MST Chapter 140 :

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Walking along the mountain road for a while, going to a place  I was suddenly bright.

The entrance is a flat land, and there are clusters of lilacs blooming everywhere. The white, pink and purple colors makes this small flat spot beautiful.

On one side of the flat is a solitary grave. There is a man leaning on the tablet in front of the grave, like asleep, holding a bottle in his hand, and a few empty bottles scattered on the ground.

“Arrived!” Old stubborn said with a sigh.


The folks are very silent. The children who had been lively and arrogant all the way had stopped, and even the crying children held by a woman in her hand were quiet.

It may be that the man who heard the movement, the man leaning on the tablet opened his eyes.

“Lei child, how do you drink so much wine.”

This man is Zhao Lei, looks very strong, there are some stubble, Zhao Lei piled an expression1 that doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “All come.”

He said, he stood up and swayed, and the two fellows hurried to help him. Zhao Lei waved his hand. “Nothing, I am fine.” Speaking and swaying, he turned to face the tombstone and muttered, “Everyone is coming to see you.”

“Everyone is coming to see you.” Zhao Lei repeated again, the tone was a bit higher.

“Everyone is coming to see you!”

“Everyone is coming to see you!!”

“Everyone is coming to see you!!!”

Zhao Lei shouted time and time again, shouted out at the end, and Ye Guang saw that the man had tears in his eyes.

“Lei child, don’t be like this.”

“Teacher Zhao, you are calm.”

Several villagers persuaded Zhao Lei and helped him to the side.

In the crowd, Ye Guang could already hear the children and the women sobbing gently.

There was a wind blowing, a burst of flowers, and a few light birds flying through the sky.

A grandmother with a white hair and a squatting back is already tearful and trembled. She trembled to the crowd and shouted at the tombstone. “Child, Ding Xiang, Grandma is coming to see you, come see you!!”

“Come to see you.” Old stubborn also shouted.

“Come to see you.” Another fellow shouted.

“All came to see you, can you see it in the heaven?”

“Teacher Ding, we come to see you.” Several children also shouted one after another.

At this moment, the air condenses an atmosphere called sadness.

The sound of sobs in the crowd was a little louder, and some old men also secretly wiped their eyes.

The child held in the woman’s hand also cried out with a “wow”.

Ye Guang’s nose is also a bit sour.

Emotions can be transmitted.

At this moment, he thought of a classic phrase from Dream World.

Some people are dead, he is still alive.

Ding Xiang went away and left the world, but she also lived in the hearts of everyone in Doutang Village. She never left in the hearts of the villagers.

Gone and shake your life

How many beautiful weaving dreams?

Just rushing you away

Leave it to me for a lifetime


For a while, the mood of the villagers stabilized. They went to worship Ding Xiang in advance, some took the brazier, some took paper money, some took incense sticks, and some took Lilac.

One after another, no jealousy, no noisy, everyone silently went to the grave, offering the one picked on the road or a handful of Lilac.

Ye Guang and many writers writers also followed the crowd to bow and offer flowers to Teacher Ding Xiang. On the way, I heard that Teacher Ding Xiang liked this Lilac, and the big guys also picked up some spontaneously.

There are many people coming, and there are many flowers. The small grave is covered with Lilac. There are several braided garlands in the grave. The graves are filled with flowers by the villagers. There are some monotonous graves. It looks a bit strange and beautiful.

The grave is full of flowers

Is the beauty you long for

You see, the mountains are everywhere.

Do you still feel lonely?


After the worship, the 12-year-old child, the biggest child, walked to the grave and bowed respectfully. This is a girl, some black and thin.

“Teacher, you like Lilac most, we brought Lilac to you. I also learned a new song. It is the new song of your favorite Liu Chiyan. You said that she is your idol, so I went to learn specifically. I sing to you.”

Ye Guang froze, Ding Xiang was Liu Chiyan fan?

The little girl started to sing.

“Where is the world full of flowers?”

“If it really exists then I will definitely go”


The little girl sang very well, and many high-pitched places couldn’t be sung, and the tune could not be found in the north.

But no one laughed, she sang badly, everyone listened to her seriously and sang with a cry.

The little girl sang the first paragraph, and Ye Guang also sang along with her when she sang the second paragraph.

“Unsuccessful after the failure”

“That is the performance of a coward.”


Some villagers looked at Ye Guang, who was suddenly sung, and some villagers couldn’t help but whisper, what do you sing? Will you sing? Is this the occasion you sing? Adding chaos?

The strange eyes of the villagers did not stop Ye Guang. He was the creator of the poem. At this time, he should sing her.

You listen, someone is singing.

That is your favorite song.

How many troubles in the world

Never have to worry about it again


After a song is finished, Ye Guang is facing the tombstone, and then he is talking to Teacher Ding Xiang tombstone. He also explained to the folks, “Teacher Ding Xiang, this song is just Liu Chiyan’s new song, this song. I created it. I am an employee of Liu Chiyan Studio. She didn’t come. I sang it for you. Thank you for loving her. I will tell her when I go back, she has a fan like you, I believe she will be very happy.” At the same time Ye Guang silently added a sentence, “I am also Liu Chiman husband, today I am also her representative, she will come to see you.”

After Ye Guang said, the villagers were a little surprised. The original creator of this song is here today.

The writers were also amazed that the outside world was not closed like a mountain village. The first “Chasing Dream With Pure Heart” is now in flames. Everywhere in the city can be heard. I didn’t expect it to be created by Ye Guang.

There is wind.

Candlelight was blown out.

It seems that Teacher Ding Xiang’s in Heaven responded to Ye Guang’s words.

Ye Guang: “Thank you for liking Liu Chiyan. I also made a song today, a song written for you. This song will also let Liu Chiyan sing when I go back, let her sing your story to all people in the world. I hope you like it.”

Ye Guang is facing the tombstone, as if Teacher Ding Xiang is standing in front of him, and he has nothing to say, just like talking to normal people.

A timid female writer shuddered.

Ye Guang: “I will sing it for you first. I will have a chance later. I will bring Liu Chiyan to let her personally sing this song for you.”

The villagers are a little surprised, there are songs? Write song to Ding Xiang?

The writers are even more stunned. They just realized that the Chasing Dream With Pure Heart was created by Ye Guang. Now Ye Guang said that he wrote a song to Ding Xiang, which surprised everyone. When did you write the song? We are always with you, why don’t we know?

No matter what they thought, Ye Guang cleared his throat and sang to himself, this song, he wants to sing to Teacher Ding Xiang, he believes that if Teacher Ding Xiang is in the sky, she will certainly hear.

You say you love lilac flowers the most

Because for your name the word is her

How much worry, the flowers

A sentimental man.

When the flower shrivelled

When the painting surface is fixed

What a delicate flower

but can’t hide over the wind blowing rain

Floating ah shake a life

More, less beautiful, woven dreams.

Just this kind of hasty you’re gone.

Leave to me a lifetime of hanging

That grave, full of fresh flowers.

Is how much you are thirsty for beauty ah

You look, that mountains are all over the wild.

Do you still feel lonely?

You listen, ah, there’s someone singing.

That song you love the most, huh?

The world is more, less, more and less,

From this not necessarily again involved

The courtyard is full of lilac flowers.

Fresh flowers full of purple and beautiful

I’m here with her.

Protect her for a lifetime…

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