BTC Chapter 340 : The screen is gone

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“Operational virtual projection! God, I have fallen in love with this mobile phone!” On a live broadcast platform in United States, American netizens saw it here and couldn’t help but speak.

“Why is there such a powerful mobile phone in the world? Compared with it, Apple, Samsung and LG we use are slag!” Some people feel.

“Is it out of the woods? China Science and Technology is more developed than us!”

“Is this really a mobile phone? Not the kind of high Science and Technology that is not sold?”

“Why didn’t this phone sell in the US earlier? I just loved it!”


The domestic audience is even more ignited, crazy screen. What “666”, “buy, buy, buy” and other words broke the comment area.

The function that HXV-1 smart projection mobile phone is showing now is that they can’t help but want to buy it!

Korea, LG Group, Jiang Maomin did not go to red letter’s press conference site, but has been paying attention to the live broadcast of the conference.

From the appearance of virtual character Hong Yun, he has some bad feelings until he sees it here. He is already shaking his head and sighing. Before the advanced virtual operation experience of Red Letter, the curved folding mobile phone that they released just appeared to become a pediatrics!

Not to mention ordinary users, just to change to himself, I also want to try to experience such smart products!

The folded screen, just playing on the screen, the real mobile experience is not necessarily improved and because of the immature surface folding technology, it has also led to some new problems. Recently, users have complained in feedback.

Now that HXV-1 smart projection mobile phone of Red Letter appears, what kind of surface folding does the user care about?

He can predict that in the near future, if smart products can’t bring a virtual projection, it is estimated that they can’t be sold!

“Red letter, skill is better!” Jiang Maomin’s wrinkles are a bit deeper. In recent years, LG Group has been the leader of the times. He is already seventy years old, but still thinks he is full of vitality and leads the group. However, today, he feels the meaning of “old”. He has been unable to keep up with the pace of this young company.

Su Zhirong introduced some basic virtual projection operations, and said: “The operation of virtual projection has more gameplay. We also hope that users can experience it themselves and create more creative gameplay.”

“And our group is working hard to create more projection entertainment, such as virtual projection movies, games, etc. We are also working with some companies to develop new projection apps.”

After the introduction of the first smart product, the enthusiasm of the audience has been raised. There are already countless people asking, how is this phone sold? how much is it? Where and what is it for sale?

However, Su Zhirong sold a piece of it, not mentioning it, but began to introduce the second smart product launched at the conference.

The staff handed Su Zhirong something, and Su Zhirong put it on his hand.

“Everyone can guess, what is this?” Su Zhirong held the white arm and showed it to the audience.

On her wrist, wearing a soft band of metal texture, a bit like a decorative bracelet, also a bit like a watch, but no dial.

“What is this?” The audience speculated.

“Is this a feminine ornament?” An American journalist was speculated.

“Unlike, definitely an electronic product! Maybe a smart bracelet?”

“Smart bracelet? It’s a bit like it.”

“Maybe it’s a smart watch!” Someone said, “I think the belt is like a strap.”

“Why is there no dial for smart watches? I think it is a smart bracelet!” According to the nature of the company, most people think that Su Zhirong is wearing a smart bracelet.

The smart bracelet has always been in a very awkward position, with simple functions, less audience teaching, and too many cheap and inferior goods.

Su Zhirong said: “I heard a lot of voices. Most of the audience thought that this is a smart bracelet! In fact, everyone guessed it!”

“This is indeed a smart product, but not a smart bracelet, but a smart watch!”

Su Zhirong finished, everyone is full of curiosity, smart watches? Smart watch without dial? Or the dial is not installed, is it customizable to install?

Su Zhirong’s finger was placed on the strap, and the fingerprint was unlocked, and a fingerprint was projected from the strap.

In the air, a virtual operation interface is formed.

“This is the first smart projection watch of our red letter! Everyone is not mistaken, it does not have a dial, because we completely removed the dial when designing! Its dial is a virtual projection!”

“This is the first smart product we try to physically screen. Don’t look at its small size. His function is similar to that of Red Letter smartphone. Because of the virtual projection interface and smart chip, we are operating 6G communication network in US  allows smart watches to achieve all the basic functions that smart products have! And it is lighter than smartphones, easy to carry, not damaged, waterproof, leakproof, and radiation resistant…”

“The functions of smart projection watches and smart projection phones still have some differences, because we can’t make two products with the same function. The projection range of smart projection watches is relatively smaller than that of mobile phones, adding pulse, heart rate test and other health function, not so much as a mobile smart device, but rather a private life assistant, a healthy type of smart product!”

This smart watch has also attracted a lot of attention.

Some insiders have even worried about it. As we all know, Apple is now a big one in the smart watch market.

Now Red Letter has launched a smart-projection watch with no dial, which is equivalent to further suppressing Apple’s market!

And this kind of screen-off product, since it can be used on smart watches, can also be used on smart phones. I believe that screenless smartphones, computers, TVs, etc. will come soon.

“Be sure to work with Red Letters to buy their virtual projection accessories and design our physical screenless products!” Some guests have secretly sent messages to the company or the group behind them, and they have seen a revolution in smart products.

Just like the camera, virtual projection accessories will become the necessary store optics for smart products.

When the second smart product was introduced, the number of viewers at Red Letter conference had already increased tenfold! All over the world, there are viewers watching the global conference of Red Letter!

This is a feast of Science and Technology, the climax of the year.

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