MST Chapter 304 : Can still hold a gun! Can kill people!

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After that.

More and more companies, entertainment companies, advertising companies, etc., related and unrelated, are getting on the car one after another, saying that they will refuse any cooperation with Kim Tae-seo in the future.

In fact, how many of these companies can really overlap with Kim Tae-seo? The number of people who can reach cooperation can be counted. Kim Tae-seo popularity turned out to be high, but it is still not so high. It just seems that the rejection of Jin Tae-seo  seems to have become a trend, causing everyone to respond. It seems that everyone else has sent it. I declare that I don’t follow the same sentence, then I am not patriotic.


No, this is less than one night. It can only be said that for a while, Kim Tae-seo became the target of everyone’s shouting, and, without any official statement from the Media Management Bureau, he was directly blocked by the public and major media.

The ban was thorough and clean, and the civilian ban was able to do this. This is almost a breakthrough. I wonder if Kim Tae-seo will feel honored?

In many cases, the so-called civil bans are actually just a joke. It is often an entertainment company that announces the ban on an artist, but this ban actually does not work very well. They said it is a ban, but it is better to say it’s rely on its own huge influence, to marginalize the artist he banned, and slowly make him disappear from the eyes of the public. If at this time a rival company sang a diagonal drama with him, then the ban would be a joke, and maybe the artist will become popular because of it.

But this time the ban was indeed a real ban, omnichannel, omni-platform, omni-media, almost the same as the official ban directly issued by Media Management Bureau

Kim Tae-seo also considered bad luck. As for the artists from other countries who come to China to fish for gold, are there other people who look down on China, look down on the Chinese, and even insult in public?

Yes, certainly, and not even a minority, but this kind of thing, if it is not put on the table, it will not have much impact. Even if it is known later, through apology and some public relations methods, it is not can’t be saved, but it just loses some popularity.

But Kim Tae-seo this time was different. He and Ye Guang had attracted much attention because of their beating videos, and then he clashed with Ye Guang on Weibo. You come to me, and he also as the victim’s identity, with a pitiful nonsense successfully provoked the netizens sympathy and anger. Of course, at that time, the anger was against Ye Guang, but at this time, his and Ye Guang’s attention can be regarded as the attention of netizens all over the country.

The full video completely exposed. Under this strong attention, the angry netizens don’t know the geometry. Moreover, Kim Tae-seo’s nature is even worse, if he only simply to scold the Chinese is inferior people. Because Ye Guang has beaten him, netizens anger may not be so high. However, he fooled the public first and treated the netizens as monkeys, turning black and white. Then the netizen learned, they are cheated and fooled by him, how can the netizen not angry?

This is also Kim Tae-seo’s own death, can only say that he is not lucky. Perhaps according to Kim Tae-seo’s own behavior, things will not be so troublesome, but who told him to have a broker with detective Talent?

Of course, he is also a fool of his own.


At Liu Chiyan grandfather’s home, Old Father is enjoying the cool breeze under the palm trees, and Aunt Wu rushes over with a cellphone. “Old Father, Old Father, take a look, your grandson-in-law hits people.”

Old Father suddenly became energetic, took the phone and held it far away, (cough, presbyopia) watching the video that Aunt Wu played for him.

After ten minutes, Old Father  patted his thigh and said, “Good fight! This chicken stuff is to be beaten. What is wrong with grandson-in-law? How to start so light? Hehe! No strength at all! Lan Zhi, you go back and give my supplements that others have sent me to my grandson-in-law, to give him some strength! ”

Aunt Wu smiled, “Old Father, you don’t know. Little Ye was scolded because of this.”

Old Father immediately blinked,

“What! Lan Zhi, you bring me the gun! I went and broke this cock! Vent my grandson-in-law!” With that, Old Father was about to enter the house to pick up the gun.

Aunt Wu quickly grabbed him, “Oh, Old Father, what are you doing? Don’t worry, it’s okay, this person has been cleaned up by your grandson-in-law. Now everyone shouts and lets him get out of China.”

Old Father stopped and nodded in satisfaction, “This is the right thing, this kind of arrogant dick, why let him stay in China? Grandson-in-law did a good job and didn’t embarrass me.”

Lan Zhi sat down with Old Father and said, “How old are you, why are you still so aggressive?

Old Father hummed twice and said, “Lan Zhi, next time there is something like this, just tell me. We can’t let our grandson-in-law be bullied by a foreigner. How can we allow them to ride on our heads in our turf? If the grandson-in-law can’t get him, I will support him, even though I am old, I can still hold a gun! I can kill someone!”

Old Father blowing his beard and staring at her, if he wasn’t sitting and talking while scratching the soles of the itchy feet…

Kim Tae-seo completely finished, very thorough.

The public banned Kim Tae-seo and everyone also shouted to beat him. So, he really hated it, hated Ye Guang, hated those companies and net names, and hated his agent, if his agent didn’t have these ideas. How could things get to this point? Kim Tae-seo couldn’t help others, but his agent was by his side. Which happened to be his punching bag, so he directly slammed his agent.

At the beginning, his agent didn’t fight back or scolded him back. But he thought, right, Kim Tae-seo is finished. Why do you still treat him as an ancestor? As a result, Kim Tae-seo’s agent fought back. Regardless of his small size, but he was just starting to fight with Kim Tae-seo. You punched, I kicked, and the fight was inexplicable.

In the end, the two of them hung color everywhere, each with their noses and faces swollen.

Is this the so-called dog biting a dog, right?

Kim Tae-seo also severely taught by the person in charge of SX Entertainment and asked him to go home immediately. Kim Tae-seo must not stay in China any longer, or he might be beaten to death when he is alone.

SX Entertainment originally reported the assault incident to the police and issued a statement, but now it has also immediately dismissed the alarm case. At the same time, the previously issued proud statement also immediately deleted, and it was issued a ‘sincere’ apology statement.

Kim Tae-seo is an artist of SX Entertainment. Whether they are willing or not, an apology is definitely a must. After all, to develop in China, they must consider the feelings of Chinese people. Of course, how many people buy their apologies, I don’t know. But, at least people’s attitude is correct.

At this time, Kim Tae-seo had scars all over his body, wearing a big mask and a peaked cap, pulling a suitcase, followed by a new assistant sent by SX Entertainment to take him to the airport overnight.

Why is it new?

The original agent had a fight with him and quit. Kim Tae-seo was over. It would be foolish to follow him. It’s better to hurry up and find a next home.

Next, who is going to the pit?

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