MST Chapter 141 : I may be a teacher in the future

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Ye Guang has Sounds of nature Tone skill. Although there is no accompaniment, the singing is also very charming. The main reason is that he is now immersed in strong emotions. The emotions that broke out in the song quickly infected all people.

At first, the big guy just listened to him quietly.

Every sentence and every paragraph of his story is like telling Ding Xiang story.

When Ye Guang sang the second quarter, the women who were already sentimental in the crowd couldn’t help but cry, and then the men have tears in their eyes, and they looked sad.

You can’t think that it’s just an exaggeration, Teacher Ding Xiang stayed in this mountain village a for 7 years, 7 years of getting along with villagers, Teacher Ding Xiang is such a good person,  Everyone in the village likes her. Treating her like a family member, such a good girl is gone, the villagers are very sad, and the hearts of the people are all fleshy, Ding Xiang devoted her life to the children in this mountain village, how can the villagers not even report to her with affection?

Ye Guang’s voice is very infectious. Every word in the song is directly hitting everyone’s heart, reminding them of Teacher Ding Xiang’s, and the heart can’t stop feeling sentimental.

A song is finished.

Ye Guang once again confronted the tombstone. “This song, written for you, is called Lilac. I will let Liu Chiyan sing and let her sing your song to everyone. This song, do you like it?”

It seems that Ding Xiang is in front of Ye Guang, and Ye Guang actually said a question.

The timid female writer shuddered again.

He… Ye Guang… He won’t see anything.

The wind is starting again.

The gentle wind brings a burst of flowers and sorrow.

The sad mood of everyone seems to be more peaceful because of this breeze.

Ending the worship of Teacher Ding Xiang, Ye Guang returned with the fellows.

Zhao Lei didn’t leave.

Ye Guang also took the time to talk to this sturdy man.

“I’m not leaving, I have to accompany her here.”

“Leave? Where do you leave? She’s here, I won’t go.”

“I am willing to teach the children and accompany her here.”

“The children have to be taught. It turned out to be her before. It is me now.”

“Worthy? Not worth it? What’s the point of thinking so much?”

“There must be someone doing this.”

“Just ideal”

When leaving Doutang Village, Ye Guang’s heart has always been heavy.

Although I have been through Dream World for many years, it is only a dream, it is unreal, and it is difficult to integrate with himself. In reality, he is still young and has little experience.

On this day, he sincerely admired two people in his heart.

One is Ding Xiang, who has only seen black and white photos, and the other is Teacher Zhao Lei, the sturdy man with stubble.

They are very common in speaking, and they are insignificant in this mortal being. They are just ordinary people, but their personality can stand tall and be so great.

The mountain road is difficult to walk, and when it is out of the mountain, it is already dark.

It took nearly two hours for the bus to go to the city, It was almost eight o’clock after Ye Guang arrived from the provincial Writers Association.

“Come back.” Liu Chiyan greeted him.

“Mn.” Ye Guang responded.

“Hungry, I left you a meal, but it was a little cold, I’ll warm it.”

“No, just eat like that. It’s also comfortable to eat some cold food today.”

“OK.” Liu Chiyan did not insist, and went to help Ye Guang prepare the tableware.

Ye Guang has no appetite, and hurriedly pulled a few bites of rice “Did Yiyi sleep?” Didn’t see her.”

Liu Chiyan propped her head and looked at Ye Guang to eat. “No, it’s in my parents.”

Ye Guang: “Ah? Why did she go to our parents?”

Liu Chiyan smiled: “Dad heard that you can’t pick up Yiyi today. So he went to pick up Yiyi in the early afternoon, and lived with our parents this evening. Dad will send her to the school tomorrow morning.”

Ye Guang nodded. “Yiyi can get used to it. She is alone with our parents.”

Liu Chiyan: “Habit, why don’t she get used to it? I just had phone with her, she is so happy in our parent’s house, she is more happy than with us.”

Ye Guang smiled, too, he was not very funny, he and Yiyi often grab things together, not grabbing snacks or grabbing games, but in the parents, she can be free, parents treat her as a granddaughter.

After dinner, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan watched TV on sofa for a while, then took a shower and went back to the room to sleep.

Lying on the bed for a while, Liu Chiyan nestled in his arms and said softly, “Are you sleeping?”

After a few seconds, Ye Guang replied, “No.”

“What are you thinking about?”


“You don’t seem too happy today, what happened?”

Ye Guang was silent for a while, didn’t answer, and asked, “Liu’er, do you have a dream?”

Liu Chiyan glanced, “How to ask this.” Liu Chiyan paused. “My dream is to spend a lifetime with you.”

Ye Guang smiled. “I don’t mean this. I am talking about whether you have anything you want to do and pursue your ideal goal.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment, “I have succeeded enough, and it seems that there is not much pursuit.”

Ye Guang muttered. “I don’t seem to have any. In fact, I didn’t have any dreams since I was a child. When I said it was ambitious, but I did not have any ideals.”

Liu Chiyan grabbed the key words in his words, “So? What about now?

Ye Guang held Liu Chiyan in his arms. “Now, there is no, but… I seem to know the way I will go in the future.”

Liu Chiyan: “What do you want to do in the future?”

Ye Guang was silent for a few seconds. “I… I maybe a teacher in the future.”

Poof.” Liu Chiyan couldn’t help but laugh. “As long as you are a teacher, there is no right way all day.”

Ye Guang said, “How can I not be a teacher? I have been a teacher.”

Liu Chiyan cut her voice and ignored him. She didn’t believe that Ye Guang would be a teacher.

Ye Guang: “How can I tell the truth to you and you still don’t believe it? I’m really.”

Liu Chiyan saw him say that he was serious and confused. She turned to look at Ye Guang and looked at his eyes. It seems that he is telling the truth…

Liu Chiyan wondered, “Do you really want to be a teacher in the future?”

Ye Guang thought about it and nodded gently. “Maybe.”

Liu Chiyan was silent. It took a while to speak. “Teacher is also very good. Teaching and educating people is a very noble profession. It means less income. It doesn’t matter. I have money. I will raise you later.”

Ye Guang is happy, and kissed her on her face. “It’s like saying that if I don’t want to be a teacher, it doesn’t need to be raised. You don’t pay me a salary. Now, I don’t see a penny myself, it’s not all you gave living expenses.”

Liu Chiyan is very cute and spits out a small tongue. “Yes, I will raise you, I will raise you no matter what you do.”

Ye Guang smiled. “If you can raise my living expenses, you can do it.”

“Stop dreaming.” Liu Chiyan refused without thinking. “Why do you suddenly want to be a teacher?”

Ye Guang was silent.

“Not suddenly, I just didn’t want to be controlled.”

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