MST Chapter 63 : Scourge Ye

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The employees returned to studio and immediately ran around and told everyone about what had just happened.

Wei Haijun patted his forehead and annoyed: “Oh! I didn’t see such a big excitement.”

His brother Wei Kongjun smiled and said, “Cut, you still watch the fun, if people really jumped down, I see you have nightmares at night!”

There were only twenty or so people in the studio. There are seven or eight mouths for spreading the news. After a while, the entire studio has already known the jumping event that happened just now. The eyes that look at Ye Guang are starting to be wrong.

Liu Chiyan also heard about this and was angry with Ye Guang in the office.

Ye Guang is not clear, so good words have angered her for a long time, Liu Chiyan said with a sigh of relief, “You are saving people, but you can’t do such a dangerous thing in the future! On 16th floor of the roof guardrail, you dare to stand up, in case… Humph! I’m so angry, Ignore you, don’t talk to me before I get off work!”

Liu Chiyan said that she would ignore him if she ignored him. Ye Guang was bored in the office and opened the system and looked at it.

Prestige points : 98,651

Disciple points : 31

“Oh.” Ye Guang exclaimed, some surprised, Prestige points after resigned from Radio station, there has been little increase, and today there are more than 90,000, it seems that the effect of advertising broadcast, The effect of advertisement on CCTV is amazing! Yesterday, it was just broadcasted. Today, it has skyrocketed by 90,000. Ye Guang is a bit ecstatic.

There are also dozens of Disciple points that have not changed, but this has not been the case. Every time Ye Guang opens the system, the Prestige points have changed, the Disciple points have almost never been moved, and Ye Guang almost ignores this thing, I didn’t expect to see 20 gains today, is it because of the effect of advertising? An advertisement have this effect? To be honest, Ye Guang has never been too acquainted with the way Disciple points are obtained. It is difficult to know, it is really difficult. The Prestige points gains tens of thousands. The Disciple points just 20, which shows how big the difficulty is.

With more than 90,000 prestige, Ye Guang wanted to take a prize, but if you think about it for a while, it will still exist for a while. Lottery not hundred, is half the odds will take time, the last Ye Guang experiment Good Fortune Pledge effect, seems to have so little use, but Good Fortune Pledge effect can only last 10 minutes, and he now use one time basically equivalent to spend 30,000 prestige, and then draw three times award, even three times are smoked in, count on Good Fortune Pledge flower prestige also equivalent to take a time, he is a little reluctant, think in save more points prestige, then the time together to draw more several awards, at that time with Good Fortune Pledge is more cost-effective.

Nothing to see in System, Liu Chiyan ignored him. Ye Guang could only have fun for himself. After reading a few days ago, Liu Chiyan asked him for a novel called “My Star Teacher”. Now the number of words is still too small, the new update is just a few chapters, and it will be gone for a while. The story suddenly disappeared at the crucial time, and Ye Guang’s heart tickles, and I can’t wait to give my Writer’s Swift Writing skill to the street writer, so it’s fast.

Log in to Weibo.

“Ah.” Ye Guang is another exclamation.

It turned out that his fans were all on the radio broadcasting Ghost Blows Out The Light. After he resigned, he continued to drop the powder, leaving thousands of fans to watch him as the original author of Ghost Blows Out The Light.

But now, the number of fans has climbed to more than 50,000. Ye Guang can only feel that CCTV’s advertising is really powerful! He didn’t know, in fact, many fans were attracted by Liu Chiyan’s Weibo. Otherwise, it was just a CCTV advertisement. It is probably more likely to know him, but know how many Weibos can he have?

His Weibo profile has also been changed, writing ‘Youxianqi Entertainment General Counselor’, the pitfall is, the editor behind the editor with parentheses (Editor Jing personally confirms, “This person has a poisonous tongue and a cannon for a mouth !) This sentence is still there! Ye Guang has a look of resentment, and he wants to complain!

Liu Chiyan has been secretly watching Ye Guang, watching him be happy for a while, surprised at once, and then gnashing his teeth, and she is very curious. She is always curious about Ye Guang’s affairs, but she ignores him. So, it’s not good to ask him in the past, and it makes her own itch in her heart. Finally, he snorted at Ye Guang and went to play the cellphone game. Hey, there are principles. If you ignore me, I will ignore you! But why don’t you take the initiative to deal with me? Humph! Angry! Continue to ignore you!

Ye Guang monk face can’t figure out what’s wrong, so she’s dry again? Sure enough, the girl’s mind, don’t guess!

Weibo message also has a lot of, mostly said advertising things, said how good the ads and some are Liu Chiyan fans, because he is Liu Chiyan Studio’s general consultant, so for Goddess Liu, to help him stand, occasionally there are several about Ghost Blows out of the light, Ye Guang looked for a while, at first, a good interest, look at a long time feel no meaning.

Closed Weibo, Ye Guang was bored and leaned on the swivel chair and waited until he got off work.

However, it is hard to get away from work for a while. So Scourge Ye started the Scourge Mode again.

“Old Jiang, planner has paid.”

“No, not to say that tomorrow is good.”

“Hurry to pay, pay us a good shot, can’t we shoot first? Anyway, I feel that my planner is absolutely satisfied each other.”



“Hey, who are you in the sea, land and air? No matter, anyway, you are all the same, I called Old Wei!”


“Old Wei, you can show me the camera, I want to learn! Hey, why can’t you see anything?”

“Not booting.”

“Oh, where is the boot? Oh, see it! I opened it, why can’t I see it?”

“You must opened the lid on the lens!”

So Ye Guang pulled, the cover fell, and Wei didn’t know which army was chasing him to run the company.


“Yang Yun Finance, ask you something, President Liu has told you how much I have pay each month?”

“Ah –? President Liu didn’t seem to explain it.”

“Really? It doesn’t matter, come here, this is my bank card number, you will pay 10,000 yuan a month!”

“Ah –? That would not work.”

“Nothing, nothing, I am a general counsel. I don’t have more than 10,000 a month. I can do five thousand.”

“I can’t do it, I can’t do it for you.”

“Consultation, consultation, three thousand is no problem, two thousand can also, one thousand! Just a thousand! can not be less anymore!”

“……Hello, President Liu.”

“Don’t I will leave right away, I have not been here.”


“Old Shang.”

“Fuck off!”


In the afternoon, Ye Guang was plagued the company.

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