MST Chapter 215 : Will I’m Pregnant?

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Ye Guang holds Liu Chiyan tightly. No matter how she struggles. Ye Guang holding her and not let go, until Liu Chiyan’s mood gradually slowed down.

Ye Guang caressed Liu Chiyan’s hair and said softly, “Liu’er, sorry. I know you don’t approve my approach, but this is my choice. This is the first thing I really want to do. My heart tells me, I should do it.” Ye Guang paused, “Why I don’t care about you or our home? On the contrary, I care more about you and our home than anyone else, because of this, I have to do this thing. I don’t want, one day, I or you, or our parents, or any familiar people around us lying in bed and the doctor told us we are suffering from lung cancer! The cause of illness is uncertainty! And the so-called uncertainty is Air Pollution!”

Liu Chiyan still in rain with pears, “But why must you? Is it only you who can do this? Why? It’s just you.”

Ye Guang: “The world is big, but we have nowhere to escape. Air pollution is problem for every human thing in this country. In this matter, all of us have long been the party. I don’t want to just stand idly by, my heart will be uneasy. Someday, we will have children, others will have children. There’s will be thousands of new lives to be nurtured, these rivers, sky and earth, should belong to them. I don’t want to see our future children world is a world without stars.”

“Life is only a hundred years away. We all will leave this world, but our children and grandchildren still live in it, the world is related to me, so I stare at it, so I stare at you, so I want to guard it. Just like I guard you.” Ye Guang whispered softly in Liu Chiyan’s ear.

Liu Chiyan has eased down. She understands the truth and understands what Ye Guang said, but it’s one thing to understand and it’s another thing to do it. She can understand it, but she is unwilling to let Ye Guang do this. Not all people have the feelings for the country and the people and the courage to be selfless.

After all, Liu Chiyan just a little woman. What she hopes most is Ye Guang can be safe, and everything else must be built on the premise Ye Guang can be safe. Ye Guang behavior this time to exposes pm2.5. In the worst-case scenario, there’s no doubt his safety can’t be guaranteed.

Ye Guang’s words still effective. Liu Chiyan’s mood has been much better. She is not noisy, no noise, or crying. She just keeps holding Ye Guang and doesn’t let go. It seems after she let go, this man may leave her.

Liu Chiyan couldn’t help it, what can she do? The trouble is also making trouble, scolding and beating, but Ye Guang video has been sent out, and it’s difficult to recover. What can she do? You can only be mentally prepared and wait for the outcome of the matter with this bastard man, no matter what the outcome is in the end, it is good or bad, she will always be with him, and she will never leave. Who makes this man her man?

Holding Liu Chiyan sitting on the Sofa for a while. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan didn’t talk anymore, they just embraced each other quietly. Ye Guang looked at the sky, the sky was already dark and yellow, and there’s no light in the room. It was a little dim, and after checking the time, it’s already half past six.

Ye Guang rubbed Liu Chiyan’s shoulder, “Liu’er, are you hungry, do you eat at home or eat outside at night?”

“Eat at home.” Liu Chiyan answered. Then she got up and said, “I’m going to cook.”

Ye Guang hold her down, “Today you rest, I will get it.”

Liu Chiyan looking at him and said, “Then I want to eat braised pork ribs, sweet and sour fish, ground vegetables, eggs, vegetarian cabbage and sour soup.” Liu Chiyan counts the dishes she like to eat.

Ye Guang was embarrassed. It was okay to ask him to cook a simple meal. How could he cook so many dishes. Ye Guang , “This… Liu’er, should we go out to eat?”

Liu Chiyan snorted. “I know you won’t, forget it. It’s not difficult for you. I want to drink porridge and eat steamed eggs.”

Porridge, steamed egg, this is simple. Ye Guang have no problem to make porridge and steamed egg.

Ye Guang: “The porridge you drink in the morning, what do you eat at noon? If you drink porridge in the evening, you will be hungry… Or else have some dinner? I will cook two dishes.”

Liu Chiyan turned her head and snorted, “No matter! Drink porridge!”

Ye Guang reluctantly got up and answered, “Okay, drink porridge and drink porridge, wait, I’ll get it.”

Liu Chiyan wants to drink porridge, hehe… Strictly speaking, she want to drink the porridge made by Ye Guang. When Ye Guang feeds Liu Chiyan in the morning, Liu Chiyan is full of happiness and peace in her heart, but now her heart is hanging, as if floating. So, she wants to drink the porridge made by Ye Guang. She thinks whether this can make her heart calmer, it’s a kind of comfort.

Ye Guang didn’t move slowly. He cooked porridge, steamed two eggs, and scrambled two small dishes to make a simple dinner.

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang had dinner. This time Liu Chiyan didn’t let Ye Guang feed her. After dinner,  they watched TV on the sofa together. During this time, they never mentioned the video again, like nothing happened in general.

When he slept at night. Ye Guang, who had tasted the forbidden fruit was restless. Liu Chiyan pushed him away. “If you did something wrong, reflect on it. It nice if I didn’t let you sleep on the sofa. You are not allowed to touch me tonight.”

Ye Guang smiled and didn’t give up. After a while, Liu Chiyan finally succumbed to his shamelessness under a burst of soft and hard soaking.

Without the pain, going to Wushan again is a brand new feeling. After the cloud and rain, Liu Chiyan face was pink and with sweat on her face. She nestled in Ye Guang arms and whispered,  “Ye Guang, will I’m pregnant? We have not done any protection measures.”

Ye Guang smiled. “It’s just right to be pregnant. It’s better to be a youngster. My mom wants to hold grandson the most.”

Liu Chiyan cried aloud, “Preferring son to daughter, I won’t give birth to you.”

Ye Guang smiled, “Sooner or later, you must give birth to a big fat boy. I’m not patriarchal, or I prefer boys. Boys are easy to discipline. When you should punished him, you will disciplined him. If you make a mistake, it doesn’t matter if you hit twice. If girl, you see Yiyi, I’m not willing to discipline her, girls can only spoil her.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “Well… I will give you one, no, two, one boy and one girl. Both children will have a good character.”

Ye Guang said with a smirk, “That feeling is good, it seems that I have to work harder.” With that, Ye Guang turned to Liu Chiyan again.

In an instant, the room was filled with peachy atmosphere again.

The next story can’t be described.

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