BTC Chapter 474 : Guangtu Internal Disputes

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In RI-8901 database, mining robots mainly divided into two types. One is a conventional ore collection robot, and the other is magic mine collection robot.

For magic mine robot, Lu Zixin naturally not used. And the conventional ore collection robot also divided into many types. Such as exploration, mining, and decomposition.

Based on her knowledge base, Hong Xiaoxiao has already marked Lu Zixin with the models available for ore species.

“Exploration machines, general-purpose mining robots and these special functional machines. First, just design and manufactured these.” Lu Zixin selected several. In Hong Xiaoxiao small notes. Manufacturing difficulty, cost budget and work efficiency comparison already marked out.

With the big data comparison of quantum information networks, Lu Zixin can make sensible judgments more easily.

“Yes, master.” RI-8901 wrote down all the time and immediately began to improve the design drawings to adapt to the current production capacity of Pengyun Machinery.

In the research and development site of Pengyun Machinery. Several new types of equipment began to designed and manufactured. With super-era industrial robots drawings, all difficulties become easy.

In Guangtu mining group, the management is making a serious discussion on Sheng Wenyan decision.

Guangtu Mining Group has been established for more than ten years. The first president is not Sheng Wenyan, he is the second president. He has served as president for nearly ten years and has an older qualification.

However, with the development of group and the introduction of capital injection. Other voices appeared in the management team.

Xin Zhe, the current vice president of Guangtu Mining Group, is a newcomer in the management. Compared to Sheng Wenyan, he was three years younger, and he has rich experience in the group.

At present, Xin Zhe is responsible for domestic business of Guangtu Mining Group. Sheng Wenyan basically determined the expansion in Africa.

The expansion of Guangtu mining group into African market wasn’t smooth at first. Many old people in the company were skeptical, including Xin Hao. The group represented by him believed that African market was too risky and not suitable for expansion.

They believe Guangtu mining group should continue to develop domestic assets. Then expand to Australia, rather than to Africa with unclear policies.

Sheng Wenyan believes domestic market has basically saturated. It’s has become difficult to make progress. The Australian mineral market is dominated by European and American giants. Only in African market is most suitable for expansion.

At that time, there were disagreements within the group. Sheng Wenyan relied on his prestige to strengthen the direction of mineral development in Africa. In the past few years, although Guangtu Mining Group is not very successful in Africa. In general, it’s developments already steady and gradually improved in African mineral market.

Originally, Sheng Wenyan thought that his decision would make the group stronger. Whose know, in a certain country in South Africa last year. Because policy and legal issues, The mine with a lot investment was directly recovered by the local government. The company directly lost tens of billions dollars directly and indirectly even greater.

At that time, a Chinese mining company with them in that country, directly declared bankruptcy. This made Guangtu mining industry feel a crisis. The disagreement for launching African market reappeared, and through the bad news in Nigeria. This shouts become stronger.

In the conference room, a strong black-haired Xin Zhe looked sharply at Sheng Wenyan. Sheng Wenyan decision on African mineral market made major mistakes. The group will definitely dissatisfied with him. At that time, he should retire. The most powerful candidate to succeed president position is him!

“President Sheng, when the company is meeting to vote. You actually directly placed a purchase order of nearly 100 million yuan to Pengyun Machinery to continue investing in Nigerian mine. Is this a bit too much?” Xin Zhe asked.

Sheng Wenyan had a calm expression and said: “The company has long been planning to purchase the latest machinery and equipment. Now, I have learned about Pengyun Machinery’s products and placed an orders. I have this decision-making power as president, right?”

“Of course.” Xin Zhe smiled and said: “The decision-making mistakes in South African market have caused us to suffer heavy losses. The board of directors often dissatisfied. Now, West African market is facing huge risks. President Sheng didn’t want to stop early, but continued to invest. This gambler psychology is not very good when used in group management.”

After he finished, some of the management looked at Sheng Wenyan. It was obvious this is what they meant. Today, Sheng Wenyan support rate within the group is getting lower and lower. He can foresee, if this time he suffered heavy loss in Nigeria. His president, estimated have finished.

Sheng Wenyan continued: “Of course, I know the risks involved. I have placed orders with Pengyun Machinery and strived to reach a cooperation with Red Letter Group. All of this for stopping the loss!”

“I have reached an agreement with President of Red Letter Group, Lu Yan. Red Letter Group will develop the latest intelligent mining and management system for us with the most cash mining machinery. At that time, our mining power will reach five times of the current level! It can minimize our losses in Nigeria!”

“And in the future, we can rely on technology and equipment ahead of our peers and have a long-term advantage!”

“Everyone should know about the strength of Red Letter Group. Zhongnan Construction Group has cooperated with Red Letter Group. Now it has won 10 billion smart road construction orders in China. They business has achieved good result in Africa.”

“And we will be the first mining group to reach a cooperation with Red Letter Group in minerals!”

After he said this, many managers in the conference room nodded. Who doesn’t know the name of Red Letter Group? It has rated as the most valuable group in the world. Those European and American science and technology giants who have monopolized the world for decades, no one dares to show off in front of Red Letter Group!

If it weren’t for Red Letter Group failure to go public, it should be the world’s with highest market value!

Being able to cooperate with Red Letter Group is tantamount to finding a super boost!

Seeing Sheng Wenyan convinced everyone. Xin Zhe immediately said, “President Sheng, working with Red Letter Group, may not be as good as you said!!”

“As far as I know, you and Red Letter Group only reached verbal agreement, and there is no actual contract. We are a multinational corporation. Cooperation must have clear regulations. It is not just verbal guarantee.”

“Furthermore, Red Letter Group is only agreeing to develop. They don’t necessarily only provide technology and products exclusive to our companies. If it wants to increase its turnover, what should we do to our competitors?”

“Also, can the things they guarantee designed and manufactured? If it’s can be manufactured, perhaps within a certain period of time. At that time, our mine in Nigeria will probably be over! We don’t have time to wait! How can we make the group’s operation pinned on other groups?”

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