BTC Chapter 355 : Costume

Edited: XiaXue

“Go, I will help you pick a suit.” On the first floor of cruise ship, it is full of colorful costumes.

In order to add some fun, the theme of this charity reception is “Going to the Beach”. The reception will prepare a large number of vintage costumes for the guests. All of them are high-grade fabrics with exquisite workmanship.

Xue Yao has been replaced with a blue-and-white cheongsam of blue-and-white porcelain. The blossoming blue-and-white petals bloom on the brocade, elegant and noble.

The cheongsam’s waist is very thin, outlines the slender waist that Xue Yao hips can hold, the side slits, a pair of high-heeled crystal boots, the jade legs support straight, walking between, the white skin is looming, adding temptation.

“You are really beautiful in cheongsam, just like the beauty that the Republic of China has crossed.” Lu Zixin sincerely admired.

Not all women are suitable for cheongsam, chest tight, thin waist, long legs, full hips, satisfying these elements is not enough, you have to have a fan!

It is the kind of fan that looks full of self-confidence and elegance, and everyone is very good. Generally, women rarely have it. If it is deliberately imitated, it is only the effect of Dong Shi.

For example, the young woman who just walked past a Lu Zixin. Although she wears gorgeous cheongsam and diamond-studded shoes, she always gives a feeling of “green house woman”.

“Mister Lu, it’s up to you now.” Xue Yao walked through the corridors of various clothes and took out a few sets on Lu Zixin.

“School Confucianism? General? Zhongshan, or a small suit to improve youth?” Xue Yao took the clothes and figured on Lu Zixin, saying: “Wear Chinese tunic, feel a little good.”

She picked up black tunic for Lu Zixin and Lu Zixin’s straight back just lifted the clothes up.

Wearing this Chinese tunic suit, the back must be straight, and the talent seems to be spiritual.

“Not bad.” Xue Yao couldn’t help but take out her mobile phone to take a picture of him, then took him and took another photo, which led him into the cruise ship.

The arrangement in cruise ship is also the layout of the Republic of China, the colorful glazed lamps in the west, the hand-carved wooden tables and chairs, the phonograph, The light is mild and yellow, as if it came to Republic of China.

“Miss Xue, Mister Lu, welcome.” The welcoming person bent slightly.

Now that the party has just begun, people are still talking about each other. Xue Yao saw a group of women dressed in ancient dress gathered in a chat and said to Lu Zixin: “Dear, you will be free, and will remember to invite me to dance.”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded slightly.

Lu Zixin is hanging around in the dance hall. Many people here look familiar for him. They are celebrities who often appear on TV and news media. However, there are fewer people familiar with him. His current appearance and the appearance published on internet have been worse than 100,000 miles. As for the detailed information, it is not directly displayed.

To put it another way, although many of them are business elites and celebrities, there are only a few who are qualified to contact Lu Zixin.

“You are, President Lu?” Just as Lu Zixin admired the famous paintings on the wall, there was a pleasant voice next to him.

Lu Zixin looked back and saw a young man in a black trench coat with a black top hat and a cane standing behind him.

Next to him, there is a beautiful female companion, Lu Zixin also has some impressions, it seems to be a star.

This young man, Lu Zixin is also very familiar with the characters who used to be active in the media. It has been low-key for the past two years.

Zhang Kaile, once a popular “local master” on Weibo, in addition to his family’s special wealth, he himself, has also been people with billions wealth , is the star of the young generation of entrepreneurs.

Money, self-willedness, fancy, and hard work can only go back to inheriting hundreds of billions of products… and so on, all of which are posted on him alone.

Lu Zixin was not familiar with Zhang Kaile before, and there was no intersection in the company’s business.

“young master Zhang, hello.” Lu Zixin shook hands with him.

Zhang Kaile said with a smile: “What young master, that is screaming, President Lu, we are not too many years old, just like the average generation.”

“Well, that generation is commensurate.” Lu Zixin nodded, the local young master is still very easygoing.

“I have wanted to see you for a long time. I have never had a chance. I didn’t expect to meet you here today, cool!” Zhang Kaile is also very casual, and there is no ceremonial etiquette and courtesy.

“We must talk about it today, do you know? In fact, I am a red powder. I bought every generation of Red Letter smart products!” Zhang Kaile smiled.

“I know, I have seen your Weibo.” Lu Zixin also casually said, “Give us several advertisements.”

“Haha, when do you give me advertising fees? I have a microblog, worth tens of thousands!” Zhang Kaile played with with a smile.

The two of them are joking here, Zhang Kaile’s companion said curiously: “Brother Zhang, which big brother is this, can you introduce me?”

Dressed in the female students of Republic of China, she is also very pure in dress. She is also the goddess of the screen, but beside Zhang Kaile, it is just an insignificant supporting role. Zhang Kaile and Lu Zixin have not talked with her for a long time.

“A special person.” Zhang Kaile did not say much to her, but patted her shoulder and said: “You play, we have to talk.”

The female star looked curious, even Zhang Kaile said that a special cow, who is this person? Why are you not impressed?

“Brother, who are you with today? I didn’t receive the notice.” Zhang Kaile asked Lu Zixin to go to the upper deck of cruise ship.

“Together with friends, Xue Yao from Red Letter Virtual Mutual Entertaiment.” Lu Zixin followed him into the elevator of cruise ship.

The cruise ship is eight stories high and has a huge area with all kinds of facilities, such as dance halls, bars, singers, swimming pools, aquariums, and more intimate casinos and private spaces.

“It turned out to be President Xue! I have already guessed…” Zhang Kaile said here, the tone of the meal, said with a smile: “The buddies look really good, President Xue always has temperament more than those stars!”

He took Lu Zixin to a deck on upper deck of cruise ship, where sea breeze blow, watch the stars and moon, drink a little wine, and be quiet.

Here, there is a row of high-quality waiters, both foreigners. Here, there are already a few people sitting at the table, chatting with tea and wine.

“This is a small space on the cruise ship. Several big guys are chatting here.” Zhang Kaile said.

“This charity reception was organized by you?” Lu Zixin asked.

“You can say that.” Zhang Kaile nodded. “I organized it with a few friends. If I knew you came, I might have some other big sisters coming!”

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