BTC Chapter 468 : Gora Tribe

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The matter of Gola tribe was not well resolved. Guo Chu and Bai Tongxi discussed repeatedly and decided to find another time to visit the chief of Gora tribe.

Guo Chu also made two preparations, and at the same time contacted Pengyun Machinery, he wanted to make some transformation design for the ordered construction machinery.

“Increase the safety of engineering equipment?” Pengyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., chief mechanical engineer Dongfang  Hao sees the latest design requirements, sneered, and said: “Actually doubt the performance of the product I designed, even with the horsepower of sky arm. Tanks can be overturned!!”

“Chief Hao, they want to ensure the personal safety of the driver and prevent the machinery from being stolen. The security in their place is not very good… Besides, they are not going to fight.” The subordinate reminded in a low voice.

“Well, let’s strengthen the metal shell and glass strength a bit. The robotic arm, um, it’s interesting to be a combat mode!” Dongfang Hao was interested. He always wanted to set the sky arm like a real one. The Autobots are so powerful and mighty.

With a cold sweat, the subordinate emphasized again: “Chief Hao, if the design is too fierce, it will not be sold at all!”

These days, Dongfang Hao didn’t do anything less. People in the factory didn’t dare to manufacture some of the machinery he designed, because some things were probably already military equipment.

“Did I say design weapons?” Dongfang Hao mouth swelled, said with a smile: “I just changed Sky arm to be more flexible, plus several modes of operation.”


Nigeria, Kaduna State, a small and medium-sized black inhabited tribe, Gora tribe.

Guo Chu and Bai Tongxi brought their bodyguards and gifts and came to visit the chiefs here. On the way, the local introducer introduced the “rules” to Guo Chu so as not to offend the chief.

“The chief’s full name is Henry Mackultuamayanana Joel Manpiani…” Through the translation software, the chief’s name is translated into a long line with more than forty syllables alone.

“You will call his respected Chief Henry,” said the introducer.

“Yeah.” Guo Chu nodded and asked: “Are there any taboos?”

“No, Chief Henry has lived in France for many years, just follow the international etiquette.”

Guo Chu still understands international etiquette, he is relieved a lot. He is most afraid that the chiefs here have some messy rules that he can’t handle.

Along the way, Guo Chu is also observing the scenery of Gora tribe. There are more than 30 villages in the jurisdiction of Gora tribe. Half of the construction projects of Zhongnan Construction Group have to touch these areas. In addition, the mining area of ​​China Mining Group is also within the management of their tribe.

Guo Chu found that most of the villages in Gora tribe are very poor, the tattered buildings are not as good as some of the remote rural areas of China. Although not poorly clothed, the villagers have very poor food and housing conditions. No wonder there are so many people who steal and rob.

When it came to the village where Chief Gora lived, it was obviously different. It seems to be another world here, with tall buildings of reinforced concrete, neat streets with gardening flowers, star-rated hotels, and high-end restaurants. It looks like a highly developed tourist town.

Bai Tongxi said: “Most of the property in this town belongs to the chieftain. Look, if this is changed to domestic, how rich will it be?”

“Well, Gora tribe  still has such a good place!” Guo Chu said with emotion. The poor villages he had seen before formed a sharp contrast with this place.

“Good place?” Bai Tongxi snorted disdainfully, “This is a pit! We were really pitted the last time we came. Accommodation and food are simply sky-high prices!”

“Later, when I inquired, these merchants knew that we were Chinese and had no room for food and lodging. They deliberately sold it so expensive. If it were British or French, it would be much cheaper.”

“There are some Europeans here!” Guo Chu also noticed that there are some white people in this town.

“Before, Britain and France once colonized Africa, so now Africa is greatly influenced by colonial culture. They all learn from Europe. Many British and French multinational companies have great influence in Africa, and the treatment they received is not comparable to ours.”

They arrived at Chief Henry residence, a super-luxury villa with all the modern facilities. Before entering the house, there are special bodyguards to check their cars and their belongings. In the villa, many white people are also employed.

A tall French housekeeper came to welcome them and said: “Several Chinese friends, Mr. Chief has been waiting for you in the reception room, please come with me.”

In the reception room, Guo Chu met Chief Henry. Chief Henry is in his fifties this year, and unlike those villagers with yellow and skinny faces,  his big belly is quite tall. Wearing luxurious silk robes on his body, his neck, wrists and fingers are all decorated with beautiful jewels, all of which are jewels.

The two simply greeted and sent a gift for peace of mind. Chief Henry just glanced at them and didn’t care about the tens of thousands dollars worth of gifts they sent.

Finally, talked about the problem of engineering construction.

Guo Chu said: “Mr. Chief, our Zhongnan Construction Group is building in your land to help your development. With roads and railways, the traffic here will be more convenient…”

Henry was expressionless, and said nonchalantly: “This is your business, it has nothing to do with me.”

Guo Chu and Bai Tongxi looked at each other, and Bai Tongxi said: “Chief Henry, we have come with sincerity. Recently, people on our construction site have often made trouble and robbed our equipment. We hope that the chief can help us to maintain law and order.”

Chief Henry played with the jewels on his hands and said in English: “To maintain law and order, that is the police thing, I can’t control it. But if you destroy the natural environment of our tribe because of construction, then I will be in charge.”

Both of them felt embarrassed, and the chief did not intend to be better with them.

At this time, the French butler next to the chief said: “Two Chinese friends. I heard that Chinese people are the most courteous in doing things. Our chief also respects your etiquette very much. I think if the courtesy arrives, the chiefs are very willing to help you.”

The implication of his words is very obvious, Chief Henry wants more benefits

Guo Chu and Bai Tongxi are very unhappy in their hearts, but they couldn’t show it. The last time they gave the benefit fee is already a big bleeding, and if they were paid again, they would lose money and work for nothing.

“Chief Henry, I think our sincerity is already obvious. We are here to do engineering construction. We have assisted Gora tribe with a lot of supplies for free.” Guo Chu suppressed his temper and said: “I hope we can both For mutual understanding and public security issues, we will also seek help from the state government.”

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