BTC Chapter 338 : Virtual Avatar

Edited: XiaXue

On the exhibition stand, the light and shadow of Dimensional Wall stopped rotating, and a jade leg stepped out from inside.

She has bare feet, revealing smooth ankles, delicate toes, white skin, this is an impeccable beauty, even under high-power lens, even the thin fluff on the legs is clearly visible, just like real.

Even people who are not interested in the foot show their appreciation at this moment. In the subconscious, everyone appreciates the beautiful things.

“Scorpio, so beautiful jade, I think…” China, a live broadcast site, the barrage was instantly smashed!

“This avatar is much richer than other avatars and looks like a real person!”

“I can play this leg for a hundred years!”

“Aaah, who is Hong Yun? The character in the game? Why don’t you come out!”

“It’s already!”

“Hey, a bunch of perverted men!”


The people in light and shadow gradually stepped out, from the legs to the body, and the face, she also has a red long hair, symbolizing of enthusiasm and vitality!

This is a brand new avatar! Whether it’s body model or skin color, shadows, hair, skin surface, or even the effects of clothing, cell changes are very realistic.

Her body is impeccable, the proportion of gold, the chest is a perfect weapon compared to the database, people feel no less, there is a desire to grasp.

As for the face type, it has undergone countless comparisons, mainly referring to the facial model made by the aesthetics of China and North America, which is suitable for most people’s aesthetics.

As soon as she appeared, she immediately attracted the attention of the whole male and most women focused her attention on her. Appreciation of men, envy of women…

This is the first time that they have a feeling of admiration and envy for avatar, because the light and shadow of this avatar is too realistic, and from any angle, they feels that she is a real person, not a false light and shadow effect.

For this conference, Red Letter Group spent tens of millions on the layout of light and shadow equipment.

This avatar has a shallow smile, and the small dimples appear faintly, and the eyes are slightly picked up, which makes people feel comfortable.

She bent slightly and greeted the audience at the scene: “Hello everyone, I am the avatar spokesperson of Red Letter Group, Hong Yun. I am a virtual person completely designed by Red Letter Group with cloud technology and virtual projection technology. I have my own independent data center and computing rules, everyone can treat me as a friend, I am very happy to meet everyone!”

Her voice is very good, and she is proficient in the language of each country. She first said it in Mandarin and then said it again in English.

“Hong Yun? Virtual person? Have their own data and algorithms, isn’t that artificial intelligence?” Under the field, there is a big surprise in the world of Science and Technology.

“It can only be said to be low-level intelligence. I think she is a virtual idol. Well, compared to virtual idols before, red letter design is indeed more detailed. I have not found any defects yet.” The white bearded old man said that he is a top AI engineer from Google.

“This light and shadow effect, I have to admit, too great!” The guests from Samsung Group felt in their hearts.

“Too beautiful! God, I am in love!” In the venue, Zhao’s American classmates exclaimed excitedly.

“It’s very exciting to think about a girl with a second yuan. It’s exciting to think about it!” A guy is even more excited.

“Zhao, this is a virtual character, that is, we can also have it. How can we have her?” asked a white man of two hundred pounds.

Zhao Deyi shook his head and said: “I don’t know, but this Hong Yun is so beautiful. I used to like the Diao Chan and Xiao Qiao in “Soul of Three Kingdoms”, I didn’t expect this virtual character to be more perfect!”


Domestically, the audience was also surprised by Hong Yun.

“The beautiful little elder sister is much better than what the first sound is!”

“This style is completely different. The details of Hong Yun are 10,000 times better than that of the projection! Just like a real person!”

“I am finished, mother, I want to fall in love!”

“Shut up, Hong Yun is mine, don’t rob me!”

“Her voice and red letter mobile voice assistant seems to be, is it the previous Red Cloud Assistant?”

Foreign audiences are also shouting screens, “Scorpio, is this really just a projection? Really like a real person!”

“Wow, she shook hands with the host! Scorpio, she must be a real person!”

On the stage, Su Zhirong is shaking hands with Hong Yun, and some Hong Yun reactions are no different from real people. This is actually only a partial effect of the touchable virtual projection technology. Just a handshake action, the computer performs hundreds of millions of calculations to process the motion response, projection effect, positioning, and so on.

“I want to ask, can this girl kiss?”

“China Science and Technology has developed to this point? See for the first time!”

“It’s getting more and more interesting! I found this release to be more interesting than Apple conference!”


Su Zhirong is still interacting with Hong Yun, and Hong Yun is fully demonstrating this new avatar in both language, expression and action.

“No wonder so many men like the second meta creature, I like her.” At the press conference, Xue Yao was also there. The emergence of Hong Yun is actually a project proposed by Red Letter Virtual Entertainment.

Since virtual projection technology should be popularized, it is better to take the opportunity to make a virtual image. As the avatar spokesperson of Red Letter, if she can get the audience to like her, the red letter virtual entertainment will also package her as a virtual idol and officially debut. Make your own albums, dances, open concerts, and more.

After Hong Yun appeared, he stayed on the stage and sang with Su Zhirong, like a guest performer.

Today’s home is not Hong Yun, she is just a avatar spokesperson, the first time in front of the audience in the world.

Today’s home is a new generation of intelligent products of Red Letter, Su Zhirong began to step into the topic, introducing the first generation of HXV-1 red letter virtual projection smartphone.

In her hand, a new design phone appeared. The exquisite alloy casing reflects a hint of metallic luster under the light and shadow, like an elegant gentleman.

The screen is as clean as a mirror, and the design is as refined as ever. However, this does not satisfy the audience. The mobile phone is so big, the appearance is played by the manufacturers, and it is difficult to give them a fresh feeling.

Compared to this, LG’s curved folding phones give them a new sense of novelty.

Su Zhirong introduced a series of parameters, compared to previous generation of Red Letter smartphones, but everyone is not excited, waiting patiently. Because they know that the biggest feature of this phone has not been introduced.

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