BTC Chapter 469 : Local Snake

Edited: XiaXue

“Then you can ask the state government for help.” Henry smiled contemptuously and said casually: “Connor, help me see off the guests.”

Butler Connor made a gesture of seeing off the guests, Guo Chu and Bai Tongxi suffocated their anger and left the chief’s mansion.

“Bastard, this Chief Henry is a locust! Just thinking about himself, the tribe’s civilians are so poor. We are helping them in construction and development here, but they blackmail us! The mouse is in the light!” Bai Tongxi  whispered after getting in the car.

Guo Chu also suffocated. He has never so blatantly blackmailed in China or other countries. When doing business in a country with a sound legal system, people are pits, and they also use rules. They also have legal channels to protect their rights.

But here, this chief can threaten them unreasonably. Even if they have to go to court, local laws and local courts will be partial to the other party. This is only to lose lawsuit, maybe they will be charged with destroying ecological environment, abusing labor and so on!

Their car was leaving the town. Outside the town, far away to see a few engineering vehicles are starting, excavators, forklifts and the like. On the body, there is also the logo of a certain heavy industry enterprise in China.

“That’s our machine! It was really robbed by them!” Bai Tongxi was very happy, “It’s really them!”

“President Bai, do you want us to go back and find Chief Henry to come back?” a subordinate asked angrily.

“What else?  People have robbed it, and expect him to return it to you?” Guo Chu is experienced after all. Although he has an atmosphere, he can still be rational.

“Don’t forget, it’s just a trivial matter to hurt someone in someone’s turf. We have to contact the embassy for help in this matter. In addition, we still have to find a solution on our own.”

“What can we do? The embassy can’t control them either!”

Guo Chu frowned and said: “The machinery we ordered from Pengyun Machinery will be shipped to Nigeria from a freighter next month. We will try to start construction when the new machinery arrives.”

In Chief Henry mansion, Henry was smoking a big cigar and lying on the comfortable sofa, while beside him, a young and beautiful white girl was helping him gently pinch and massage his shoulders.

“Chief, I think the two Chinese people seem to be reluctant to give money.” Connor the butler said, “The gifts they brought this time are not sincere. They actually want us to protect them.”

“Hmph! Start work on my site, you have to listen to me. I let them start, they can start. I don’t let it, it’s useless for them to find the state government!” Henry snorted coldly.

In this place, he is almost like “Emperor”, he doesn’t nod, no one can think of it.

“The same are Chinese companies, they are not as sensible as Guangtu Mining. Their money has been put into your Swiss bank account.” Connor said Guangtu Mining is the iron ore mine that is convenient for Zhongnan Construction Group to build railways.

Guangtu Mining is a large-scale multinational mining group in China. It arrived in Nigeria a few years earlier than Zhongnan Construction Group. They understand the rules here and make arrangements early.

“Look at them, don’t let them start work smoothly before they have paid the management fee.” Henry explained.

“I will arrange it.” Connor bowed down.

Henry squinted his eyes and continued to enjoy the feeling of being in power. This is why he did not stay in Europe after he had a huge fortune, but returned to West Africa.

In developed countries, there is a law everywhere, but here, the law is not everything, his life is more comfortable.


After more than a month, the construction machinery from the ocean finally came to the black land of Africa.

“This is the product of Pengyun Machinery! It is very powerful, it looks more shocking than the virtual projection!” Bai Tongxi was the first to see the real thing, the intelligent high-powered engineering vehicle, the powerful Sky arm. There are other mechanical tools such as buckets, which shocked him deeply!

He personally got on the car to test various functions and was even more overjoyed when he discovered that these construction machinery could be controlled intelligently.

“This is really a baby, how much labor can be saved!” After Bai Tongxi said that, he is feeling distressed again, worrying said: “So good things, if it is destroyed or stolen, what a pity!”

Guo Chu said: “People from Pengyun Machinery said that the machinery and equipment we ordered are equipped with special protection systems to protect the safety of the constructors and machinery. There is no chance to try it out in China. So try it here.”

A few days later, Zhongnan Construction Group re-launched the railway construction, and it used the latest Pengyun brand large-scale machinery and equipment

During this time, they sought the help of Chinese Embassy in Nigeria and the local government. The local government promised to protect their safety and allow them to defend themselves under certain conditions.

Of course, those people just verbally said, but there is almost no real action. Now that they are working, they still have to rely on their own security team to maintain construction safety.

On the railway ironwork site, the members of construction team were one-third less than before the shutdown. That one-third of people couldn’t stand this daring job and applied to return home.

With fewer people, the construction speed should have slowed down, but because the arrival of new machinery and equipment, the construction speed is faster than before!

A powerful mechanical function is worth the labor of more than a dozen workers, and workers find that sky arm is very flexible and have wide range of use.

“It’s so cool, manipulating this sky arm, just like you have an oversized robotic arm, construction is as easy as playing!” The sky arm operator said excitedly in the cab. He was worried, he couldn’t play with this new device. Who knew that with the help of intelligent program, he could get it started in minutes, and it was a thief!

“Everyone, work hard, I promise, although you work hard, but the salary and benefits you should get will not be less!” On the spot, Guo Chu personally came to encourage the workers, “Working here for a year, and coming to China for three year!”

They pay a high salary to employees who are willing to come to Africa. This is a hard work and a risk.

“President Guo, you should go back to rest early. The sun is hot here, and there may be danger later!” The subordinate reminded him in a low voice.

“What are we afraid of? We are starting work legally and reasonably. Can they still point their guns at us?” Guo Chu scolded. Originally, the workers were relatively negative. If he showed fear again, I was afraid it would hit them. With confidence, there will be more people applying to return to China.

“Everyone just rests assured, our security team will protect our safety. The local government has promised that if we encounter danger, they will send military police to protect us!”

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