MST Chapter 152 : Competition Rules

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Big gifted scholar?

Ren Keling was startled, some do not understand what Liu Chiyan said.

Liu Chiyan continued: “I also received some songs for The Strongest Voice some time ago, but they were all ruined by the big gifted scholar. He said that I doesn’t need it, as long as he is there.”

Ren Keling understood, “Oh, that gifted scholar of Goddess Liu Studio is really… full of confidence.”

Yi Shan said: “I think I know who Goddess Liu is talking about.”

Ren Keling: “I also guessed it. It should be Ye Guang of Journey to the West storytelling that CCTV is currently broadcasting. It turns out that Goddess Liu Weibo sent him a station, the new generation Poet, but this Ye Guang Poet not only writes novels, but also writes song?”

Yi Shan: “Keling, you don’t know. The song “Chasing dream with a childlike heart” that Goddess Liu sang some time ago is Ye Guang’s composition, but this game is a propositional song, I’m afraid it’s not easy for Ye Guang to make songs that meet the proposition temporarily, and there are so many periods in our program.”

Liu Chiyan jokes: “Oh, anyway, my songs are ruined by him. No way, I can only kill the horse as a living doctor.”

Ren Keling joked, “As a member of catkins, I am worried about Goddess Liu. I hope that Ye Guang can live up to the name of big gifted scholar. In fact, I also want to be a big gifted scholar. I am so handsome, I can only rely on my face to eat. ”

The audience “called” together.

After a few more words, Liu Chiyan was invited to the election chief.

Ye Guang is in the lounge, this Nizi, really will give her husband a face, and she did not forget to let Ye Guang leak his face and hold him.

The show continues.

Ren Keling: “Next we are about to ask the last player.”

Yi Shan: “I believe that the careful audience noticed that there are a total of six seats on our player’s seat. This is because the players who will play next are not one but a group.”

“Oh~” The audience heard the voice, and someone had called out the name of a certain combination.

Ren Keling: “I believe everyone has guessed which combination, then we don’t sell it. Request the pleasure of seeing our last one, wrong, the last group of players, our legendary combination, Feng Qiu Huang!”

When the words just fell, the studio remembered the familiar tunes.

Did not see anyone, Listen to the sound first.

The big screen opened, a man and a woman sang while walking to the stage.

The audience was warm and uplifting.

“Really they.”

“Feng Qiu Huang, my favorite combination.”

“This is the first time that The Strongest Voice has invited a group to participate.”

Feng Qiu Huang, one of the famous domestic combinations, one male and one female, is two brother and sister, the male is Mu Feng and the female is Mu Huang. It sounds like the names of men and women are upside down. In fact, the word phoenix is ​​the male and female, the male is phoenix and the female is phoenix.

The two brother and sister is a legend, two brother and sister both like to sing, at the same time to apply for music academy, after graduation two people formed a combination, Feng Qiu Huang, two brother and sister singing is very good, their songs catchy, regardless of people of all ages are very fond, their songs almost everywhere in the city can hear, so to speak, many people have not heard Liu Chiyan song, did not hear Han Yurou song, but must have heard Feng Qiu Huang song, because their song is really too high, you do not have to learn to listen to, more than a few times the door, stroll several times the street, don’t say heard, categorization malleability you can follow a few words.

It can be even said that Feng Qiu Huang is the first person to be well-deserved in the music mix. These two can be sung to the country, sang to New York Time’s Square, and were broadcast by the news broadcast to praise the cows of Yang. The singers like Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou can only be called singers, but Feng Qiu Huang is the title of Artist and Music.

The two hosts and Feng Qiu Huang were chatting for a while, then they were also invited to the election chief.

Five, not right, five groups, not too right, how to say it… All the contestants met with the audience, and the time of the show has passed.

Ren Keling: “Now all the players have met with you one by one. What I am most looking forward to is the official competition tomorrow. I will definitely look at the sparks of top talents in the music industry.”

Yi Shan: “Keling, you are really not afraid that the world will be chaotic. However, I also want to see it. I believe that the audience members and the audience in front of TV are also looking forward to this battle.”

Ren Keling: “Haha, Yi Shan, we are not on the stage. We are not looking at us. The time for today’s show is almost over. Our contestants also met with you and they all gave you good songs. Are you satisfied with the contestants of The Strongest Voice? Tell me loudly, are you satisfied?”

“Satisfied.” The audience shouted and called.

Yi Shan: “The audience is really enthusiastic, then let’s introduce the rules of The Strongest Voice.”

Ren Keling: “This The Strongest Voice competition is slightly different from the past. However, it is still basically the same, the judges will discuss the proposition of the next day’s competition at the end of each program. The players will sing the songs in the match tomorrow according to the propositions. Each player will eliminate one player in each round. Oh, also maybe a group of players.” Ren Keling smiled and looked at Feng Qiu Huang group and made a little joke. “But the game of The Strongest Voice is slightly different. The first night is our opening tonight, and the next four days will be done every night. In the game, one player is eliminated every night until the last player is left and becomes the owner.”

Yi Shan took the call and continued. “On the sixth night, we added an additional resurrection game. The four players who will be eliminated will compete again. The winner will be resurrected to continue the competition. The 7th night resurrection player will challenge the lord. If the challenge loser directly costs the current The Strongest Voice champion, if the challenge is successful, the resurrected player will compete with the lord for another two-two PK event for the winner of The Strongest Voice. In other words, the resurrected player needs to win two games in a row to win the championship. ”

Ren Keling: “The game elimination is a multi-channel scoring system. First, the five judges present will have a 50% vote for 10% of the votes. The 1000 audience members at the site have 25% vote, the remaining 25% votes will be voted by the audience in front of TV and off-site through interactive programs. The lowest percentage of voting support for each period will be directly eliminated.”

Yi Shan: “Our elimination rules are fair, the audience vote is open and transparent, and each program’s voting will be conducted by the comrades of the notary office.”

Said, the lens is aimed at the two notary bureau comrades on the left side of the front row. Two notary public comrades waved and said hello to the camera.

Ren keling: “In addition, because each episode of The Strongest Voice will have a proposition, the contestant needs to sing a song that meets the proposition. If the song sung by the contestant does not meet the proposition, if there are four judges in the five judges present or if more than four opinions are unified, then they will ignore the voting rate and have one veto, and the rejected players will be eliminated directly.”

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