MST Chapter 88 : Journey to the West

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Tell a story?

Yiyi’s words also really let Ye Guang mind flash, storytelling, maybe it is possible, of course, he thought this story is not every night told fairy tale to Yiyi, but think of Dream World program-“Lecture Room”, but Ye Guang just flashed in his mind, and then he went down again, lecture room he saw some in dream world,  but only some, scattered and memorized, but you have to say that let him copy the Lecture Room with these scattered memories, Ye Guang asks himself that he can’t do it, and the most wonderful ones in Lecture Room are some analysis of historical figures, although Ye Guang is not historically illiterate, if you can’t copy Dream World TV show, it is almost impossible for him to make this program now, unless he first went to study more than 10-20 years of history.

No, this idea was flashed in Ye Guang’s mind and he was immediately vetoed.

Difficult to do, it is difficult.

For a program with cultural communication significance, Ye Guang will not really think about how to get it, and this is the first time that the system has released such a task. It has already felt so tricky, what can be done in the future.

Yiyi saw Ye Guang scratching his head and not talking for a long time, and said, “Ye Guang, you go to tell the story. The story you told is very good. Just tell the story of the monkey fishing moon that you told me last night.”

Ye Guang: “What children know, telling stories is telling stories, doing shows is doing programs, and monkeys are fishing…” Ye Guang suddenly stopped.

“Monkeys… monkeys” Ye Guang is ecstatic, “Yes, right! Monkeys! Tell the monkey!”

Ye Guang was crazy, bounced from the seat, danced and ran to Yiyi’s side, picked up Yiyi, and kiss on Yiyi’s face. Yiyi was too weak to push him. The face is abandoning, “Ye Guang, I will not give you snacks after you kiss me.”

Ye Guang: “Yiyi, you are awesome, good Yiyi, come, I am taking a kiss.”

Yiyi: “No, let me go!”

Ye Guang: “No, you are a good friend! You are great! The last bite!”

Without paying any attention to Yiyi’s feelings, Ye Guang took a sip on Yiyi’s face and put her down. Yiyi looked at Ye Guang with disdain and grievances, and looked at Ye Guang’s saliva. Ye Guang also ran to Liu Chiyan cheerfully, and Liu Chiyan quickly stopped. “You dare to come and kiss me to sleep on sofa this evening!”

Ye Guang smirked. “Hey, I am not so happy.”

Liu Chiyan glanced at him, “What thoughts do you think of? Look at Yiyi.”

Ye Guang looked at Yiyi and smiled. “Thanks to Yiyi, I thought of a good idea!”

Liu Chiyan asked, “What idea?”

Ye Guang smiled, “Telling stories, let’s make a storytelling show.”

Liu Chiyan shouted, “You really listen to Yiyi’s words, storytelling programs, will anyone look at it? It’s almost the same to do a radio talk, TV show, forget it.”

Ye Guang hurriedly, “Don’t, how can you forget it? What happened to storytelling program? As long as the story is well told, I am afraid that no one will not watch it? I decided to tell the story!”

Liu Chiyan thought, studio just opened, supposedly should be as soon as possible to take out the work, to the line of professionals outside the people to see a better, conducive to enhance Studio influence, originally said to be filming TV series, Ye Guang write iPartment script she also quite optimistic, think if can shoot out should also be good, but Ye Guang suddenly said not to do it, to tell the truth her heart is still depressed, do a program she also does not oppose, but also to be seen as what program, you say do a entertainment variety show, that Liu Chiyan also may immediately agree Ye Guang idea, she is always supportive for Ye Guang, but that support is not to say that it is the same as being obedient.

Ye Guang said that to be a story-telling program, listening to what he just said with Yiyi, should still tell a fairy tale, the story of a monkey? Tell the story of a monkey and talk about TV show? Liu Chiyan had to think about it. If she did this show, no one knows how it works, but as far as she seems, the result of this show is very big. Now who is not watching TV, see Entertainment variety, like you, a story-telling program, who will buy it? Looking to big children like Yiyi to see?

Moreover, this is the first official work since the studio opened. Of course, Liu Chiyan wanted to make the first work well. If the first work is to make a street, then it will not be laughed at by the peers. How bad is the word of mouth inside and outside the line. In the future, when you mention Youxianqi Entertainment, someone will say, oh, that is the studio of the junk storytelling program. How shameful.

No, can’t make him so capricious, this time can’t let him!

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “No, I don’t agree with storytelling program. No one will watch this kind of program.”

Ye Guang argued, “Look, you are looking down on people again.”

Liu Chiyan: “I am not looking down on people. I have been in the entertainment industry for so many years. I know that this kind of program is not bought by audience. This is the first program of our studio. I don’t want the first program to failure works.”

Ye Guang: “I haven’t done it yet. How do you know that it will fail? Maybe it will be a big fire.”

Liu Chiyan still shook her head. “No, I don’t agree anyway.”

Ye Guang is a little embarrassed. It’s hard to come up with a good idea. How does Liu Chiyan disagree? “Let’s do it, I will write the story first, write it out and you will see it.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment, “Ok, then you can write it, but let me say it first. When I agree or don’t agree with it, I have the final say. I can’t help you.”

Ye Guang didn’t talk anymore, snorted with anger, and then went back to the desk to start writing stories.

Liu Chiyan looked at his unwilling look, and was so angry and funny, how could it be like Yiyi, like a child.

Ye Guang created a new document on the computer and knocked on the three words ‘Journey to the West’.

Journey to the West! Yes, it’s Journey to the West. When Yiyi said the monkey, Ye Guang remembered Dream World’s one of four great works. In his world, there are also many literary works, as well as several called four famous books, “Pre-Qin school of thoughts”, “Debate on gods and demons”, “Warring states records”, “Song dynasty justice commentaries”.

Is cultural communication more suitable than the four famous works? At least Ye Guang can’t think of it now. The four famous books, which are all books that can be passed down for thousands of years, have far-reaching influence. They don’t comment on the four famous masterpieces of Dream World and the top four famous works of Ye Guang. But culture is not geographical, regardless of national boundaries, such a great work of Dream World, there is no reason not to be accepted in this world.

Ye Guang is very confident about Journey to the West!

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