MST Chapter 137 : Doutang Village

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The whole village is awkward.

The sudden appearance of such a village in this quiet mountain forest is indeed a bit strange.

“This should be a white matter in the village.”

“Then shall we go?”

“Go, it shouldn’t matter, red and white things are normal, this point, if you can go to the village to find a place to buy some food, the bread and dry food is really not good.”

“It’s not very good, people do white things.”

Everyone was in a hot discussion.

Finally, after a bit of research. The group still thinks that I have to go to the village to see. At first, the big guys don’t want to eat dry food, but it doesn’t matter what they eat. It’s okay to deal with the dry food, even if you don’t have much water with you. Need to find a place to add.

A group of more than 20 people followed the road into the village.

There is an old banyan tree at the entrance to the village.

Two Chinese garden dogs saw a group of people and began to arrogant.

There was an old man coming out of the house at the entrance to the village.

“Who are you?!” The folks spoke not Mandarin, but Hakka dialect of Nanchang. Fortunately, most of the writers who come today are native Nanchang. Although the accents are somewhat different, they all understand and can speak.

“Fellow, we are the writers from Provincial Writers Association, come to the mountains to collect the wind, pass through your village, want to rest, and buy some rice and water.”

The old man looked at the group and looked at them all well, and they were mostly young, but they were not like bad people, so they nodded. “Yes, come in.”

Said, the old man drove away two Chinese garden dogs, leading everyone into the house.

The old house was small, and it was a little dim, and the house was not open, and half of the people stood outside the house and looked inward.

Ye Guang is going in, looking around, very ordinary old house, the house is a bit old, the hall is a long hall table, I have seen the old houses in the countryside, the table is set Black and white photo, is a grandmother, should be the old man’s wife, enshrined a god platform, incense burner with incense, in front of the candle, white candles.

The old man came out with a few old black but very solid long stools, please sit down, but the old man’s family has a few stools, and the big guy is not enough to sit.

The old man thought for a moment, “You are going to eat, right?”

“Yes, yes, I don’t know if it’s inconvenient.”

Old man paused, and it was inconvenient to answer the question. Instead, he asked, “Give money?”

“Give, of course, how can you eat it for nothing?”

Old man: “It’s better to eat better.”

“All right!”

The old man nodded. “Just give the money, then go to village ancestral hall. It’s spacious. Otherwise, so many of you in this small family can’t open it, go to ancestral hall, the place is big, and it’s bright, I will say hello. The people in the village will pick you up together.”

The people nodded and followed the old man in the direction of ancestral hall.

Many of the ancestral halls in the countryside are multi-purpose. They are not just worshipping ancestors. In general, there are many gatherings in the village or a lot of red and white things are arranged in the ancestral hall.

Many villagers have come to see the fun on the road.

The curious villager asked: “Old stubborn, what are you doing? Where did it bring so many people.”

The Old stubborn is the old man. “Comes here from outside, they want to have a meal in our village. They have many people. I will take them to ancestral halls. You will also call your wife to help.”

Villager: “Meal? Give money?”

Not waiting for the old stubborn to answer, some writers will speak out first, “Give money, give money!”

The villager’s eyes brightened and they quickly returned to the house. “Wife, wife is coming out, going to ancestral halls, going to ancestral halls!”

This situation has been staged several times along the way.

Some writers can’t help but start whispering. “After listening to the money, every eye is reflective, so passionate. Will we be slaughtered in a while?”

“Shouldn’t it…” The writer is not sure.

“I hope it won’t be, I will have a long time in my heart, don’t be pitted.”

“Well, beware of the point, ask the price first and then ask for something.”

A group of people entered the old ancestral hall with the old man. The entrance was the huge long platform in the center of the ancestral hall. It was covered with white candles and lit up. There was also a brazier on the ground. Blue smoke, scattered around with some paper money.

Seeing this situation, some writers began to feel a little worried, and several female writers dare not come in from behind.

The old stubborn obviously knows what they are afraid of and explains, “Nothing, rest assured, there is no dead in the village. Come in, really dead, I can’t let you come. ”

Everyone has some doubts, no one is doing this. What is this? What about the white peony that is hung in every household in the village?

The old stubborn didn’t take the initiative to say that everyone was not good at asking questions and went into the scalp.

There is an open-air patio in the center of the temple. The sun shines directly, and the temple is very bright.

Then seven or eight men and village women came, some of them were carrying round tables, some were carrying long benches, and three sets of tables were set up with hands and feet. It should not be a batch of old and new styles but very old, some black, it should be the villagers who moved from home.

The two women wiped the tables and stools with a rag and greeted everyone to sit down. “Come and sit, sit down, don’t be polite.”

Everyone was seated, and after a morning on mountain road, the big guys were really tired, sitting on the stools and rubbing sour legs.

The old stubborn had a smile on his face and talked to the villagers. There were many villagers gathered in the news, and some of them still had large porcelain bowls to eat lunch and watch the fun.

“Er, Cuihua, you two good crafts, today you will come to the table.”

“Gou Dan, Sanhua, Xiaoqi, you help to fight. What other good things are in the family, come out, show the guests what to eat, give money, go quickly.”

“Everyone has a hand and foot, and the time is not too early. In the afternoon, I have to go up the mountain to see the girl.”

Several villagers responded to their busy work. Some of the villagers who did not know the name stood still, and some turned and left to go to eat.

The writers sat waiting for a while, while waiting to chat with the fellows.

The fellows are not very good at words, and the strong accent is clear.

Some chatter, Ye Guang and others have some understanding of this small village.

The village is called Doutang Village, it is said that the origin of the name is because there is a pond in the middle of the village, so it is called Dutang, the village only a surname, all the surname Guo, the village most are some middle-aged, young people generally go out to work, will not stay in the village, they rely on the mountain, But the annex of the mountain in fact there is nothing to feed them, mainly rely on arable land for a living, so the village family are not too well-off, even that is very poor.

After sitting for a while, there are fellow villagers coming over, and there are still various things in their hands.

Ye Guang and the writers are a bit dumbfounded.

Bacon, sausage, dried duck, Chinese cabbage, old hen, big white duck, bamboo shoots, pumpkin, big grass carp. And what is the man’s resistance? Such a big ham?

Not to mention, the writers who were tired and hungry in the morning, suddenly seeing these are really drooling.

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