MST Chapter 116 : Pie in the sky

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This day CPPCC meeting was held.

This is a very important meeting.

National attention.

CCTV channels, each satellite TV news channel has live broadcast meetings.

A long and boring meeting… it is the turn of a leader to speak.

“In recent years, the development of China’s TV film industry has advanced by leaps and bounds…BalaBalaBalaBalaBut most of them are works of no cultural significance… BalaBalaBalaBala In the face of foreign literary IP, the strong invasion of movie IP, one can’t do it without shunning it… BalaBalaBalaBala We should vigorously explore and vigorously carry forward works that have Chinese characteristics and are conducive to cultural communication… BalaBalaBalaBala Development belongs to our own cultural IP, film and television IP, with the strength to speak, with the work to speak, China’s film and television market should belong to China, can not let these foreign literary works, foreign film IP like Sun monkey jumping, even if he is Sun monkey, then we are Buddha fathers, to put them under five fingers mountain.”

Many members of the staff are somewhat puzzled and look at the leaders who spoke. They don’t understand what he said about the monkeys, what is the Buddha, and what five fingers mountain.

The leader also noticed it, so he explained: “Oh, I said the Sun Monkey is Sun Wukong, in network called Ye Guang narrative Journey to the West program, very good a classical fairy tale, I see, we should be more creative, more development, like Journey to the West, Sun Wukong such a story character, can be developed into a Chinese characteristics of literature and film IP … Barabara.”

What is said by the leader is not important anymore, and the content of the later meeting is not important.

What’s important is that this is a major conference of national simultaneous live broadcasts. Hundreds of millions of domestic people are paying attention. The leaders directly pointed out ‘Sun Wukong” at the meeting. ‘Journey to the West’ ‘Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West’ are instantly remembered by the people watching the news.

In front of the TV.

“Journey to the West storytelling show? Classical mythology? I will see it later.”

“The programs praised in CPPCC meetings are definitely not bad. Let’s go and see.”

“Is this family show relatives? This occasion is actually named. ”

“It’s amazing for my brother, this show is absolutely fire.”

“It’s really a good story. I’ve seen it for a few times yesterday. I didn’t expect it to be praised at the conference.”


Domestic discussion.

Then, CPPCC meeting named Journey to the West went to Weibo.

The next day, People’s Daily also mentioned Journey to the West in an article published in CPPCC conference.

The popularity of Journey to the West was also spread throughout the country.

The leader’s speech was undoubtedly a gift to Ye Guang, a pie in the sky, and the pie was too big and he was dizzy.

Ye Guang didn’t read the news very much. He didn’t know the leader’s speech. Weibo had already searched on Journey to the West. He didn’t notice it, but he was paying attention to the traffic of Journey to the West on various websites.

“Huh? How come clicks so much, so fast.”

“This website has also gone up a lot.”

“This is also, haha, this is going to be fire.”

“It’s weird, the clicks are crazy.”

“It’s a bit wrong, is there something wrong?”

Ye Guang is wondering, Jiang Fengxian hurried in.

“Advisor Ye.” Jiang Fengxian hurriedly said, “There is a big deal!”

Ye Guang: “What?”

Jiang Fengxian: “The show is going to fire! Journey to the West, want fire!”

Ye Guang waved his hand, “Hey, what am I going to be, such a good story, the fire is for sure, it’s a big fuss, now the click has gone up, this is a good thing, why are you so impatient.”

Jiang Fengxian: “Not because of this, it is because of the fire.”

Ye Guang wonders, “Is there something wrong? I have just wondered why the clicks on our programs on all major video sites have been skyrocketing.”

Jiang Fengxian affirmative nod, “Big event, big event!”

Ye Guang is also anxious. “Oh, Old Jiang, don’t sell off, just say!”

Liu Chiyan also looked at Jiang Fengxian curiously.

Jiang Fengxian took a deep breath. “Journey to the West was accidentally named by leader at CPPCC meeting today. The named leader gave Journey to the West a high rating! Journey to the West is now estimated to have a very high reputation nationwide!”

Ye Guang is dumbfounded.

Liu Chiyan is dumbfounded.

Yiyi is not clear.

Ye Guang asked incredulously, “Old Jiang, what do you say? You are saying it again!”

Jiang Fengxian’s see Ye Guang reaction is not surprising. He knew it was almost the same reaction. “Journey to the West was named by leader at CPPCC meeting.”



“Ha ha ha ha.”

Ye Guang is going crazy.

At the National Political Consultative Conference, leader praised him for his Journey to the West?

Happiness comes too suddenly!

Ye Guang now just wants to find someone to share the joy of the heart, and walks quickly toward Liu Chiyan. Ye Guang wants to kiss her a few mouthfuls, otherwise the joy of this heart can’t be vented.

Liu Chiyan knows Ye Guang’s urinary sensibility, knowing that he is so quick to forget that she quickly glanced at him.

Ye Guang reacted and almost touched it. Jiang Fengxian was still there. The pace of the sprint stopped and the Ye Guang brushed 180 degrees and ran to Yiyi.

Yiyi was eclipsed and quickly ran away. “Ye Guang, you are not allowed to come and kiss me!”

Where would Ye Guang listen, he caught up with Yiyi in a few times, and picked her up. “Well, I’m going to kiss Yiyi.”

Yiyi wiped his saliva with a grudge.

Ye Guang is coming, “Go, Old Jiang, hello colleagues continue to record the following shows!”

Jiang Fengxian stop him, “First not recorded, the front has a TV station and video site to call me, said they want to talk about the buying program right things, there are a few companies want to vote advertising, I did not know the beginning of the matter, or they told me, first wait, maybe the next program needs to be re-implanted, and now it’s too much trouble to record, maybe the previous record has been uploaded and recorded again.”

“Is there to buy the right to play and to advertise?” Ye Guang thought about it and nodded. “Let’s do it. You are more familiar than me. You can do it. When will record you tell me, but let me tell you, you can only sell the copyright of the show, Journey to the West copyright cannot be sold, and how much is not sold.”

Jiang Fengxian went out, and the cell phone in his pocket had been shaking for a few minutes. He didn’t pick it up, and he didn’t even want to think about who called.

Journey to the West is almost inevitable.

No, it should be said that it is already on fire.

This Fruit Run is a big earner. Although the leader of CPPCC meeting did not have the name of Fruit Run, but whoever is going to see Journey to the West storyteller, who can’t see the sign of Fruit Run? The exclusive title contract has been signed, and the advertising fee has been paid, so no matter how hot the show is, how can it be influential, Youxianqi Entertainment must have made Fruit Run a cheap title of 5 million Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West this show.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan feel that they are not a taste, but they don’t care too much about money. It’s just that they are being taken advantage of… Hey, how do you say it?

Liu Chiyan slammed her finger at Ye Guang, “Come here.”

Ye Guang: “What?”

Liu Chiyan: “I am also very happy, I want to kiss you.”

Ye Guang smiled.

Yiyi covered her eyes.

Kiss kiss!

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