MST Chapter 139 : The Way to go in the Future

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After eating, Guan Zhenxian closed the account.

The three tables of big fish and big meat are only 1000 yuan in total, which is too cheap.

Old stubborn took the list and actually counted more than 800 pieces, but Guan Zhenxian insisted on giving more, saying that it was a processing fee. Old stubborn and the fellows pushed for a while and finally took it.

Around three in the afternoon.

Ye Guang and his entourage went to the back hill to worship Ding Xiang with the fellows.

The whole village was dispatched, and the real whole village was dispatched. No matter whether a man, a woman, a boy or a girl were left in the village, more than 100 people, and pedestrian like Ye Guang, went to the mountains in a mighty way.

A grandmother, who has been too old, walked on crutches and trembled, but she insisted on going. She said, “I haven’t lived for a few years. I have to move and look at the child. Let the child look at me too, and she won’t forget me when I get there.”

There is also a pregnant woman with a big belly, who is supported by her husband and insists on going.

There are not many children in the village, most of them are young children, the biggest is only 12 years old, probably because of poverty, nutrition can’t keep up, these children are a little black and thin.

Old stubborn also explained, “We are in this ravine for generations. It is not a problem for children to go to school if they are older. Now they can be boarding at junior high school. We will not be too worried about children boarding at school. Little hairy kid, five, six or seven years old, there is no serious elementary school around here, so it is the most problematic to go to elementary school. The nearest elementary school has to take more than two hours from us in the past, and the school cannot live, you say so big child, road mountain is dangerous, you say this way in case there is a… how can I let them go, if these years are not Ding Xiang gimmicks, these hairy youngster names are not written yet.”

Ye Guang is very touched after listening to it. I think it is true that mountain village education and rural education is difficult, and it is difficult to find it in enlightenment education and elementary school. Now the average middle school can be boarded, even if it is a long way, one week student. They are only going back and forth once, and parents don’t have a big problem if they pick up and go to school.

However, this elementary school is difficult. Most of the rural primary schools are not perfect. The teaching facilities and quality are not mentioned first, and the scale is relatively small. It is not much different from the original private school. Some schools even have only two or three teacher. Even such a school, not every village will have, many children to go to school often have to walk a long way, Doutang Village too remote, surrounded by mountains, trapped in the ravine, there are no neighboring villages nearby, children go to school is more problematic, the mountain roads along the way are dangerous and difficult to walk, don’t say these children, even Ye guang and these adults must be careful to leave.

Ye Guang sighs, he wants to do something, but it seems that he can’t do anything. This is a big social problem, not what he can solve now. “Grandfather, is the child in the village now taught?”

“Yes, someone teaches.” Old stubborn nodded and his face changed. “It’s a bitter child to talk about. Now it’s a male teacher who teaches these boys, called Zhao Lei, not in our village. This young man is strong, very spiritual, and is a Infatuated species.”

Ye Guang and many writers have some doubts.

Old stubborn continued to explain, “This young man was originally directed at Ding Xiang, and he didn’t know when he saw Ding Xiang girl. When he saw this, he met Ding girl. He ran towards us, and later he simply did not leave, and taught the children together with Ding girl. It is a good boy, but Ding girl is also stubborn, saying that she is afraid of delaying other people and has never been with others”

Old stubborn eyes were dim. “It’s said that this Ding’s girl suddenly left. The most sad thing is Teacher Zhao. He was originally directed at Ding’s girl, but this person said nothing. We all do not want to delay people who are so good and big, and has persuaded him to leave. However, this teacher Zhao is also a donkey temper, and he can’t pull back the things he thinks, and he never leaves”

There is a fellow next to me who also interjected “Teacher Zhao is a good person, and it is a kind of love. He said that although Ding Xiang was gone, she was buried here, her soul is still here, and he has to be with her.”

Ye Guang looked around: “Which is Teacher Zhao?”

Old stubborn: “Not here, I didn’t see him today. I guess Teacher Zhao must go up the mountain early in the morning, let’s go, we will see him in a while.”

The mountain road is not easy to walk, there are many stone blocks in the pits, and many of the older people are carrying the old people, holding a little slowly and carefully.

Although the road is not easy to go, everyone insists on going, the elderly who are squatting, the pregnant women who are pregnant, the women holding the children, the men carrying the old people, the unhappy, and some difficult, but no one say no or to complain about anything like that.

Along the way, Ye Guang can see a cluster of white purple flowers everywhere. The more flowers that go up the mountain, the more beautiful the flowers are, but the beauty of the mountains and the wild is everywhere.

Ye Guang noticed that there were always children along the way, and villagers would fold a bunch of these flowers in their hands.

Ye Guang didn’t have any research on flowers. I didn’t know what flowers it was. Some curious questions asked, “Grandfather, what kind of flowers is this, it’s pretty beautiful.”

Old stubborn: “This is Lilac.”

Ye Guang: “Lilac?”

Old stubborn: “Well, Lilac is also the favorite flower of the girl, because her name is Ding Xiang, the people of all ages in the village remember, so they have folded a few, we went to see the girl. There was nothing to bring with them, just put a Lilac on her grave. When I was in the site, it was because Lishan was the best in the hill. She liked Lilac. Her name is Ding Xiang.”

Ye Guang was a little silent, and there was a very nice song I heard in Dream World.


Isn’t the word and sentence in this song very relevant to Ding Xiang in this world?

It’s just tailored for her. It’s said that this song has a story behind Dream World, but Ye Guang is not very clear about the story. He hasn’t seen it, but he thinks, there should be no more than this world. The story of Ding Xiang’s teacher is apt to this song.

You say you love lilac flowers the most.

Because for your name the word is her.

How much worry, the flowers

A sentimental man.

When the flower shrivelled

When the painting surface is fixed

What a delicate flower

but can’t hide over the wind blowing rain


At this moment, Ye Guang has an impulse to create this song in this world.

He wants this song to be sung in this world, and he wants Ding Xiang’s story to be more known.

She is a good teacher, a good teacher worthy of admiration.

Looking at the villager’s firm and thoughtful eyes, Ye Guang also has some understanding of the system’s main task Eternal Teacher of All Eras.

Between the vagueness, he seems to see the way he will go in the future.

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