qin Zhijie was shocked. He didn’t expect an intern from his company to actually make such a big event!

A programs worth eight million! If it was his own, how great is that? And there are still the opportunity to cooperate with Blue Hole Game Company!

At this moment, he felt very regretful. If Lu Zixin was not expelled, this benefit could have been divided into pieces, and maybe he got the biggest! After all, he is the boss of the company, and the result of the employee’s labor is his!

“Fucking stupid, why did I listen to Ding Yu today? Really…” He couldn’t wait to fan himself.

“General Qin, you see…” Zhang Xiaofeng reminded him that they were looking for Lu Zixin.

Qin Zhijie suddenly has an idea, before he just let Chai Mao to expel Lu Zixin and this is happened not long ago so he should not be out here yet!

In other words, Lu Zixin is still an employee of his company! In this way, there is still room for operation (Chance).

He hurriedly stood up and said: “Please wait a moment, I will go to find Lu Zixin!”.

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