MST Chapter 260 : I like it, I will marry him

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Liu Chiyan just knelt on her knees and told almost everything to Father and Mother Liu, from how to know Ye Guang, how the two got married, how they lived together, what can be said, what is convenient for said. Having said all that, at this moment, she could only hope that this confession would soften them.

However, sometimes, confession can only be killed.

After listening to Liu Chiyan’s narrative, Mother Liu looked at Liu Chiyan with a strange look. She remembered that Liu Chiyan had made a special trip back home two nights before the marriage,  and she was sleeping with her that day. Thinking about what Liu Chiyan said that day, she felt that there was a sign at that time, but she didn’t ask too much. ‘Daughter’ is big, and it’s time to talk about the age of marriage. The ‘Daughter’ may have a favorite object, Mother Liu was a little happy in her heart, but she didn’t let you marriage silently. Also, thinking about what she said to Liu Chiyan that night, Mother Liu immediately feel, Liu Chiyan would just knot the marriage in this way, perhaps there is a reason for what I said at the beginning.

Mother Liu had a strange feeling in her heart, she couldn’t tell what it was like, how could she feel that she had become an accomplice?

Father Liu became even more angry after listening.

Pointing to Liu Chiyan and cursed, “You are so good, you! Stealing the household registration book, hiding the marriage from me and your mother, I originally thought you were being confused by this kid’s “flower”, I didn’t expect you to send it to the ‘door’ with a shy face.”

Liu Chiyan lowered her head and said, “Dad, I’m sorry.”

Except for one sentence, Liu Chiyan doesn’t know what to say.

Father Liu: “Is it enough to be sorry? Can you do this kind of ‘scrambling’ thing by just saying I’m sorry?” Father Liu is still angry, “Liu Chiyan, did I teach you this way since childhood!”

Liu Chiyan still bowed her head and said, “I’m sorry, Dad.”

Liu Father pointed at Liu Chiyan and said fiercely, “You dare to hide the big thing like marriage from your mother and me, you say, is there anything you dare not do! Do you still have this home in your eyes, or me and your mother!”

Hearing this, Ye Guang seemed to have a familiar feeling.

Liu Father: “Grow up, become famous, hardened wings, want to fly, do you still think of me as your dad! Lawless, simply lawless!”

Father Liu coughed twice while said that. He was obviously angry and annoyed. Mother Liu quickly patted him on the back, “Don’t be so angry, be careful, this marriage is closed…hah…” Mother Liu sighed.

Father Liu obviously still angry, “Absurd, absurd! Liu Chiyan, you are my ‘daughter’! How dare you do such a thing, you are not afraid to spread a joke, throwing my face away? Home ‘door’ unfortunate, is it unfortunate, are you afraid that you can’t marry or how? Your shy face come to give this youngster to the ‘door’, Liu Chiyan, you are shameless!”

Father Liu is very angry, he was already a little reluctant to speak, and he spoke more and more heavily.

Liu Chiyan has been told by him to cry, kneeling on the ground without saying a word, gently ‘sucking’ and weeping.

Ye Guang stood silently and felt very distressed for Liu Chiyan, but he was facing Liu Chiyan’s parents. What can he do? If you change to someone else and dare to say this, Ye Guang’s will have violent temper, maybe he will go up and face the person, but this is Liu Chiyan’s father, no matter how uncomfortable his words are, you still have to bear it.

Mother Liu also felt that Father Liu had oversaid, so she helped her, “Pay attention to the words, Yan’er has done something wrong. You should criticize and educate. Don’t speak too hard. This marriage is done. You, no matter how angry it is, it’s useless. Is it possible you will let them leave.”

Liu Father: “Am I angry about getting married? I’m angry about her behavior! Lawlessness, deceiving parents, telling lies, things like marriage? She didn’t dare tell her family, if Yiyi hadn’t said it, would I have to “hold up” my stomach and hide it until I know the “daughter” is married?”

Mother Liu stopped talking. Indeed, the crux of the matter lies here. Many people may think that this is nothing, but this is because it did not happen to them. China’s concept of family is still relatively traditional. Of course, tradition is not bad at all. Getting married pay attention to the words of a parent’s order. Nowadays, there are very few words of a matchmaker, and the meaning of the parents’ order has changed a little. Unlike in the old days, marriage is entirely up to the parents.

However,  marriage of a child is the second most important thing for parents in their children’s life. The first is, of course, to grow up healthily. The third is the future and achievements of the child. These three things are the same for all parents in the world.

Marriage is the second most important thing. How can parents not care about this matter and they deceive their parents in this matter. It is inevitable that they will get angry when they conceal their marriage. Father Liu, Mother Liu and Ye Guang’s parents were exactly the same. This matter is a big hit.

Ye Guang finally said the first sentence after come to Liu Chiyan’s house today, “Uncle, I’m sorry, it’s our fault. We shouldn’t hide it from you. The marriage was a bit sudden, and we didn’t know what to say to you afterwards, so we kept dragging on. Now, I’m sorry.”

Father Liu looked at Ye Guang a little angrily. For Ye Guang, Father Liu had no opinion on him, but from an objective point of view, Father Liu didn’t appreciate Ye Guang very much, but at this time Ye Guang turned into himself son-in-law, these objective opinions of Father Liu suddenly became subjective opinions.

Father Liu pointed to Ye Guang, “And you, what do you think you are good? You want look, he have not look good. You want ‘character’, but no character’. You want money and no money. You want power, there’s no power, how can you be worthy of my ‘daughter’!”

Ye Guang startled, okay, the gun was pointed at him, go, take it.

Mother Liu pulled Father Liu on the side, to tell him not to say so badly, but also to remind him that it was actually Liu Chiyan’s intention to stick it up.

Father Liu also reacted. Then the muzzle transferred to Liu Chiyan again. There’s a kind of hatred of iron but not steel in his tone, “You said this kid, he wants to look and has no appearance, he wants to have ‘character’ and ‘no character’. If you want money but no money, power but no power. Why do you just look at him, and post it upside down if you rush to the rack.”

Ye Guang suddenly speechless, well, still burying himself.

Liu Chiyan knelt on the ground and said in a small voice, “I like it, I will marry him.” The sound is not big, but everyone can hear it clearly.

I like it, the reason is simple and clear.

Liu Chiyan’s words actually had the taste of back-talking. She and Ye Guang did something wrong in marrying without telling their parents. So Father Liu scolded her and accused her. She suffered, but Father Liu said Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan wouldn’t become happy. Ye Guang really has no money and power, but why does Ye Guang have no character? Also, Ye Guang is very handsome!

Well, beauty is in the eyes of lover.

But Father Liu was so angry that Liu Chiyan’s abruptly knocked him out.

At this time, you still want to protect him?

Father Liu exploded again.

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