BTC Chapter 353 : Target One-Year

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“This is what we developed, the first optical quantum computer in China.” Zhu Huagui proudly introduced to Lu Zixin and others.

In front of them, it is a larger unit that looks like a part of a complex and sophisticated industrial equipment. However, such a big thing is just the CPU of photon quantum computer.

The overall optical quantum computer is even larger.

“Photon quantum computers use photon polarization degrees of freedom, angular momentum as quantum bits. Now there are ten entangled photons in the world, and we have already taken the world’s leading level.” Zhu Huagui said.

“Great!” Lu Zixin praised.

“How about its performance?” Lu Zixin asked curiously. Since it is the world’s leading optical quantum computer, performance is still good?

Zhu Huagui said: “The sampling speed of our optical quantum computer is one hundred times faster than the world’s first electronic tube computer and transistor computer! Only a few internationally can do it!”

“Great!” Lu Zixin gave a thumbs up and it was already very good. Each of their achievements is based on their own hard work, and the hardships may be known only to them.

In addition to optical quantum computers, there are superconducting quantum computers. Although both are called quantum computers, the implementation of quantum bits, which are computational units, is completely different.

One is the optical qubit, and the other is the superconducting qubit, which is quite different from the theoretical basis to the implementation.

“Our superconducting quantum computers can also perform the manipulation of ten superconducting qubits. Currently we are doing the manipulation of twenty superconducting qubits.” Zhu Huagui said, “Quantum computers, as long as they can manipulate fifty microscopic Particles, the speed of which can exceed the fastest supercomputer in the world!”

Lu Zixin secretly thought in his heart. At this rate, there was no shadow of a small quantum computer for ten years.

At present, companies such as Intel have announced that they can make quantum computers that manipulate forty-five microscopic particles, and also announced 17-bit quantum computing chips…

This is just the information they have published. Lu Zixin believes that in the technical data they have not published, it must have been done to a higher degree. Therefore, Red Letter must quickly overtake, and before they can make a universal quantum chip and a large-scale commercial quantum computer, they can break the monopoly of the computer industry and take the lead in the world.

At the time of visit, Dai Liang had been asking various questions and recording them with smart glasses. He was already preparing for quantum computer research of Red Letter.

In this research institute, in addition to the research part of optical quantum computer and superconducting quantum computer, there are research parts such as quantum information transmission and quantum information network.

These were mainly developed by Keliyun team and declined to visit.

In the era of cloud data, every Science and Technology company is developing its own cloud data technology, and Keliyun is particularly valued by Keli Group.

According to their last announcement, they will invest more than 100 billion yuan in quantum information, quantum computers and cloud data within three years!

The scale of this investment, even National Academy of Sciences has expressed considerable importance.

Out of the entrance to the institute, Dai Liang was very emotional. Said: “I don’t think their research in quantum field has made us led so much, especially Keli Group’s quantum information network. If they are made, the way Internet operates will have to be rewritten.”

For the quantum information network, they have experimentally launched several quantum information satellites. Although there is no great effect in a short period of time, as long as their technology is perfected, it will outperform the small information satellite of Red Letter.

“Old Dai, how long do you think we can surpass them?” Lu Zixin asked.

“This…” Dai Liang was hesitant and said, “We have been able to achieve the same level of them in two years, it is already very good. On the basis of red letter, we will make quantum computers in one or two years to achieve manipulation of quantum bits to twenty or twenty-five in three years, and has caught up with the international level in five years.”

“Five years? It’s been too long,” Lu Zixin said. “One year, make a quantum computing chip, two years, make a commercial quantum computer!”

“One year?” Dai Liang just shook his head. “This time is too short, unless someone teaches us, or we can only rely on ourselves to explore, one year is really too short!”

“One year is enough!”

“A quantum computing chip was made in one year, and a commercial quantum computer was made in two years? Hahaha!” Lu Zixin finished, and some people laughed.

It is an old man in a plaid shirt, older than Dai Liang, with deep wrinkles on his forehead and pale hair.

“Young people, the goal is good, but don’t blindly talk big!” said the man.

“Principal Pan?” Dai Liang saw him and was surprised to say, “How did you come Old Pan?”

His tone was respectful and he whispered to Lu Zixin: “This Mr. Pan Qiwen, who has served as the president of China University of Science and Technology, has had many major scientific achievements. Now he is veteran of National Academy of Sciences. One of them is famous all over the world. Especially in the field of quantum, this magical quantum computer research institute was established under his advocacy.”

Such a person is already a group of people standing at the top of human wisdom. Lu Zixin is awe-inspiring and greets quickly: “Old gentleman is good.”

“Haha, hello.” Pan Qiwen smiled and said: “Xiao Zhu told me that Red Letter Group wants to invest in research and development of quantum chips and quantum computers. You want to cooperate with us. I am attending an academic conference in Canada. Listening to this, I immediately rushed back and happened to catch up.”

“The old man has worked hard,” Lu Zixin said. “If you want to take a break, we are not in a hurry.”

“No, no.” Pan Qiwen waved his hand and said: “Since you met at the door, talk about it now!”

In a quiet room, Lu Zixin and other three people talked while drinking tea.

Pan Qiwen did not confirm: “Xiao Lu, I asked a bad word, are you really going to make quantum chip? Is it noisy?”

“Of course!” Lu Zixin said seriously, “Old Pan, I can guarantee that our next energy will be placed in this area. Quantum computers, cloud data, artificial intelligence, these are the development direction of our company in the next decade! That is, investing tens of billions and hundreds of billions, we will not waver!”

“Good!” Pan Qiwen called a good one and said: “We are also afraid of being pitted! In the past few years, the state has been granting subsidies, but many companies are purely cheating subsidies. They are not at all concerned about R&D, and waste a lot of resources!”

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