MST Chapter 78 : It’s just stamp

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Local police station.

Ye Guang found the household registration section, “Hey, Zhou Jing, idle.”

A young police officer looked up at the window. “Oh, Ye Guang, you are really here.”

Ye Guang smiled. “I can still lie to you, I will see you.”

Zhou Jing stood up and laughed. “Get it, I don’t know you in high school and with you the same table for two years. You must come to me and have something to say, let’s talk.” Zhou Jing smiled. “First, let’s not ask me to borrow money. I just bought a house and owe a debt.”

Ye Guang sighed, “I have bought a house, you can rest assured, don’t ask you to borrow money, I come for household register.”

Zhou Jing smiled, “Huh, this thing, no problem, I’ll do it for you.” Since Ye Guang came in, Zhou Jing line of sight has been on Ye Guang. When Ye Guang talked about household register, he noticed that Ye Guang was followed by a little girl in pink, “Ye Guang, is this?” Zhou Jing points to Yiyi.

Ye Guang pulled Yiyi in front of him, “Yiyi, I just came to give her house register.”

Zhou Jing wonders, “What is she? Your… daughter?

Ye Guang doesn’t have a red heart and doesn’t jump. “Uh, hm.”

Yiyi was a little unhappy, but did not speak.

Zhou Jing was surprised. This little lady seems to be four or five years old. When did Ye Guang have such a big daughter, “Ye Guang, don’t you kidding me, how old you are, haven’t got married yet. When did you come up with such big daughter?”

Ye Guang: “Hey, how can I not have such big daughter? Who said that I am not married, and then I can’t have children without marriage. Who is stipulated.”

Zhou Jing looked at him. “What about you?”

Ye Guang touched the nose and pretended to be awkward. “Cough, going to school will be…Somewhat You know.”

Zhou Jing suddenly realized, “Oh ~ understand, understand, really have you, OK, I will come to you, the documents are brought.”

Ye Guang: “Take it.” Speaking while passing the household register book from the counter window.

Zhou Jing took it, waited for a while, and saw Ye Guang didn’t move, he asked, “What else?”

Ye Guang: “No, the house register book is not for you?”

Zhou Jing, “Where? There is also the woman’s house register book, the child’s birth certificate, the marriage certificate, etc.?”

Ye Guang shook his head decisively, “No.”

Zhou Jing is another look, “No?”

Ye Guang is sure, “No, just a household register book, you can do it for me.”

Zhou Jing: “That can’t be done! Let’s talk about borrowing money.”

Ye Guang: “Don’t, I don’t want to borrow money from you. Why can’t you do it? It’s just a stamp.”

Zhou Jing shook his head. “I can’t do it. You don’t have any proof. How can I do it for you? Didn’t you check the hospital before you come? You still have to take the proof first, and I will give it to you immediately.”

Ye Guang snorted. “If I have proof, can I come to you specifically?”

“Old Ye, what do you mean?” Zhou Jing was shocked. “This kid won’t be kidnaped by you.”

Ye Guang snorted. “What do you think? I am such a person! The child can’t find her mother, and the messy proof is in her. She threw the child to me. You said that the child is going to school, and there is no household register.” Ye Guang is lying more and more.

Zhou Jing is all over. “Children, her mother is gone? You are this… Forget it, I don’t ask much about your chores, but I tell you, there is a rule on the household register. You only have one hospital register. ”

Ye Guang: “Can’t you do it?”

Zhou Jing: “Can’t do it!”

“You help out.”

“Not a problem that helps not help.”

“Is it really not?”

“No way.”

Ye Guang’s face is getting worse and worse, then he starts to fry. “Okay, two dogs! I haven’t seen any interest in these days. The old classmates are asking you to do something and you refuse to help.”

Zhou Jing quickly looked around, “Oh, what are you singing, you don’t shout, the name of the two dogs is to be heard by my colleagues. I will mix in the future, Old Ye, really. It’s not that I don’t help you. It’s really a rule that I can’t get through.”

Ye Guang snorted. “Shit, how can I not shout, I see you just don’t read the old feelings, ungrateful!”

Zhou Jing is not happy, “Hey, Old Ye, what do you say, how can I be ungrateful?”

Ye Guang said, “Why are you not ungrateful? You still can’t remember the year of the college entrance examination. You are behind me. I am not giving you the answer. Can you go to college? Also, in the second year of high school, you were blocked by several reckless kids in the third year of high school. It’s not that I’m trying to help you run them together.”

Zhou Jing looked embarrassed and very embarrassed. “Old Ye, I remember these things. I really don’t miss the old feelings. I can’t really get it for you.”

Ye Guang snorted, “You still don’t help, then don’t blame me for revealing you! High school, you are in girls…”

“Shut up!” Zhou Jing quickly stopped and looked around and no one, then said, “Oh, my uncle, I told you that your uncle is not doing it. This is what happened to the old sesame rotten millet, you success, success, I admit defeat, I will do it! I will help you do it!”

Ye Guang’s intrigue smile, “Isn’t it done so early? Don’t worry, it won’t make you lose your job. I’m not letting you do anything illegal. The last household register is a few proofs, how big is it.”

Zhou Jing bitterly, “Okay, OK, don’t say it, I should have guessed in the morning that you are looking for me and there is no good thing!”

Ye Guang smiled, “Please change your meal!”

Zhou Jing waved his hand. “Forget it, the child’s name tells me.”

Ye Guang: “Liu Yitong, Liu from willow, Yi from reluctance, Tong from three points of water fairy.”

Zhou Jing wondered, “Does the child not follow your last name?”

Ye Guang looked at Yiyi, Yiyi decisively shook her head, Ye Guang smiled. “Children with her mother’s surname, also called for so many years, forget it, don’t change it, no matter what surname is not all my daughter.” Yiyi secretly kicked Ye Guang under the counter.

“Well, Alright.” Zhou Jing still has some concerns. “Old Ye, You won’t really hang me.”

Ye Guang has a face, “Where can I do it?”

Zhou Jing: “Date of birth.”

Ye Guang not knew Yiyi’s date of birth and touched Yiyi head, “Ask you, tell uncle.”

Yiyi: “May 20, 2012.”

Ye Guang stunned for a moment, May 20? It’s not because of number 520, this is because Ye Guang’s birthday is also May 20! It’s a coincidence, fate!

Zhou Jing didn’t talk, clicked on the computer a few times, then opened the household register book and stuffed one of the blank pages into a dedicated printer. After printing, “Pa” the stamp, then the house register book is closed and handed out from the window.

Ye Guang: “Is this all right? So simple? You are on the house register, it’s just stamp. It’s already a good time. When it’s not finished, you say you are going around…”

“Go away.” He hurried to let him go.

Ye Guang smirked, “Thank you, I owe you a favor.”

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