BTC Chapter 265 : Red Letter’s response

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With Lu Zixin’s explanation, everyone’s understanding of this huge plan is getting deeper and deeper, and some doubts and insights are raised while being surprised.

Throughout the morning, the discussion in the conference room never stopped. Outside the conference room, from time to time, there are assistants from senior management to help hand in the information and hand over the water.

At the time of lunch, no one even proposed to eat, and the arguments grew louder and louder.

The passing staff are curious. What is it that makes management so excited? Did you encounter any major event?

At this time, they saw Tang Gang rushed out of the conference room and rushed to the toilet.

“Director Tang!” The assistant quickly yelled at him and said: “Director Tang, all have dinner, when the bosses eat, the canteen is well arranged.”

“Is it noon?” Tang Gang looked at the watch for a few hours, and they were still unaware.

He simply thought about it and said: “Let the chef cook the food and send it directly to the conference room.”

“Ah? Eat in the conference room?” The assistant was a little embarrassed, how do you eat in the conference room?

“Just like this, hurry up!” Tang Gang went to the toilet after he finished, and he spent a long time. But he is eager to participate in the discussion, and he doesn’t want to waste it at all.

As for dinner? It is estimated that no one is willing to interrupt the discussion to eat in the cafeteria. If the employees see the group of executives in the spirit of excitement, I am afraid that they will collectively eat stimulating drugs!

The discussion in conference room was until the afternoon, for ten hours, no one had rested!

Because they are too excited! Can become a participant in this amazing plan, no one wants to give up!

There are more than seven billion people in the world. How many of them have such opportunities? That is, Lu Zixin said that everyone will not sleep this evening, and they will discuss it overnight. It is estimated that no one will refuse!

However, Lu Zixin interrupted the meeting. He was too tired to do it. He studied it one night yesterday. Today he said that all day, his throat is a little hoarse.

“Today’s discussion is here. This plan is too big and it is very difficult to implement. Today, we are initially determining its implementability. In the next week, we will continue to study its implementability, and all departments will cooperate fully.”

“There are still opinions and ideas, and everyone submits them to my office for specific research and discussion.”


Back home, Lu Zixin fell to sleep on the sofa. Although his physical quality is good enough, but the brain’s high-speed thinking is too much energy, Su Zhirong painstakingly helped him change his clothes, put him in place, and then continue to deal with the company’s affairs.

During the week, the entire Red Letter executives were studying the feasibility of the plan. Dai Liang personally went to chat with Zhang Qiang for a whole day to understand the relevant technical progress. He also asked a lot of old friends and consulted some top scientists, which confirmed that the project was indeed implementable.

His confirmation made the seniors excited, and the plan really had a chance to implement it! Everyone is full of passion and hopes to promote it faster.

A week later, although the plan has not yet been implemented, the red letter needs to expressed it to the outside world.

Ten days have passed since US Federal Communications Commission’s ban was announced. There have been speculations, but Red Letter has not responded.

There have been some rumors in the market that Red Letter is preparing to abandon US market, or that Red Letter will replace the smart product chip as required by US Federal Communications Commission.

Some even smeared red letter, saying that red letter chip is the existence of information security vulnerability, so that everyone should not use red letter products.

If the company is big, it will inevitably be hacked. These will naturally be handled by legal department of Red Letter.

But the statement must also be done, this is the problem of brand image.

Therefore, Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Company held a special press conference to respond to the ban and announced a major initiative.

Red Letter almost invited all the mainstream media in China, and even some foreign media were present. This kind of battle has made the outside world guess. The media are naturally full of interest, and they have sent staff to the scene, waiting for the response and “significant measures” of Red Letter.

At the press conference, Tang Gang was in charge of the host. The media present was already full of seats, and their background editors were ready to edit real-time news at any time.

After some process, they went to the questioning session.

“Director Tang, hello, I am a reporter for the Globe. How does Red Letter think about US Federal Communications Commission’s ban, is the news about the information security vulnerability of the Red Letter chip true?” At the press conference, the reporter Asked.

“Here, I can affirm the statement!” Tang Gang said with a serious face, “Our Red Letter chip does not have any information security vulnerability. Red letter company will wholeheartedly protect the privacy of every user!”

“The conclusion of US Federal Communications Commission is completely unfounded. They have issued such a ban on the basis of incorrect reverie. We express our strong protests and hope that the relevant departments of United States will treat every family that serves the users with fairness and justice!”

“Hello, Mr. Tang, I am a reporter for Tencent Science and Technology News. Will Red Letter continue to enter US and North American markets after facing US ban?”

“Yes!” Tang Gang said firmly, “The North American market is the world’s largest consumer market for smart products. We at Red Letter will unswervingly import our products into US market and serve more consumers.”

“Director Tang, hello, I am a reporter for the financial newsletter. I want to ask questions. As far as we know, Red Letter cannot cooperate with telecom operators in United States, and sales are bound to be seriously affected. How will Red Letter solve this problem?”

Tang Gang cleared his throat and said: “The sales and telecom operation services of Red Letter products in United States have been carefully considered by our company. We will take a major measure to provide users in North America and even the global market with security, high speed and Convenient communication and network services!”

“Is this measure easy to disclose?” The reporters are full of curiosity.

Tang Gang smiled and said: “The specific measures, I will officially announce later. Now I can only slightly remind you that Red Letter will set up a brand new company to provide users with communication and network services.”

After he finished, the reporters were already interested. In the face of US Federal Communications Commission’s ban on Red Letter’s cooperation with US telecom operators, Red Letter not only protested, but continued to enter North American market, but also set up its own telecom operators!

This is simply against US Federal Communications Commission! This is full of controversial and topical events, everyone is eager to know the specific situation!

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