MST Chapter 64 : Little Princess

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The next day Ye Guang let Jiang Fengxian send the advertising planner to Fruit Run company early in the morning. Jiang Fengxian wanted to wait, but couldn’t resist Ye Guang’s soft and hard foam, and with the collective employees shackles, it was finally sent to the other party.

Ye Guang is bored, so will send the planner early and start shooting soon.

The employees are afraid that Ye Guang is bored, and if this goods are boring. The whole company is jumped by his troublesome chicken!

Fruit Run is very efficient. Less than an hour after receiving the planner, Qian Duo called and said planner is fine! They are very satisfied! I am also grateful to Youxianqi Entertainment and Ye Guang.

Ye Guang is so arrogant and proud. “Old Jiang, I said no problem, you should send them yesterday! I can start shooting now.”

Jiang Fengxian said, “Clap the handle, shoot it. How do you just toss it up.”

Ye Guang has a positive face. “How can I toss it? I am dedicated! Yes, Old Jiang, is there any extra cost for shooting? Are we still responsible or the other party?”

Jiang Fengxian: “When signing the contract, I have already talked about it. Ten million is the money for the advertising planner and the promotion plan. The cost of shooting is not counted in it, but I didn’t want to make money, we shoot and give them a cost price, how much time to spend looking for them to report, an advertising film, is how much money.”

Shang Shan and Xia Hai are coming.

Shang Shan: “The advertisement is going to be filmed. Is the actor set? Or am I going to look outside?”

Ye Guang is not allowed, “The starring is of course me!”

Old Shang: “You? Cut!”

Ye Guang: “Old Shang, what do you mean!”

Shang Shan: “Nothing!”

Ye Guang: “You want to quarrel again!”

Shang Shan: “Who wants to argue with you, too lazy to care about you, unreasonable!”

Ye Guang: “Oh, old, temper is going up.”

Shang Shan: “You are thinking about lifting the bar! Come, come, noisy, I am afraid of you!”

Jiang Fengxian and Xia Hai sweated aside and quickly pulled the two.

Xia Hai: “Advisor Ye, you have no problem with the show. I have seen the planner. What about other actors? Especially the little child, where to look for?”

Ye Guang touched his chin and thought about it. “The salesperson just makes it smaller than the show. It is not difficult anyway, um… children, everyone has a suitable candidate to recommend.”

Xia Hai: “Tell everyone to ask if there are any suitable candidates.”

Wei did not know which army came one. “Children, I have someone to choose.”

Ye Guang hurried, “Come on, let’s talk.”

Wei does not know which army, “little princess. Lively and lovely, there are fans, more suitable. ”

A few of them were on the scene.

Shang Shan: “Little princess, really good.”

Xia Hai is in a dilemma: “Can President Liu agree? This is her child.”

Ye Guang, listen eagerly, “Hey? You said clearly, who’s child?”

Xia Hai: “President Liu.”

Ye Guang is terrified, “President Liu has children?!!”

Shang Shan dismissed him, “Oh, your silly, little princess is President Liu niece.”

Ye Guang said, “Niece, what do I say?”

Wei didn’t know which army: “Hmm, niece, it looks beautiful, it’s very beautiful, like a princess, we all call her little princess. When it was in Beijing, President Liu often brought her to Studio. I like her.”

Xia Hai: “Where is it often, 4 days in a week, this is often the case, it is almost the same as when we go to work. Don’t say, I haven’t seen little princess for a while and I miss her.”

Wei didn’t know which army, “Let’s ask President Liu.”

Ye Guang volunteered, “I am going!”

In the office, Liu Chiyan is looking at the documents.

Ye Guang came in and asked, “wife. Do you have a niece?”

Liu Chiyan gave him a look, “At the company’s point of attention, call President Liu.” Then said, “There is a niece, what’s wrong?”

Ye Guang: “Good… This is the case, our advertising planner is not have child actor, just we have been discussing it, I want to let our niece play.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a white look. “What our niece, it’s my niece!”

Ye Guang: “You niece is not my niece and how was it? Ok?”

Liu Chiyan thought about it and said, “You really asked her to play? I finally managed to trick her into her grandfather, let her come, she would definitely be reluctant to leave.”

Ye Guang shouted, “Cheat?”

Liu Chiyan’s face is red. “She has been sticking to me since she was a child. I can’t keep going. If really made her come and she must have lived with me.”

Ye Guang: “Ah? Staying at home? That’s not it…”

Liu Chiyan nodded. “Well, so are you sure you want her to come?”

Ye Guang touched his chin, maybe he noticed. “You decide!” Ye Guang played football.

Liu Chiyan thought about it again and decided: “Let her come! Little girl didn’t have a mother, and she is alone in her grandfather house.”

Ye Guang: “Ah? No mother? Not your niece?”

Liu Chiyan looked sad. “My niece, my brother’s child, my brother is a soldier. It seems to be quite secret. I haven’t seen him for a few years. He suddenly brought her back a few months ago. Said that she was his daughter, let the family help him to feed, and then there is no news until now, we don’t know where people are. We also went to the relevant departments to inquire about it, and we couldn’t ask anything. They said that he were performing confidential tasks and only said that he were still alive. Little girl has been with my parents and me for a few years, but I have brought her a lot, and occasionally I will send her to my grandfather for a while, very poor.”

Ye Guang nodded and sighed. “That’s very pitiful. Let her come. I am a bad friend to hurt her. But she came to us and our relationship is not exposed?”

Liu Chiyan, “It shouldn’t matter, anyway, she will not go back for a while, and she will keep her secret.”

Ye Guang: “Can such a small child kept secret?”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “This little girl is ghosting. I am afraid that she will come with you and two people will take the house apart.”

Ye Guang: “Not at all, how can I be so skinny?”

Liu Chiyan: “You can’t be alone, but you two may not add up. You will know when you see her.”

Ye Guang is speechless. “What is our niece name?”

Liu Chiyan: “She is called Liu Yitong and nickname is Yiyi. Originally, Studio employees like to call her little princess.”

Ye Guang smiled. “Little princess, hey, just listened to what they said, called little princess. It must be long and beautiful.”

Liu Chiyan’s expression is a bit weird. “Beautiful is beautiful, but she is called little princess. It should be her princess’s illness. If you say it now, you don’t understand it. You will know when you see it.”

Ye Guang: “Yes, then you should take her over, go today.”

Liu Chiyan: “So urgent?”

Ye Guang, “Well, just wait for her to shoot ad.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment, “Okay, but if I go to Beijing today, I will have to go back tomorrow. I have to live at home for a day, otherwise my parents should be angry.”

Ye Guang said: “Oh, then you are going to be late, it is best to leave after work, or I am more bored in the office alone, you have to accompany me.”

Liu Chiyan chuckles, “You, it’s a big child.”

Ye Guang grinned and smiled.

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