MST Chapter 210 : Family

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After half a month.

Ye Guang pulled his luggage and carried his suitcase with some dusty returned home.

He just walked to the last city today. After finishing shooting, he bought the fastest ticket to Nanchang. Because the plane arrived late, he didn’t tell Liu Chiyan and didn’t want to trouble her to pick him up at the airport. He also wanted to give Liu Chiyan and Yiyi a surprise.


Ye Guang took the key and turned the door open. The sound of opening the door alarmed Liu Chiyan and Yiyi.

Liu Chiyan and Yiyi were sitting side by side of the coffee table. It seemed that Liu Chiyan was painting with Yiyi. When they heard the movement, both Liu Chiyan and Yiyi looked towards the door and were a little surprised when they saw Ye Guang.

“Ye Guang.” Yiyi happily got up and flew towards Ye Guang.

Ye Guang smiled brightly, put his luggage on the ground, and picked up Yiyi who flying over.

“Yiyi, do you miss me?”

Yiyi nodded affirmatively, “Think.” Then she asked, “Ye Guang, have you brought me food?”

Ye Guang laughed and scratched her little nose. “You think I still want to eat.”

Yiyi: “I think.”

During the joke, Liu Chiyan also came over, “Why come back suddenly, and you don’t make call in advance, so I can pick you up at the airport.”

Ye Guang: “It’s night, I’m too lazy to trouble you. It’s convenient for me to take taxi by myself and I want to give you surprise.”

Liu Chiyan helped him drag the suitcase aside and put it away. Ye Guang walked in with Yiyi.

Liu Chiyan said as she walked, “Is it still a surprise? The shock is almost the same, you can see how dark your are, it’s black.”

Ye Guang smiled, “Black is black, healthy.”

In the summer sun poison, Ye Guang runs outside every day for half a month. How can he not tanned?

Liu Chiyan: “Where is the sunscreen I gave you, did you forget to wipe it?”

Ye Guang smiled a bit. He forgot, He put the sunscreen Liu Chiyan prepared for him in the storage bar. There were too many things in his storage bar, so he forgot after throwing it in. After continuous sun exposure for few days, it tanned his skin. Ye Guang only remembered the sunscreen. After using it for two days, the his tanned skin already dark. He feels too troublesome and simply useless.

Ye Guang hugged Yiyi and sat down on the sofa. Then he saw a few pieces of drawing paper spread on the coffee table, “Oh, you were painting just now?”

Liu Chiyan: “Yiyi’s homework, just right, you can bring Yiyi to paint, I will go get some food for you.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Yes.”

Liu Chiyan: “I don’t know if you are back, I didn’t leave your meal, I will give you something to eat below.”

Ye Guang raised his brows and looks at Yiyi. He didn’t choose to drive, “Well, add a poached egg.”

Liu Chiyan chuckled and went to the kitchen. Ye Guang grabbed a few pieces of paper on the coffee table, “What is this painting?”

Yiyi jumped from the Sofa, “painting a family.” Yiyi said excitedly, pointing to a small, crooked little man, “You see this is me.”

It’s indeed crooked, a kid who just went to school, you can’t count on how good she can paint, but Ye Guang still barely recognizes this is a human form.

“This densely packed?” Ye Guang pointed to the stubborn and somewhat humanoid patterns behind the little Yiyi.

Yiyi cast a glance at Ye Guang, as if saying, “You’re so stupid, you can’t see it,” then she explained to Ye Guang one by one, “This one on my left is you, and the one on my right is my aunt. This is grandpa and this is also grandpa. These two are grandma, and this, this is Tai gong. I also gave him a beard, he’s old man.” Yiyi painted Liu Chiyan’s parents and Ye Guang’s parents. So there’s two grandparents.

