MST Chapter 65 : Become each other’s glory

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At noon, Shen Xuewen rushed to the office.

“Advisor Ye, look at Weibo! Weibo is blown up!” Shen Xuewen is anxious.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan looked at him in confusion.

Ye Guang asked: “What is the bomb?”

Shen Congwen: “Weibo, Weibo, you, headlines! Oops, you will know when you look at it.”

Ye Guang is logged in to Weibo.

“Oh shit!” Ye Guang exclaimed.

Liu Chiyan also curiously ran over to his computer.

I saw Ye Guang Weibo fans soared to 120,000!

Ye Guang was surprised, “What is the situation?”

Shen Xuewen: “Look at the hot search, headlines.”

Ye Guang quickly opened the hot search list.

“Three poems of Advertisers save people and save their hearts” Weibo was published yesterday afternoon, Weibo text is the whole process story of yesterday Ye Guang in the rooftop rescued a young man’s, Ye Guang read two poem, and advertising language are written down, the author, Ye Guang read that paragraph of the advertising language is divided into Poem, the article wrote: Although this paragraph was originally from an advertisement, but compared to the advertising language, I would like to believe that this is an inspirational poem.

The author of the article apparently did some research on this Weibo. He also dug out the background Ye Guang’s and made it public in the Weibo article. Of course, what he can dig is also known to everyone, Ye Guang, 24 years old, in Jiangxi Radio station Briefly served as a late-night stall host, the current hot supernatural novel Ghost Blows out of the light, the original author, after the unknown reason move to ‘Youxianqi Entertainment ‘ (Liu Chiyan Studio) as general counsel, Planner Director of a unique advertising “Send for Yourself”, currently broadcast in CCTV, a warm response. At the same time, I also think that he is also a great new generation Poet, using three poems to save a desperate young man, save lives and save people’s hearts! It’s incredible. The last “A Generation” is reported to be his famous poem. ‘The dark night gave me black eyes, but I use them to seek the light.’. It is very meticulous. I think it is only with this poem Ye Guang can be called the great Poet!

At the end of the article, the three poems bring back a young man who is desperate for the world and has a dim life back to the light. I think this is the greatest charm of literary poetry!

At the end of the article, a cell phone video of more than 30 minutes was attached. The picture was a little jittery, but it was very clear. It was almost completely recorded and the whole process of Ye Guang saving yesterday.

Ye Guang instantly remembered that among the few people who go up with him on the roof yesterday, it seems that there was always a girl holding a cellphone to shoot.

Weibo has already tens of thousands of forwards, nearly 100,000 comments, and the number of people who like it is as high as 180,000. This shows how much Weibo has been hot on the Internet and know that this is just less than a day’s worth of data!

The message under Weibo is very exciting, but basically it consists of three things, one is to save people, one is three poems, and the other is Ye Guang.

Chaoyang people: “After watching this video, I feel deeply that it is really saving people and saving the heart. The young man who saved people is very amazing!”

Yue Life: “You can’t think of jumping off the building when you are young, oh, there is nothing wrong with life, and there are people who can’t help.”

So Perfect: “To be honest, I saw despair in the eyes of the young man who wants to jump off the building, and the silence in his eyes made me tremble. He should be lucky a Poet to save him, otherwise someone else will be replaced, even if the person is saved, the next time he can’t think of it, he will choose to jump off the building.”

Mimi Pearl Milk Tea: “Ye Guang is so handsome, so talented, I want to powder him!”

Chai rice oil salt: “The night gave me black eyes, but I use them to seek the light, a generation? I never thought that poetry can be written so short, but it feels so strong! The first two are also good, but it is really worse than this one. I admit that he is a great Poet!”

Gaussian: “You are so desperate for the world at such a young age, I have to say that this is his sorrow and the sorrow of society.”

Nanchang has rice noodles: “The trough! This is Ye Guang! Really the author of “Ghost Blows Out The Light”, I just canceled his attention a few days ago, I can’t go back from the new powder! This goods will not only write stories, but also write poems. You can go and see his Weibo. I bet you will see the most funny introduction of Weibo, PS: If the introduction has not been changed!”

Broadsword: “Really fake? I went to see!”

Your good, I don’t want to: “Go with you!”

Mimi Rabbit: “I have already seen it, laughing at me, Weibo editor and he absolutely have hatred!”

The person also said: “Hey, haha, it really is in the whole Weibo, I have never seen it before, everyone is on the lookout: (Editor Jing personally confirms, “This person has a poisonous tongue and a cannon for a mouth!)”


After looking at the full Weibo post, and looking at some comments, Ye Guang is in a good mood. This is the rhythm that he is going to be famous. I didn’t expect a jumping event to cause such a big sensation. Is this a good person to report?

Shen Xuewen went out, and Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang’s eyes and said, “Hey, Poet.”

Ye Guang smiled smugly, and he couldn’t think of it in a lifetime. “That is, how can it be worthy of you.”

This is a level of saying, boasting himself, and boasting Liu Chiyan, and suddenly they laughed like flowers.

Liu Chiyan: “No, I have to give you a fire!”

Ye Guang: “What fire?”

Liu Chiyan: “I am going to send a Weibo to help you stand on the platform!”

Ye Guang: “Ah? No need to.”

“You have to get it.” Said, Liu Chiyan did not return to her seat, squeezed Ye Guang to the side, sat in a chair with him, and then logged into Weibo on Ye Guang’s computer. Although the chair is big, but the two people are still very crowded, Liu Chiyan sticks to him, and suddenly makes him have a snack.

Liu Chiyan Weibo: I want to tell you something very seriously. I wrote two poems “See Or Not See” and “When you are old”. The original authors of these two poems are also big gifted scholar Ye Guang. Support him a lot!

“Hey, you are really making it.” Ye Guang smiled.

Liu Chiyan: “No, hit the iron while it’s hot and give you a little bit more face.”

Ye Guang hugged her from behind and put his chin on her shoulder. Liu Chiyan struggled. “Let go, at the company.”

Ye Guang didn’t follow, “Just hold it for a while, you said how you are so good, and you seem to want me to be famous.”

Liu Chiyan leaned on Ye Guang’s arms and said softly: “I am your wife, you are my husband, I am not good to you, who is better? Moreover, in the future, our relationship will be exposed sooner or later. I hope that one day, when someone mentions Ye Guang, the first is not Liu Chiyan’s husband. When someone mentions Liu Chiyan, the first reaction is that she is Ye Guang’s wife.”

Ye Guang was so moved that he couldn’t help but hold Liu Chiyan in his arms. In her ear, he said softly and firmly: “I will work hard and I will succeed! In the future, you and I will become each other’s glory!”

Liu Chiyan smiled softly. “I believe, I am waiting for you!”

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