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When Li Delong and several responsible persons discussed the late-night Host, everyone looked at Ye Guang.

Then he found that he held his head with one hand and his eyes did not close, but he had already turned his eyes up because of his sleepiness.

Ye Guang is still sitting next to Radio Jockey Chen Jie. Chen Jie sees the leaders and the conference staff are in his direction. No, it should be said that they are all in the direction of Ye Guang. They feel that they are smashing Ye Guang with their arms.

Ye Guang wakes up.

I found everyone’s eyes and knew that they were out of the picture, but I still slammed a few times without blushing, “Well, it’s good, well said, it makes sense. It has benefited a lot and benefited a lot. Don’t look at me, continue, everyone continues.”

Li Delong looked at him with some disappointment.

Xu Rui even gave glory to Ye Guang with a provocative look.

The meeting continues.

Li Delong: “Things about the Late night story show Host, after a few days, I believe everyone has some of their own opinions. Let’s say it all, let everyone refer to it together. I said first, I still insist on my original opinion, let Ye Guang comrade preside late night story, although Ye Guang comrade induction time is relatively short, but Ye Guang comrade has the ability, late-night story grades do not need me in the emphasis, everyone is obvious, I believe that the late-night story in Comrade Ye Guang hand, must still continue to glow and hit new heights!!”

“I agree with Chief Li.”

“I agree.”


There are several Producers who are close to Li Delong.

“I still have some ideas.” The speech is Director Yang. “Ye Guang’s ability is no problem, and the results are amazing. In principle, I agree that he will continue to serve as Late night story Host.” Director Yang said, paused. “But, as far as I know, Comrade Ye Guang is not Host major student. Of course, this is no problem. Halfway out of the house is also a monk. However, Comrade Ye Guang does not seem to have an Host certificate yet?” Said, Director Yang also looked at Ye Guang with a smile.

Ye Guang was very upset and really made a fuss about his lack of an Host certificate. But Ye Guang did not have an Host certificate and could only nod his head with no expression.

Director Yang saw Ye Guang nod, smiled and said: “Our unit is a public institution. It is a radio station broadcast for the people and the government. It is not a private company that is profitable. In terms of employing people, we should also be the government units, who are responsible for the people, be cautious! I am firmly opposed to the undocumented job. Ye Guang has the ability to be a good thing, and has the ability to shine everywhere. Even if there is no Host certificate for the time being, it is not the Host, then it is the same for the editor to write a good article. I disagree with Ye Guang as Late night story Host, and I propose comrade Xu Rui to be a the Host.”

“Director Yang said that it makes sense that unlicensed employment is indeed against the company and is not responsible for the audience. I agree with Director Yang.”

“I also agree that he can shine everywhere, and Comrade Ye Guang is also contributing to the editor’s writing.”

“Yeah yeah. I also agree with Director Yang.”

It’s shameless. Ye Guang is even more upset. Although he has already planned to resign, he is not entangled in what Radio Jockey, but he can’t help but see Director Yang and these people so shameless. Don’t let him be Host, but also want him to continue to write Ghost Blows Out The Light to crowd out his later use? The brain is sick! What the hell!

“I don’t think there is any problem. The Host certificate, that is, the formal thing, as long as the ability is enough. I support Chief Li comments.”

“I also support Chief Li comments. Besides, our Radio station, with TV station, is not just a comrade of Ye Guang, there is no Host certificate. As far as I know, there are seven or eight. It is difficult for us to let they laid off?”

For a moment, the presence was divided into three waves. One wave was supported Li Delong and supported Ye Guang. One wave was supported Director Yang, and there was another wave of eating and watching.

The number of people in the two groups is almost the same, and they have been arguing endlessly. But I don’t know if Director Yang made any means in private. Ye Guang saw that he had made a few gazes to several neutrals. Several neutrals joined his camp and then there was a faint overwhelming number to Li Delong supports this side of Ye Guang.

“I see, everyone has been arguing that it will not vie for any results. It is better to vote.” Director Yang looks like a winner.

Xu Rui proudly looked at Ye Guang, his eyes filled with provocative meaning.

Li Delong face sank into the water, some worried to see Ye Guang one eye, and then continue to say: “The vote is not urgent, Director Yang feels that Comrade Yeguang cannot continue to be the host without Host certificate, is also reasonable for the company, but for our radio station, that is not so, the program temporarily revised, after sending a host to the show with Comrade Ye Guang, Comrade Ye Guang will temporarily act as a guest of the show. In a few days, there was an Host exam. According to Comrade Ye Guang himself, he was sure that Host exams would pass, and the Host certificate would not be a problem, and the program would be restored to its original state.”

Li Delong can only fight so hard. He can’t see it. Several people who have been eating and watching movies have joined the camp of Director Yang. Usually, these people can’t play any role. The main people in charge are just a few people in charge. However, it is time for a show of hands to go, and the audience will have the right to vote regardless of the position. Now Director Yang is more than him, and he can’t eat the rest of the people who eat melon, so he dare not raise his hand.

“Chief Li proposal is good, this is indeed a way of reporting.”

“I don’t agree. The program revision is not a trivial matter. How can change it? It is still because of an ‘Host’ revision without an Host certificate. If it is known by the masses, where is the face of our station?”

“But late night story is mostly due to “Ghost Blows Out The Light” novel written by Ye Guang. If there is no comrade Ye Guang, who can guarantee that the program will continue to maintain the listening rate?”

“Inappropriate Host is not letting him work at Radio Station. Just change his position. The follow-up story of the novel can continue to be written. So many editors in our Taiwan are not dedicated to writing behind the scenes to contribute to station?”

“Then if Comrade Yeguang isn’t the host, don’t write it? Or can’t you write it? How does the program quality guarantee?”

“Can’t write for another job? That can only explain the problem with the character of others!

Whoops! Is there a problem with the character?

Ye Guang is angry!

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