BTC Chapter 354 : Agreement

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Pan Qiwen really wants to promote this, he said helplessly: “I went to Canada to participate in academic conference of field quantum, and found that the gap between us and others is too great!”

“As early as a decade ago, those developed countries have already developed quantum computers. When we are still trying to manipulate twenty qubits, they have already surpassed us several times and have even begun to prepare for commercial sales.”

“The traditional chip industry is backward. If we are behind in field of quantum computers, we will always be subject to people!”

“The project of Red Letter is established. On behalf of National Academy of Sciences, I support you. What is missing, just say!”

“That’s great, we’re missing people now!” Lu Zixin said. “When our team is formed, it will be fruitful within a year!”

“Haha, one year, scientific research is anxious.” Pan Qiwen said with a smile, “It’s not too late to produce results within three years.”

“No, just a year!” Lu Zixin said.

Pan Qiwen was serious and said: “Xiao Lu, I am not joking with you. This is a long-term vision for the benefit of the future. I am really anxious for a moment. You must lengthen your strategy and you will not get results in another year.”

What he is most afraid of is this. Some enterprises have invested in it and have no results in a short period of time. They immediately divested and cancelled the project, and nothing happened.

“Old Pan, I believe in the R&D strength of Red Letter.” Lu Zixin said, “You can rest assured that there will be no results within one year, and we will continue to invest.”

“But if we can make it in a short time, I hope Old Pan can help.”

“Okay, you have to tell me the conditions!” Pan Qiwen reacted.

Lu Zixin smiled awkwardly, Pan Qiwen said generously: “Let’s say. As long as it is not particularly harsh conditions, I will consider it.”

“This is the case,” Lu Zixin said. “You also know that our Red Letter is a commercial company. Investment projects need to be rewarded for benign development. If we really develop quantum computing chips or quantum computers, I hope Its commercialization process will not be greatly hindered.”

Lu Zixin is most worried about this problem. If Red Letter really comes up with a quantum computer, if the relevant discipline order makes some restrictions on its commercialization, then his plan will be completely lost.

“This way.” Pan Qiwen did not directly agree, he thought for a while, said: “This is affirmation. Quantum computers are of great significance to the development of cloud data, artificial intelligence and other industries. If can not be promoted, why should we study it? ”

“You can rest assured that as long as Red Letter can produce the product, we will support it!”

“Well, you can rest assured that within a year, Red Letter will definitely produce results and let the world see it!” Lu Zixin promised.

Pan Qiwen smiled and thought that this was only the reassurance of young people, and it was not good to bruise it.


With the cooperation of National Academy of Sciences, Red Letter Quantum Science and Technology Research Center was quickly established. There are also national treasures who participate in their projects, draw talent from various places, and quickly improve their research team.

And this Red Letter Quantum Science and Technology Research Center is not just built to study quantum computing chips and quantum computers.

Like Keliyun, Red Letter Group also has to set up its own quantum information network, quantum data analysis center and so on.

Unlike other research centers that cross the river by feeling the stones, the study of Red Letter seems to have a very high goal.

The multi-quantum bit manipulation of optical quantum computers is difficult to complete, and Red Letter directly develops superconducting quantum computers. Such quantum computers are easier to commercialize in a short period of time. Currently, quantum computing chips developed in other countries are also superconducting quantum computer chips.

With RI-8901 advancing research progress, Lu Zixin doesn’t have to worry about anything.


Jiangcheng, Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd. Because of Red Letter game, Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. is here, for the sake of convenience, the new company’s headquarters is also here.

““Breaking the Dimension Wall” was released in North America for one month. At present, the world’s box office is first, creating a new era of virtual projection movies! Now our red letter film and television business has fully risen!” Xue Yao reported the latest company’s performance one by one and Lu Zixin listens.

“Hong Yun avatar, currently has more than 5 million fans on Weibo. We have cooperated with Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. to continue to enrich her emotions and skills for ‘her’ and will hold her virtual idol concert this year.”

“Our virtual projection social software, currently has 30 million registered users, is expected to reach 100 million by the end of this year!”

Xue Yao’s pretty face with some self-satisfied look, she did not think about it.

“It’s really a Sister Xue. It’s a good show, a talented person, a strategist, a snowy smart…” Lu Zixin said a series of derogatory words in one breath.

Xue Yao gave him a glance and said: “Get it, I know that it is your credit. If there is no intelligent projection equipment, these are empty talks, and we will seize the market opportunity.”

After a little chat, Xue Yao asked: “Are you not busy these days?”

“Not busy, there are no problems in three days and three nights of the war.” Lu Zixin moved.

“Hey, it’s all bosses, there’s still no shape!” Although Xue Yao’s mouth was scornful, but her face did not look shy, but she was a bit eager to try.

“Acquired has a charity cocktail in Shanghai, go together.” Xue Yao said.

“No problem!” Lu Zixin agreed without thinking. He used to participate in such activities. Donate money to face this kind of thing, he usually gives it to others to do it.

Two days later, Shanghai, in the evening, near the mouth of Yangtze River.

The small stream from the roof of the world formed a silver dragon after smashing 6,000 kilometers and thus merged into the sea. It brought not only the mighty river but also the materials and culture of the upper and middle reaches.

This time Lu Zixin and Xue Yao are going to attend charity reception, right here a luxury cruise ship that will depart from here and travel around the world for a round-the-world trip.

Before the departure, it was initiated by a celebrity in China with the theme of donating children’s education. In addition to the purpose of charity, it is also a place for upper-level people to communicate with each other.

Because of the development of Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Company, Xue Yao wanted to know more friends and get some opportunities for business development. So she took Lu Zixin to participate, and also let Lu Zixin support her.

After all, red letter virtual entertainment is developing well now, but in front of those real big brother and sisters, it is still not enough. Only Red Letter Group can let them be treated with caution.

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