Ye Guang followed Yiyi’s little fingers and looked at it one by one with a smile. Yiyi’s painting was similar to the ghost character. If she didn’t tell Ye Guang one by one, Ye Guang didn’t really know what she was painting. However, after Yiyi said this, Ye Guang thinks again, um… Still very good, the whole family was here.

Ye Guang touched Yiyi’s head, “Yiyi’s painting is awesome. However, there are too many people. Yiyi knows who is who, but when Yiyi gets to school tomorrow. Your teacher and classmates can’t recognize it.”

Yiyi sighed, “My aunt said the same, so my aunt taught me to draw another one.” After saying that, Yiyi took a flipped the paper from the coffee table.

This paintings is much better than the original one. It may be because Liu Chiyan is teaching her on the side. In the middle of the painting, there are three small figures holding hands. The child with two braids in the middle is Yiyi. On the left, the one with short hair is Ye Guang, and the one with long hair on the right is Liu Chiyan, which looks very different.

Half of the house was painted on one side of the painting. Just now Liu Chiyan was painting with Yiyi, but Yiyi stopped when Ye Guang came in.

Ye Guang: “Did you just paint a house? Come on, let me teach you to continue painting.”

Yiyi nodded, slammed the painting on the coffee table, picked up the brush and continued to paint. Ye Guang looked at her and taught her where to paint the door, where to draw the window. After a while, the house was painted and Yiyi applauded happily.

Liu Chiyan’s noodles were also cooked, brought them over and put them in front of Ye Guang. “Eat while it’s hot, I’ll teach her.”

Then he switched to Liu Chiyan to teach Yiyi, and Ye Guang carried a large bowl and ate the noodles. From time to time, he also pointed to some place to make some comments, “Draw a sun here, draw grass on the ground, and draw two butterflies.”

A simple child painting, two big and one small are very serious. In this painting named as a family, Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan and Yiyi are  all talking about their opinions, painting their own colors, and then composed the final painting of this family.

Ye Guang comfortably took a shower at night, bare-chested, and only climbed into bed with a pair of pants.

Liu Chiyan looked at the tent he had slightly supported. She blushing a little, but she didn’t react much. She got along with him every day, and she got used to it when she saw it.

Ye Guang lay down, Liu Chiyan lifted the blanket to help him cover a little. The air conditioner in the room was turned on, and Ye Guang was naked, not afraid of the cold.

Ye Guang took Liu Chiyan into his arms and sniffed Liu Chiyan’s fragrance, then kissed Liu Chiyan’s cherry mouth.

For a long time, the lips are divided.

Ye Guang smiled at Liu Chiyan, who was a little flushed on her face, “Wife, miss me?”

Liu Chiyan sighed, stroking Ye Guang, who had been tanned by the sun for two times. “You look better when you tanned.”

Ye Guang smiled, “That is, your husband, whether it is white or black, looks good, isn’t right, how can you use good looks to describe it, handsome, ah, handsome.”

Liu Chiyan chuckled and gently hammered Ye Guang, “You  know how to be poor. How about it? Going out for so long this time, is there any gain?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, it’s going well, all the materials I want to shoot are ready. It is a worthwhile trip. I have seen a lot and I have a lot of insights. I will have to travel again if I have a chance.”

“Not allowed.” Liu Chiyan immediately shook her head and opposed Ye Guang. He went out for so long. Although he reported a safe call every day, Liu Chiyan couldn’t help worrying about him for a long time.

Ye Guang erred, and then said, “Why don’t I… bring you with me next time?”

“That’s OK!”

Ye Guang smiled and scraped Liu Chiyan’s fine jade nose, then kissed Liu Chiyan’s mouth again.

The kiss was very long, until the two of them couldn’t breathe and separated. Liu Chiyan was flushed and Ye Guang was somewhat emotional.

Ye Guang tried to ask, “Liu’er… I think of you…”

Liu Chiyan’s eyelashes trembled slightly and looked ashamed. When Ye Guang was disappointed, she sent out an almost inaudible nasal sound.

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