BTC Chapter 288 : Tony Solution

Edited: XiaXue

“It’s too hard!” Zhu An sighed and shook his head. “This requires all aspects of the development of relevant industry, otherwise these cannot be done.”

Not to mention anything else, the sensor is complicated enough. The current sensor of Red Letter is only limited to the sense of sound and light, and if you want to experience VR games without human accessibility, you need thousands of sensing devices!

Coupled with the matching of various auxiliary equipment manufacturing, Lu Zixin found the technical information in the group, and could not develop it in a short time!

It is to forcibly pile up resources for research and development, and the result is not worth the candle. The cost of the developed products is too high to adapt iniu market.

“Sensor research has been going on,” Lu Zixin said. “We built a semiconductor and microelectronics research center in Pengcheng. One of the most important researches is the variety of sensors. There is still a technological gap from omnidirectional sensing.”

“Our company is not very good at this aspect, from auxiliary equipment manufacturing to mechanical manufacturing and dynamics.”

The only mechanical factory of Red Letter is Pengyun Automobile, but that is only limited to electric motorcycle, and even electric vehicles have not been manufactured yet!

“Do we still have to compete with other companies in traditional games?” Zhu An poured a beer and said: “In this respect, Tencent game is too dominant!”

Tencent has mastered two social platforms, QQ and program. The total number of daily active users at home and abroad can exceed one billion. With such unparalleled user resources, Tencent’s games can be invincible.

“Don’t worry, our Red Letter Mobile System also licenses other mobile phone companies. By then, the owners of Red Letter accounts will rise in straight line and may not compete with them.” Lu Zixin said, this is the benefit of the development in industry chain, the head office’s strategy, invisibly, increases the competitiveness of the subsidiary.

The discussion failed, and everyone decided to discuss it tomorrow.

At night, Lu Zixin was thinking about it while sleeping in the hotel.

Ding-dong.” His mobile phone sent a message and someone sent him a message.

Lu Zixin saw that it was the beautiful pilot, Fanny.

“[emoticon: smile] President, bothering you? I don’t know a few friends here, I have some questions I want to ask?”

Lu Zixin replied : “What is the problem? Let’s talk.”

Fanny made a few photos and was a photo of her playing in Jiangcheng. In the photo, Fanny put on a casual outfit, with long legs, thin waist and rich buttocks.

“I heard that this is an ancient Chinese building…” She asked some questions about historical sites, and Lu Zixin answered it later.

However, Fanny was very interested in finding a topic. After a little chat, it took more than an hour.

Fanny said in a proper way : “Wow, it’s too late, it’s time to sleep. President, good night, you are such a funny person!”


After a small episode, Lu Zixin is still thinking about the daytime problems. He simply asked the group members in the group to see what solutions they had.

Bruce Wayne said : “All-round virtual reality games can indeed be made, but the cost is so high that most companies can’t afford it. We generally only provide it to the military for use as a tool for simulating actual combat training.”

Peter Parker : “I have seen such things in Osborne, as Mr. Wayne said, that is the virtual war room they designed for the military super soldier program.”

“This kind of thing, it is difficult to want to be popular?”

Mr. L : “So, the commercial use of VR games is still very difficult.”

At this time, Tony Stark appeared, and said : “I came to thank the owners, the crisis of Ultron was finally solved.”

Peter Parker said curiously : “How is that evil intelligent life? Is it destroyed?”

Tony Stark : “The ending is almost the same as what you said. But the process is not very satisfying. Although there is no Ultron, there is a smarter life, Vision.”

“I don’t know if this is good or bad. At least for now, Vision is still relatively human.”

Peter Parker : “If smart life is like Red Queen, there is not much trouble in the world.”

He just finished, Red Queen appeared. “[emoticon with a slightly raised mouth: I seem to hear you boasting behind me?]”

Peter Parker : “[emoticon: welcome Red Queen.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon with both hands: this little brother is very sensible!]”

Tony Stark : “@Mr. L, I saw your question. On the game side, you can change your mind.”

Lu Zixin quickly asked : “What is the saying?”

Tony Stark sent a video in the group, sitting in the sofa in his luxurious villa hall.

In the air in front of him, a virtual projection screen appeared.

In the virtual projection, there are various geometric images and cubes, which can be used to build movements like building blocks.

Tony Stark can pick up these “stereoscopic images”, move them, or modify them to remove them.

He explained : “Is it visible? Operable virtual projection, I can design any geometric model, display it in a virtual projection, and then manipulate it.”

“In general, this technology is usually used for research. With a little change, it can be made a game!”

“For example, this…”

Tony Stark finished, the virtual projection became a holographic image of Iron Man, with a projection keyboard in front and Tony Stark’s hand on the projection keyboard, the Iron Man was able to perform various actions such as flying, running, punching or launch a projectile.

“Another opponent!” Tony Stark barely fell, and there was another strong warrior wearing a black cloak in the virtual projection. He wore a bat helmet and a bat armor and rushed to Iron Man.

Tony Stark controls Iron Man’s virtual projection to play against Batman. You come and go, there are various special effects pictures in the fight, all of which are stereoscopic projection!

Seeing this, Lu Zixin suddenly got excited. Indeed, this is not a VR game that requires wearables, but it is more interesting than some simple VR games!

Let the picture jump out of the fixed display screen, become a stereoscopic and clear virtual projection, and then manipulate the character to play in virtual projection world. This is also a brand new way of playing!

And this way does not require so many auxiliary equipment, nor does it need a full range of sensors. It just liberates traditional game from the screen, becomes more interesting, and is no longer limited to the limits of the venue!

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