BTC Chapter 339 : Great Change In “Living”

Edited: XiaXue

“The next HXV-1 feature is the most different from other phones!” Su Zhirong raised her hand and showed the phone to everyone: “Don’t look at the thickness of this phone body and other phones, but inside, we equipped with the latest miniature virtual projection elements and light sensing elements!”

“With these two components, the user can turn on the projection function of the phone and operate it!”

Say, Su Zhirong turned this feature on.

The mobile phone screen is shimmering, and the projection device hidden under the screen transmits the light and shadow to the air through the projection hole.

In front of Su Zhirong, a virtual screen appeared on the screen, which is the operation interface of mobile phone!

Pā pā pā!” The audience can’t wait to applaud. This technique alone will make them excited and curious!

A palm-sized phone can be virtual projected! This means that as long as the smart device with the projection element can achieve this function!

“It really can be projected, so handsome!” Some viewers could not help but applaud.

After thinking about it, you can project it by lifting your mobile phone. The projected area can exceed the screen size of your mobile phone. Even if you use your mobile phone as a TV, the experience must be great.

And virtual projection means that you can watch virtual projection movies and play virtual projection games with your mobile phone in the future. They no longer need to queue up to buy tickets or buy expensive equipment!

“Zhao, you are right! China mobile phone is really more cool than Apple and Samsung mobile phones!” Zhao’s American friends widened their eyes, and they absolutely did not expect that a mobile phone can achieve such a function.

“This is really! It’s great!” Zhao Deyi said immediately. “I don’t expect it, I have been waiting for so long!”

“Virtual projection can change the range. When the field of view is wide enough and the phone is fully charged, it’s area can be bigger than you think.” Su Zhirong puts the phone on exhibition desktop. “Now let me and Hong Yun perform a little magic!”

“The name of this magic is called big change! This is a famous magic in the magic world, but I am not a magician. The way I want to perform today is not a trick, but with our HXV-1 phone!”

Su Zhirong suddenly had red cloth in her hand, which was the curtain used by the magic show. Everyone was surprised to find that this is not a real cloth, but a projection.

Using the light and shadow effect, it actually covers the scene after the projection! Su Zhirong pretends to hold a red cloth in front of Hong Yun, and Hong Yun will disappear.

Everyone feels not surprised, because Hong Yun is a virtual character, she will disappear when turns off the projection.

Su Zhirong smashed the red cloth, and the red cloth disappeared instantly. All the virtual projections disappeared except for the mobile phone!

She said: “Now the entire venue, except for this mobile phone, other virtual projection effects have disappeared.”

“Hong Yun, come out!” Su Zhirong made an invitation to the projection of the phone suddenly magnified ten times and became stereo!

The icons of those APPs have all become a variety of three-dimensional scenes. Such as balloons, bubbles, floating crystals, beautiful and dreamy.

There is an app called “Virtual Assistant”. The icon is exactly the appearance of the rotating dimension wall. Hong Yun walks out from the inside with a small ankle. She just have the palm size, and when she stepped out, she became the size of a human girl.

This is a virtual girl who came out of the phone! The real show is in front of people, this is the phone function!

“Hong Yun, thank you for playing with me and giving you a small gift!” Su Zhirong said, touching the projection of one mobile apps by hand, it is a shopping software app.

Everyone showed a surprised look, it seems to be just a touch! But the meaning is completely different, the projection of red letter mobile phone can also be operated! The promotion is not faked!

Su Zhirong rummaged through the shopping software and picked out a beautiful purple skirt. He said to Hong Yun: “This one is for you!”

“A beautiful dress, thank you Su elder sister!” Hong Yun said happily, she took the skirt, stroked on the body, and then a beautiful rotation, the skirt changed to the body. The original red dress turned into purple dress!

“Scorpio! What did I see?” Before Google’s top AI engineer grew up, these small moves, the technical content behind it is amazing!

“Light is a mobile phone, the authenticity of the virtual projection makes me difficult to distinguish between true and false! The touch of details almost makes the light technology ultimate!” He said with amazement, “It’s amazing! How is this done?”

“This technology!” At the scene, Apple’s president Cook also, he looked at the red dress turn to purple dress, and thought of more.

Does the change of clothes in Hong Yun mean that the user can also change clothes through this technology? Even character image design, model design, used in life, entertainment, consumption, scientific research and so on.

This technology will undoubtedly change the way people live! Too terrifying! Cook began to regret it. If he knew that Red Letter had already done this. Apple should not write to the Ministry of Commerce to change its policy.

“Is this all done by mobile phones? Great, this feature!” Some female friends are already full of stars!

Using virtual projection to change the image, this is a deadly attraction for them! In this era, which woman does not love beauty? Virtual projections make image changes that allow them to do more with their appearance.

You can wear clothes, make-up contrasts, etc. without spending time! Some women can’t wait to buy this new product.

pā pā pā pā pā pā ……” This time, the applause in the field was even more heated.

More than 10,000 spectators were impressed by this “little magic”!

“It’s so beautiful!” Zhao Deyi and his friends shouted excitedly. If it was a concert, they would even shout loudly!

“Zhao, your Chinese mobile phone is too strong! I must buy it! The mobile phone projection can have so many operations!”

The audience all over the world are amazed, Su Zhirong proudly introduced: “The above scenes are all HXV-1 projection functions, we have already seen our virtual projection, you can easily adjust the projection size, light and shadow positioning, virtual operation and virtual simulation!”

“Especially virtual simulation, you can simulate some virtual image data of the database, just like when Hong Yun change clothes, just enter our own virtual image, you can operate on ourselves.”

“Or we enter these parts and put together a small toy!” In the hands of Su Zhirong, there are some projections of mechanical parts. With a little finger, she can move it. After a few proficiencies, these parts are assembled into one car.

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