BTC Chapter 230 : HX GLASS

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Pengcheng, Red Letter Corporation Photonics and Intelligence Research Center. This is a medium-sized research base that Lu Zixin has approved to spend billions of dollars, including the world’s most advanced equipment, and top research talents, research on camera technology, smart glasses and smart chips.

The research center is a circular building, not high, but the building materials are the top. Next to the research center, there is also an independent building, which is the “Microelectronics Experimental Building” of Red Letter, which mainly studies sensors, semiconductors and other technologies.

Lu Zixin came to the research center, and there is good news here today, new products are born!

With the help of Lu Zixin and RI-8901, and the hard work of researchers, the smart glasses that began researching half a year ago have finally been successfully developed!

On the finished display stand, a transparent, compact and lightweight glasses is placed on top. It’s slightly larger than Tony Stark gave Lu Zixin, because researchers can’t make all the parts into tiny devices, but it doesn’t matter, it’s already very light compared to everyday glasses.

Lu Zixin asked the research team, “What are the features that it can do now?”

The researcher quickly said: “The first is intelligent light adjustment, polarized light adjustment, myopia, hyperopia adjustment, night vision function.”

“Invasive laser human eye projection can directly form images in the human eye, augment the reality, and expand the field of view.”

“Intelligent voice control, remote communication, iris recognition, eye tracking, smart navigation, appearance adjustment, wireless charging, music playback, etc.”

This almost reached the basic level of Tony Stark’s G-551 smart glasses. Lu Zixin was very satisfied, but he still asked: “What about information analysis?”

The most powerful place for G-551 is the information analysis function. This is very important for all walks of life. For example, engineers can see a river and directly use the light ranging of smart glasses to know the width and length of the river.

With dynamic scene tracking, you can know the flow rate of the river.

Or when a doctor is at hand speed, wearing this glasses can clearly know the size of the wound and can also be microscopically observed.

When the driver drives the car, wear this glasses, you can directly see the front distance, speed analysis, etc…

Especially for the scientific research industry, if smart glasses have this information analysis technology, the work efficiency can be improved several times!

However, the R&D staff said: “The information analysis function has not yet met your requirements. The way smart glasses collect information is mainly through light, but in actual living environment, the light interference is too large, and the sensor can’t be so sensitive. Only some primary information processing can be done.”

“For example, short-distance transaction data records, medium and low-speed moving object speed measurement, the main information processing still depends on the Red Letter cloud information processing System.”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded and put on the smart glasses he developed by Red Letter for a while.

From the basic function, it is not much different from G-551 smart glasses. But if it involves advanced information processing, it is a lot worse.

But for the average user, they simply can’t use these functions, just the other functions of smart glasses are already leading the world!

“It’s already good to study this, and the information processing is getting better and better, and you are working hard.” Lu Zixin concluded, “This kind of good thing can’t be kept in the lab. Let the consumers know that we have something new!”

Smart glasses began to commercialize. Soon, the company’s operations department came up with a preliminary operational plan.

Smart glasses are so versatile, the cost is that high-function smart glasses are expensive, microchips, sensors, projectors, and new materials are expensive. If it is a full-featured model, the price of one is estimated to be 100,000.

At this price, Lu Zixin was still guessing, and in a year, it has become a reality!

Of course, if smart glasses want to be promoted and become a wearable smart device that everyone loves, its price needs to be more intimate.

Therefore, Red Letter has divided the smart glasses into four models, each with different features.

The first is the ordinary model, with myopia, farsightedness, polarized light adjustment, intelligent voice, voice communication, music, image projection, augmented reality and other functions.

Then there is the game fever, in addition to the basic functions, the effect is better on VR, AR, you can connect the game console to enjoy the virtual reality game experience.

The third section is the business elite. In addition to the basic functions, it is more intelligent, convenient and powerful in information transmission and information processing.

The fourth is the Almighty Supreme, with all the functions of smart glasses, and the materials and workmanship are the most exquisite, belonging to the most advanced grade.

And this product is called red letter glasses, HX GLASS.

After the preparation of production plans, sales plans, and promotional means, Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd. officially announced the news. After HX2S smartphone, Red Letter will launch a new smart product.

This time, not a smart phone, but a brand new smart glasses, let smart directly into the eyes!

The promotional effect brought by smart glasses is much higher than that of electric motorcycles. After all, people still prefer this small and practical smart product.

As soon as the news was announced, the major news began to reprint the analysis.

Phoenix Science and Technology Network: “Red Letter announced that it will launch HX GLASS smart glasses, which will change our lives?”

The website made a simple analysis: “Smart glasses have long since entered our field of vision. This portable smart device has great prospects. Research and development by leading edge Science and Technology companies. However, for technical and practical reasons, so far, smart glasses are still unfamiliar to most people.”

“Users usually only see it when they play games, and its functionality is not satisfactory. In the world’s wearable smart devices last year, smart glasses shipped only 0.3% of the total. It can be seen that its market acceptance is not high.”

“Now, only Google, even want to wait for companies to do smart glasses, and Apple, Intel and other companie’s smart glasses are still conceptual products.”

“Red Letter’s smart glasses should be the consistent function of the current smart glasses, mainly for VR experience. For most consumers, it is still a relatively edge product. But with Red Letter’s smart chip and smart technology, VR game enthusiasts may have a very good product.”

Many websites directly quoted or reprinted the report of Phoenix Science and Technology network. The Tencent Science and Technology channel also wrote a report for this purpose. The opinion is similar to that of Phoenix Science and Technology network. The device such as smart glasses is still only Niche products, for red letter smart glasses, everyone look at the excitement.

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