MST Chapter 90 : Yiyi is Bullied

Edited: XiaXue

The reprimanded child is Yiyi.

Ye Guang didn’t directly see Yiyi. Yiyi was just blocked by a showcase, but Ye Guang saw the guide who followed Yiyi. She held several clothes in her hand. Ye Guang saw Yiyi with green dress that she tried on at first glance.

“My children don’t need you to teach!” Ye Guang approached with cold face, seeing Yiyi surrounded by four shopping guides, three of whom had been pointing at Yiyi, talk is very harsh, especially a slightly fatter look like a woman, fork waist like a vixen, the original followed Yiyi of the shopping assistants did not say what, Some anxiety in the eyes, surrounded by some busy customers, Yiyi in the middle, holding a small mouth, a pair of grievances delicate appearance, but she is very strong, no cry, but see Yiyi by so many people around the blame, this pair of grievances poor appearance, Ye Guang Heart will be broken.

Why didn’t you follow her? Ye Guang regrets it.

Ye Guang unceremoniously opened a few shopping guides around Yiyi and took Yiyi in his arms and said softly, “It’s okay, Yiyi, I’m here.”

Yiyi seems to have found a reliance, holding Ye Guang tightly and retracting his head into Ye Guang’s arms. Ye Guang was worried again.

With a cold face, Ye Guang looked around at the shopping guides, and the voice was cold and repeated. “My child, you don’t need to teach!”

There are two younger point guides who may be scared by Ye Guang’s momentum. They are slightly stepped back. The woman who is slightly fatter like a leader looks shy and shrinks. Looks up and down at Ye Guang. Then, she said, “It turned out to be your bear child. Your children broke the clothes in our store. What do you say? This is definitely a loss, I can tell you, this can’t be done!”

The fat woman is quite welcome. Ye Guang has always worn the previous clothes. Although it is not broken, it is also ordinary. The fat woman is selling clothes. She has a lot of research on clothes. She can see it at a glance. Ye Guang dress is a brand-name item with no brand. There is no more than a thousand in one line. It seems that it is a poor young man, and certainly there is nothing to come to, so she is so unscrupulous.

Ye Guang snorted. “If you break a pair and you ask me to lose money is that so many people are surrounded my children, and there is no door in your mouth. This kind of quality is also suitable talking with my child!”

Ye Guang is also not polite with her, bullying Yiyi, and thinking Ye Guang is polite, she was dreaming.

The fat woman was obviously irritated by Ye Guang, said loudly, “You pay? Are you paying for it? This dress is imported from France, hand-woven, sold for 98,000, do you pay for it? I said a few words about your child’s. I can’t say a few words about the clothes in our store. And, why do you say that I have no quality, you must apologize to me!”

Ye Guang was angry. I didn’t expect the person wearing the dog to be so shameless. He apologized to her. So many adults surrounded the five-year-old girl to blame and insult. Now she wants Ye Guang to apologize. What logic? Do you dare to be shameless?

Ye Guang is not willing to quarrel with a fat woman. He is too lazy and frustrated with this kind of person, and Ye Guang faintly said, “Let’s say, how much clothes, I will pay you.”

The fat woman thought that Ye Guang was looked down, smirking, and handing over the white dress. “Look, this is the piece. Here, the sleeves are here, pulling such a big hole! This dress is 980, I tell you, one point can not be less!”

At first, Yiyi’s female shopping guide frowned. She looked a little embarrassed and said softly, “Sister Li, in fact, this dress can’t blame this little friend. This dress may work…”

“Shut up.” The fat woman named Sister Li gave her a look. “It is her broken, otherwise the good end of the clothes will be broken when she touches it.”

“But…” The female shopping guide still wants to say something, but she is afraid to speak by a fat woman.

Ye Guang put Yiyi down, Yiyi holding him is not willing to let go, apparently just scared, Ye Guang is a distressed, so cute little girl, how can these people endure?

Ye Guang touched Yiyi’s head and said softly, “Yiyi, it’s okay, I am here, I will stay next to you for a while, I will not go, I have to deal with this matter, rest assured, it’s okay, be good.”

Yiyi heard the words, and this slowly loosened Ye Guang, standing aside.

Ye Guang stood up, his face suddenly cold and scary, his eyes sharp, his body swelled, which shocked several shopping guides.

“What do you want to do I tell you, don’t mess around, we have security.” The fat woman said something in panic.

Ye Guang ignored her, pulled out a credit card and handed it to the female shopping guide who started with Yiyi. “Get a pos machine and swipe the card!”

The female shopping guide was hesitant, and the fat woman shouted, “What are you stunned, not going fast!” The female shopping guide ran to the counter and took a pos machine to hand over to the fat woman.

The fat woman took the pos machine, and put Ye Guang’s card into it, and then entered the amount, 98,000 yuan, and wanted to hand over Ye Guang to lose the password. Ye Guang took the pos machine and handed it to the most. I started to follow Yiyi’s female shopping guide and said, “You should hold it first, help me brush, the password is 918273.”

The shopping guide and the busy customers are watching it. What is it? How to tell the passwords to others.

The female shopping guide is also awkward, and then enter the password, pos machine shows the success of the purchase, and then print out a receipt, the female shopping guide brushed the card originally to return the card to Ye Guang, but Ye Guang waved, “Wait a minute, don’t worry about giving me.” Then he pointed to the clothes in the hands of the fat woman. “Okay, I lost the money. This dress is mine now.”

Fat woman eyes flicker, did not think Ye Guang really so simply the money to compensate, since the loss, then put the clothes to him, this dress hanging has a period of time, but has been sold not to go out, and this dress actually work is a problem, the pin is not done, the sleeves there is a small gap, Fat woman in the heart know, if not because there is a problem, on the strength of Yiyi, how can a pull on so big a cut, Yiyi careless clothes torn, fat woman although knowing can’t completely blame Yiyi, but in the heart also emerged a ghost idea, if this thing on the child, let her parents compensation, Take the opportunity to sell the dress. That month’s performance again, so, fat women have the back of this out.

The fat woman handed her clothes to Ye Guang. “Since you have pay it, I will not pursue it. I will give you the clothes. It is not easy to pay for this dress. You can take it back and sew it.”

Ye Guang still ignored her and took the clothes silently. The fat woman saw Ye Guang ignore her appearance, but Ye Guang had lost money, and she had no reason to attack.

Ye Guang took a look at the clothes and suddenly saw a rough idea. This goods is not a loose thread!

Ye Guang silently handed the clothes to Yiyi, “Yiyi, you hold it first.” Then turned to the fat woman, “The clothes have been lost, then let’s talk about the next thing.”

Fat woman said, “What else do you have?”

Ye Guang snorted and said in a cold voice, “You bullied my child, do you want to do this?”

No one can bully Yiyi!

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