BTC Chapter 179 : Originally was Great God

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Su Shi quickly issued several orders, and without exception, the smart speakers can all be accurately identified.

He is excited not to be himself, said while laughing loudly: “It is! This project has finally been researched!”

Xia Ankang also flushed and said: “General Su, congratulation’s!”

“Lu Zixin!” Su Shi said loudly. “I owe you a big deal, what do you want, though.”

Lu Zixin quickly shook his head and said: “Nothing, you are too polite.”

Now that you have let your father-in-law owe a big favor, then owe it first. Some things will definitely be more convenient in the future.

Xia Ankang was very emotional and praised: “I really can’t seen. You are son-in-law, it’s really a must! For such a complicated problem, he can solve it in two days, let us old guys be too embarrassed!”

“I thank you on behalf of the entire project department!”

“I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it.” Lu Zixin said quickly and modestly.

Su Shi emphasized: “This gratitude is not verbal. We are one yard after another. Although you are my son-in-law, this achievement has your intellectual property rights. The necessary compensation, our company must give you.”

When he introduced Lu Zixin, he said, “This is my daughter’s boyfriend.” Now he directly changing my name to son-in-law, and his attitude has undergone subtle changes.

“Father-in-law, let me say this.” Lu Zixin actually has another plan, smart home, in fact, Red Letter is developing a smart information processing system, there are many places that can promote each other, perhaps some “cooperation”.

It seems that this occasion is not the time for discussion. And he has to negotiate with Su Zhirong first and respect each other’s opinions.

Wan Yongzhi had not spoken until now, even though he did not want to admit it, but it turned out that the other party was too strong for him.

He couldn’t help but ask: “Lu Zixin, have you been studying smart voice abroad before? How do you understand this?”

“No,” Lu Zixin explained casually. “I used to develop this at Red Letter.”

“Red Letter!” Wan Yongzhi eyes lit up. “Do you know Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant?”

“Of course, this intelligent program is led by me.” Lu Zixin said of course.

“What!” Wan Yongzhi and Xia Ankang also screamed at the same time, watching him with an emoticon like an alien.

“Red Cloud is what you led to develop?” Wan Yongzhi asked without a word.

Lu Zixin nodded, said with a smile: “Can I lie to you? It is because I have experience, so this smart speaker is perfect.”

“It is a real person!” Wan Yongzhi cried in surprise, his eyes filled with reverence.

He is excitedly said: “Great God, I don’t think I actually know you!”

Lu Zixin reveals the confused emoticon and asks, “What?”

Wan Yongzhi continued: “Great God, Red Cloud of your team research, is known as the most intelligent voice interaction system! Even surpassing the top level abroad!”

“My mentor at MIT Intelligence Lab praised that Red Cloud is doing a great job! It is expected to develop into a more advanced artificial intelligence! He also said that he still wants to come to China to see and understand the development by this System!”

In his voice, full of respect. It seems that the chasing stars have seen their idols, and they have to sign a photo.

“So great?” Su Shi gave a slight glimpse, but he did not expect Lu Zixin to let Wan Yongzhi’s proud and arrogant guys bend over.

At first, he wanted to put out Xia Ankang and Wan Yongzhi in the town of Lu Zixin, a professional town. Who knows that these two people now have Lu Zixin as a great god, and they run counter to his original goal.

“Of course it is amazing!” Xia Ankang said, “I said how can there be such a powerful person, and improved our smart speakers in two days. It turned out to be the god of Red Clouds!”

“Su, you are really a treasure! If I have a daughter, I will marry this talent!”

The two words made Su Shi look at Lu Zixin, and also felt a kind of pride , said with a smile: “Haha, my daughter is taught by me, her eyes can be wrong?”

Next, Lu Zixin explained to them what he had improved and threw the information to their own research.


Su Zhirong At home, three women are watching TV on the couch.

“It’s so boring.” Su Xiaomeng, like a salted fish, squatted in the arms of Ding Rui, and the two long legs slapped up and down the sofa.

“Sit without sitting.” Ye Rui criticized. “You get up first, when your dad and your brother-in-law are coming back soon. I am going to cook.”

Referring to this, Su Xiaomeng came to the point and asked Su Zhirong to say: “Sister, you said that brother-in-law in father’s company, will it be bloody by his dog?”

“Why?” Su Zhirong wondered.

“Do you still ask? You look at these days, Dad is in a bad mood. And when he arrives at the company, the whole person is much more serious. If the brother-in-law gets him, he must be educated!” Su Xiaomeng said : “It is really interesting to think about it.”

However, Su Zhirong’s hand was already photographed on her head and said: “The cerebellum is thinking all day long, don’t know how to review the lesson?”

“Despise you!” Su Xiaomeng squinted with her eyes, “Like our class teacher!”

At this time, the smart speaker prompts someone to enter the door. Su Xiaomeng was excited again and said: “They are back. Sister, let’s make a bet. Come back today, if Dad is sloppy, the housework next week will be yours.”

“No gambling!” Su Zhirong has long been accustomed to her ghost tricks and said: “The possibility of Dad’s face is 80% or more, I am not going to be yours!”

The door opened and the sisters looked at the door together while observing Su Shi expression.

However, what is different from their expectation is that Su Shi is different from the previous seriousness, but is full of spring breeze, like what a big happy event.

Su Xiaomeng was surprised: “Dad, are you so happy to come back today? Did you win the lottery?”

“I didn’t buy the lottery!” Su Shi’s tone of speech was very relaxed, and even made a joke. “But before I bought the lottery, I won a prize.”

“What award?” Su Xiaomeng said to sative curiously.

“I won a little girl and named her Su Xiaomeng.” Su Shi said with a smile.

Su Xiaomeng realized that she was being ridiculed, but she actually said along the way: “That must be a special prize, Dad, you have a big luck!”

Ye Rui came out, said curiously: “How come you are so happy today? What a happy event, share it with everyone.”

“Hahaha!” Su Shi couldn’t help but laughed and said: “The smart speaker thing have been solved!”

“Resolved?” Ye Rui was also happy, saying: “How to solve it? Isn’t it because the project has to be cut?”

“Thanks to my good son-in-law! It took only two days to help us improve the smart speaker. It’s a god!” Su Shi said, “Wife, take out the bottle of good wine I have hidden, today we Both want to drink!”

In order to maintain his working condition, Su Shi rarely drinks alcohol. Today, it is rare to drink alcohol. Everyone can see that he is really happy.

Su Xiaomeng saw Su Shi’s state and whispered in Su Zhirong’s ear: “Sister, it seems that the old man is going to sell you to my brother-in-law!”

“Go, help my mother cook!”

“You will call me!” Su Xiaomeng snorted, her ankle slipped into the kitchen with her slippers. At the end, She did not forget to make a face to Su Zhirong, and shouted: “Dad, brother-in-law, I will cook for you. You must stop my sister into the kitchen, otherwise the kitchen will explode!”

Lu Zixin took a look at Su Zhirong, full of deep meaning, before Su Zhirong said that her cooking skills are not proficient.

Su Zhirong’s face was red, and the explanation was: “I just didn’t learn cooking, or I can definitely learn.”

“That’s still a problem, how dangerous.” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“Oh, you!”

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