BTC Chapter 497 : First step of the Grand Plan

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“Great!” Lu Zixin carefully appreciates the model projection of this magnificent city.

So far, most developed cities on earth are less than 1% of this city! Each building has it’s own characteristics. When placed in an international city, it’s enough to become a landmark building!

Similarly, building them requires a lot of money, resources, and the latest technology. Whether it’s materials, crafts, machinery, or anything else!

“Xiaoxiao, if we build this city now, how much money and how long will it take?” Lu Zixin asked.

Hong Xiaoxiao immediately replied: “Based on the current financial system. Trillions of dollars are used to build this city! With the current level of technology, it will take more than 50 years to build!”

This amount is almost the gross domestic product of the people in China for one year! Even the number one country in the world can’t afford it now.

“The conditions are still a bit high!” Lu Zixin shook his head. Sure enough the goal can’t be achieved in one day. Even if Red Letter Group has become a behemoth now, he can’t provide 1% with so much capital and resource input!

It’s no exaggeration to say that even with the power of the whole country. It’s difficult to build such a city. After all, in addition to human and material resources, various levels of technology needed follow-up.

“The building can’t completed in a day. So is the city.” Lu Zixin thought for a while and asked, “Xiaoxiao, can you re-plan the plan again and divide it into various stages of goals. So we can implement now.”

“Of course.” Hong Xiaoxiao immediately agreed, “I want to recalculate the plan. I need to investigate the corresponding execution capabilities and assets of the group’s, subgroups and subsidiaries. Please authorize.”

“Confirm authorization.” Lu Zixin opened the corresponding authority to her. During the execution of the authority, the time and execution level will be feedback to him in real time.


At work, the execution of quantum brain is far stronger than humans. Hong Xiaoxiao can carry out many transactions at the same time. The analysis and processing performed at the speed of 1/10000 of second.

Soon, the relevant feedback from the various subgroups and subsidiaries of Red Letter Group incorporated into the data center of Quantum Brain, allowing Hong Xiaoxiao to complete the construction plan of the “Future Technology City”.

This plan, other people in the group didn’t know. They just thought the group wanted to investigate the operation of sub-groups.

Under the powerful functions of internal quantum information network, it took only a week for Hong Xiaoxiao to collect the required materials and made various construction plans.

“Dad, during the investigation, I found some companies have some problems.” Hong Xiaoxiao gave Lu Zixin some negative news. Lu Zixin’s brief look is nothing more than management vulnerability or fund details.

Red Letter Group is so large and it’s inevitable some problems will arise. What is the use of power for personal gain, negligence of duty, false reporting of data, etc., as long as it’s not a bad macro event, Lu Zixin generally didn’t worry.

“Leave it to investigation team.” Lu Zixin ordered, the head office has an investigation team specifically responsible for this aspect of affairs.

He continued to look at the construction plan and chose one of his most satisfying ones.

“The construction plan No. 0194 adopts urban modular construction and hierarchical construction to manufacture ‘future city’.” Hong Xiaoxiao introduced.

Future city is the city name.

“First is site selection. Due to various factors, it’s best to choose a site in China. To reduce costs, choose coastal cities, build ports, and utilize marine resources.”

Lu Zixin shook his head and said: “Site selection is re-consideration. Coastal areas is densely populated and the land resources is scarce. So we don’t need to develop it. It’s best to choose a place with few people.

General Xiaoxiao asked can or not to included it in the revised plan and continued: “I will transform the city into blocks. After selecting the site, we can first build a certain part of the building. But in the construction of the location, foundation, and underground facilities. It’s necessary to abide by the structure of overall structure of a smart city. Each building is like a building block of a city. After the building is complete, the city’s intelligence, transportation, energy and other systems activated. The whole city will integrated.”

“Yes, so we can choose site construction from now on. Use our resources to make some key Science and Technology facilities, and then slowly add other aspects.” Lu Zixin has long thought about this project. It’s a big project that is difficult to complete in the whole country.

Relying on Red Letter Group alone. I’m afraid it can complete even if he sell the company. It needs the help of technology companies or capital from all over the world.

So, Red Letter Group only needs to plan well, so their plan of this future city can attract the attention of the whole world, and capital will naturally come. At that time, Red Letter Group will grasp the standards and let the high-Science and Technology institutions settle in. Whether it’s a company, a research center, a university and so on. With the guidance of Red Letter Group, it will bring together the world’s top-ranking Science and Technology forces. It can surpass all international cities and becomes the most developed and advanced city in the future.

Lu Zixin found Su Zhirong again, discussed for a long time, and Hong Xiaoxiao offered suggestions, plans, and data.

In the end, they decided not to disclose the plan of future city first, so as not to be too shocking and no one would believe it. Moreover, Red Letter Group has already established a big reputation in Science and Technology world, which will definitely cause vigilance in developed countries and capitalists.

Therefore, they decided to declare to public, Red Letter Group wanted to build a new enterprise base. This situation is a very normal thing for the growing Hongxin Group and no one will doubt it.

After that, the construction of some important high-tech institutions in the city began, gradually filling this future city. After a certain period of time, the high-level leaders and big capitalists of those developed countries will find that, without knowing it, this place has become a city, bringing together the world’s scientific and technological innovation forces, it’s unshakable!

“The first building is Red Letter Medical Research Center!” Lu Zixin said, “It’s just happens, our medical research team has only been formed. Medical science research requires extremely advanced research sites. It’s a test for our construction ability.”

“After the research center completed and a new anti-cancer drug released. It’s certainly will attract the world attention and help us build the future city.”

“Well. The establishment of medical center is more meaningful compate other scientific institutions.” Su Zhirong lifted her hair, her eyes burning, her voice trembling. Such magnificent plan will be implemented immediately. It’s naturally difficult for her to calm down.

Perhaps in the future, her name would be etched in the technological process and human history!

“Funds transfer, materials and personnel are handed over to you. I will select the site.” Lu Zixin said. Site selection can’t be completed just by the data collected from Hong Xiaoxiao. It’s necessary for the actual inspection, with the latest geography, politics and people to ask for information.

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