MST Chapter 153 :

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The rules of The Strongest Voice are roughly the same. The multi-faceted voting mechanism can guarantee the fair nature of the game. The five judges have a relatively high proportion of votes. According to 10% vote per person, 50% votes. In fact, the proportion is actually relatively killing power in their hands, but it is not so obvious.

The other 50% are the audience, but in many cases the votes of the audience are not fair enough. It is more about the popularity of the singer. Many of the people are following their own preferences. You can vote as much as you like, even if the songs sung by their favorite singer do not meet the proposition. Therefore, five judges has the veto power in their hands, in order to put an end to a certain player’s wrong proposition, but the vote rate is particularly high.

The show is coming to an end.

Next, several judges gave a simple comment on the songs that several singers sang today. The opening ceremony of this program, except for Feng Qiu Huang singing an old song, the other players are singing new songs, everyone is the top figure in the music world, with heads and faces, singing level placed there, no propositions, the judges are also praised one by one.

Ren Keling: “Today’s show is about to say goodbye to everyone. At the end of the show, please ask our judges to announce tomorrow’s game proposition.”

Regarding the proposition of tomorrow, several judges have already discussed it in advance.

Announced by Zong Zhengguang, the most respected judge in five judges.

“I announced that tomorrow’s The Strongest Voice competition will be entitled: “National Style.”

National Style?

The proposition is National Style.

The audience members present and the audience friends in front of TV set began to talk.

“It’s actually a National Style.”

“Is there a good National Style song in these years? Anyway, I have never heard of it.”

“I estimate that these big players in the game are going to be fooled, national songs…Oh, it doesn’t exist.”

“It is estimated that the songs they collected will not be of this type, too unpopular.”

“That is, after all these years, no one has made a good national style song. They are all babble. I still listen to Beijing Opera directly.”

“There will be a lively look tomorrow, look forward to it.”

“I feel a little bit distressed that we add love beans. This judge is really good. It was only in the first issue that such a difficult problem came out. I got it later. I am really worried for our family.”

No matter how the audience talks, the proposition has already come out, the national style.

The Strongest Voice is a live broadcast. In the face of national audience, there is no way to change tomorrow. If it is difficult, the players still have to sing hard.

Announced tomorrow’s proposition, Ren Keling and Yi Shan read a series of advertising words, and then said goodbye to the audience, ending today’s show.

Five groups of six players also arrived at the stage and waved goodbye to the audience.

The show tonight is over.

Several players and judges communicated in the background.

Liu Chiyan: “Heavenly King Liu, I didn’t expect you to come, it was too unexpected.”

Heavenly King Liu: “You are also surprised me, and Feng Qiu Huang, this is the first time that The Strongest Voice has invited a group to participate.”

Mu Huang: “We are indeed the first group to be invited to participate in The Strongest Voice, but we are here to show our faces, you are all too strong, we have no confidence in PK with you.”

He Xing: “My God, you still feel angry, then I must not be ashamed to death, I have no confidence at all, I have no confidence to see you come to participate, Gee, look at you one by one, Goddess, Heavenly King, Song Queen, the most popular combination in the country, hey, I am the weakest in The Strongest Voice.”

Liu Chiyan: “How can you, He Xing, you are boring, you are the weakest? I have a name for the future, but in terms of singing, I am not as good as you, but you are Love Songs Prince.”

He Xing: “Then I will only sing love songs. You see, this time, national style, is totally different from me.”

Liu Chiyan: “Come on, I still don’t know you, your title love song prince is not fake, it is because you sing love songs the most powerful, other styles you are not sing, the power is placed there, is much stronger than I am.”

Han Yurou: “Someone is still a little self-aware.”

Liu Chiyan: “…Han Yurou Are you picking up things?”

Han Yurou cut a bit, yin and yang grotesque, “Where can I, you are goddess, I pick your things, I can’t be swallowed by your catkins.”

Heavenly King Liu, a good old man, quickly slammed the round and opened the subject. “This topic is really a headache. I have received a lot of songs from time to time. I feel everything is right, but there is no national style.”

He Xing: “I am also, finished.” He Xing made a bitter face and turned to Huang Bin. “You have a very bad problem. Only on the first day, you have such a problem, and you are not letting people live.”

Huang Bin: “Is this still awkward? As far as a national style is concerned, the scope is large. When I discussed with several other judges, I still felt that the scope was too large to narrow down. ”

Zong Zhengguang came over and patted He Xing’s shoulder: “There are few national style songs, but they are not without them. They always find the right ones. Young people must have confidence.”

Heavenly King Liu: “It is not difficult to find a national style song. It is impossible to find a songwriter. It is difficult to make a song. It is difficult to sing in the national style. Most of them are buble. The audience is afraid that they don’t like it.”

“Liu Chiyan.” Han Yurou calls Liu Chiyan’s name flatteringly. “You are not saying that your company Ye Guang is a big gifted scholar. I don’t know if he can make a good national song. Come on, don’t be eliminated in the first game.”

Liu Chiyan groaned, “You don’t need to be in charge, you still worry about yourself.”

Han Yurou crossed her arms across her chest and said with confidence: “Sorry, I have a national song in my hand, and the tunes are very good. If it wasn’t for this The Strongest Voice game, maybe I already make it a single.”

Liu Chiyan snorted and didn’t talk. Han Yurou smug look made her upset, and was a bit worried about whether Ye Guang could make a national style repertoire.

National style, it is really unpopular.

The group discussed and chatted for a while in the background, and each returned to their exclusive area.

When Liu Chiyan returned to the lounge, she saw Ye Guang was lying on Sofa and was already asleep.

“How come asleep.” Liu Chiyan asked in a whisper.

“After you sang the song on the stage, he fell asleep after a while.” Jiang Xin said that she was still eccentric and looked at Liu Chiyan. “Is it late to sleep yesterday?”

It was quite late, Liu Chiyan couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and finally came to Ye Guang room.

“Well, it’s quite late.” Liu Chiyan just finished, the reaction was a bit wrong, her face turned red when she said it, and quickly explained, “Sister Jiang, don’t misunderstand, we are not that…”

Jiang Xin waved her hand. “What do you explain to me? I didn’t say anything. You don’t do it by yourself.”

Liu Chiyan is in a hurry. Although she is married woman, she is still a big girl. The girl’s family must be taboo in this respect. “Sister Jiang, it’s not what you think. I can’t sleep at night, so I went to his room.”

Jiang Xin looks weird, “So… or did you take the initiative?”

Well, the more explanations, the less clear.

Liu Chiyan successfully turned herself into the ditch.

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