MST Chapter 89 : Take Yiyi to Mall

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“Ding, system evaluation host current event is eight stars, it is recommended to execute.”

The system notification sounded in Ye Guang mind.

Ye Guang was stunned, ah, eight stars, there will be rewards for execution. It seems that system is also optimistic about Journey to the West, and Ye Guang is more determined to move Journey to the West to the world.

Ye Guang continue to code word.

The first generation of spiritual roots conceives out of the mind


Before Chaos was divided, no one sees.

Since Pangu destroyed the Enormous Vagueness, The separation of clear and impure began.

Overwriting the group of people to the benevolence, inventing everything is good.

If you want to know the achievements of Yuanhui, you must look at Journey to the West.

Covering the world, there are 129,600 years old for one yuan…

[AN: Journey to the West, I won’t introduce it more, I believe everyone knows, and more is said to be in the water.][X-N: If you wanna read the poems go to here]

Journey to the West has a total of 82 characters. It is not a problem to write 200,000-300,000 word a day at the speed of Ye Guang.

Ye Guang both hands on the keyboard, the sound of popping was endless. Yiyi very curious, she stood beside him and watched for a long time, she also secretly moved her finger, make typing action, but compared to Ye Guang how to see is turtle speed, Ye Guang just turned back and smiled, “How is it, I am awesome, I dare say that there are almost no people like me in the world so fast, don’t learn, you can’t learn so fast, this is a gift, talent you understand. Ah ha ha ha ha!” Ye Guang smiled smugly.

Yiyi snorted and turned away.

At noon, had lunch, Ye Guang immediately back to the office to continue to write, er, copy Journey to the West, Yiyi was still thinking that Ye Guang could take her out after lunch, and it was all morning in the company, but her eyes were blank. After watching Ye Guang for a long time, Ye Guang ignored her and kept focusing on the code. Finally Yiyi snorted and went back to her small site to play with toys.

Ye Guang is still breathless, so he should seize time to write a little more, and then shoot the written plot in front of Liu Chiyan, let her pleasantly surprised to himself, and then, of course, this is ye Guang his own, of course, he mainly still want to Liu Chiyan prove Journey to the west is feasible, Ye Guang will not believe, in Dream world conquered the whole of China, and even conquered half the world’s most widely circulated one of the four famous Journey to the West will not even a Liu Chiyan can not conquer.

However, in the afternoon, Liu Chiyan didn’t let him write again. “You take Yiyi to mall to buy something. There are still a lot of things missing at home, especially Yiyi stuff.”

Ye Guang thought about it, writing Journey to the West is not bad for a long time, “Go, tell me what to buy.”

Liu Chiyan, “I want to buy too much. I have listed a list. You can take it and buy it as much as possible.” Said, Liu Chiyan handed Ye Guang a form and a bank card.

Ye Guang took a look at printed list by Liu Chiyan and looked at it. “Hey, it’s really a lot, I also buy clothes, I won’t pick them.”

Liu Chiyan: “Nothing, Yiyi will pick it up. You can only pay for it. Also, you can buy a few clothes yourself. Every day I see you wearing these clothes. I am tired of watching you.”

Ye Guang: “Oh, good, be careful, I will blow your card.”

Liu Chiyan cut a sentence, “Card has 10 million. If you really don’t believe it, you can blow it up. Let’s say it first, don’t secretly hide private money.” Liu Chiyan looked at Yiyi again, “Yiyi, you stare at him for me.”

Yiyi still remembers what Ye Guang had ridiculed her in the past. “Do not worry! I guarantee that a penny will not let him hide it.”

Ye Guang bites his teeth, “Hey, housekeeper!”

Shopping mall

Yiyi is like a fish returning to the water. It is very joyful. Ye Guang, who is fast in the footsteps, can’t keep up. Ye Guang can only feel that women like to go shopping is an innate talent.

There are so many things to buy, Xinzhi Mall has carts, otherwise Ye Guang can’t really get so many things. Ye Guang first walked around the supermarket with Yiyi for a long time, bought everything he could find on the list, and loaded a cart full of money. Ye Guang had to take these checkouts back to the car first, and then take Yiyi to buy clothes.

For buying clothes, this is also a common skill that all women bring, regardless of the situation, Yiyi is obviously also clear, not so much Ye Guang took her, it is better to say that she took Ye Guang, a family store does not leak in the past, Ye Guang had more than five or six handbags in his hand, all Yiyi chose for himself.

“Ye Guang, hurry up.” Yiyi urged.

Ye Guang followed Yiyi. “I’m not following. What are you anxious? These stores will not run.”

Into a children’s clothing store, Ye Guang glanced in front of the door, very upscale, a children’s clothing store named ‘Giovanni’, Ye Guang took Yiyi, ah, no, Yiyi took Ye Guang, Ye Guang immediately noticed that this store has a rest area, several soft chairs are placed there, and the sponge in the soft chair should be comfortable.

Ye Guang: “You pick it yourself. I won’t pick it anyway. I will sit down and take a break. Don’t run out, call me.”

Yiyi cut a sentence, “Ye Guang, you really useless.” Say, Yiyi doesn’t care about Ye Guang, and she looks up in her children’s clothing store.

Despised by Yiyi, Ye Guang smiled and sat down in the rest area.

I looked at it four times. The shopkeeper now has a lot of customers. It is quite big. There was a shopping guide who greeted Ye Guang, but he sat down in the rest area and returned to greet other guests.

Yiyi alone in the store with big eyes left and right to look at, interest is quite high.

“Sister.” Yiyi is called a shopping guide, pointing to a lace skirt. “Can you help me with this piece and give it to me?”

This shopping guide is very kind, bent down, “Little sister, do you like this one? The sister took it and gave it to you.”

The shopping guide helped Yiyi take the clothes down, took her little hand, and went to the locker room to change clothes.

After a while, Yiyi came out, wearing a green lace skirt, the clothes were very fit, very pretty, Ye Guang gave her a thumbs up far away, Yiyi sighed with scorn, as if to look proud of her own eyes. It’s incredible.

Yiyi didn’t change the little skirt, she wore a small skirt and looked at other clothes. Ye Guang saw that she was interested, and it was estimated that she would not be able to leave after a while, took out her mobile phone and continued to watch the funny novel “My Star Teacher” that Liu Chiyan found for him, Ye Guang open a look, hey, have not seen for a few days, only updated so little, the heart can not scold the author’s handcuffs, once again wish to put their Writer Swift Writing skill to the author, each time has not seen enough, the plot is broken, you say annoying.

Ye Guang originally wanted to give this author a soft sister coin, but he couldn’t afford to pay for it. He finally gave the recommendation to the author silently, and he has already supported it.

Looking at the novel happy, there was a noise in the store.

“What happened to your child, everything was bumped, these are broken, your family, ask him to come and pay!”

“Ah, this dress, the most expensive one in the store, more than 90,000, why is this kid not brought by an adult, so careless.”

“Oh, really, your child is too ignorant. how could she break this one?”

“Now the bear child, hey, it’s a big disaster to be a parent.”

“Little kid, how do all of you adults teach you, how can you not understand the rules so much, and you can’t afford to do it now?”

“Go and call your grown-up, how to teach the children, there is no education.”

Ye Guang is looking at the novel. I was really happy when I was laughed at by the story in the book. I was looked at by the noise, looked up and followed the sound. Then Ye Guang’s face was cold like ice.

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