MST Chapter 127 : Private Money

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The next morning, Ye Guang didn’t get up for a long time, Jiang Fengxian called.

“Old Jiang, good weekend, have you eaten yet?”

Opposite, Jiang Fengxian look at the time, 10:29, “You mean breakfast or lunch, breakfast time has passed, and lunch time is still a little bit worse.”

Ye Guang smiled and said, “Say, what about the ratings?”

Jiang Fengxian at the other end of the phone was a little excited. “Yes, the ratings, CCTV ratings were sent over, the audience rating of 1.08, ranked fifth! Broken 1!”

Ye Guang faintly said: “Just like this, it’s okay, I’ll hang up, I’ll have breakfast.”

Jiang Fengxian: “No, Advisor Ye, this is your show. Now that the ratings are so good, how do you react? Are you not happy? ”

Ye Guang: “This is not the fifth thing.”

Jiang Fengxian: “How many do you want?”

Ye Guang: “It’s almost the same as taking the first one.”

Jiang Fengxian is speechless. “Your heart is really big…”

On the same day, Journey to the West ratings were also reported by various media.

“The first traditional art program has a rating of 1”

“Is Journey to the West’s ratings break 1 is short-lived?”

“The Rise of Folk Art Storytelling”


Netizens from all walks of life are also talking about it.

“Is it legit or not? This program has broken the ratings?”

“Can’t be wrong, so many multimedia reports.”

“I still don’t believe that the ratings of the storytelling program can be broken 1? Just kidding.”

“The story is good, you don’t listen to it.”

“The story is good, but this is a storytelling program. There is no such precedent.”

“The story named by the CPPCC is awesome.”

“Is not it, if it was not accidentally named at the meeting, I would not believe that the storytelling program could be fired.”

“I believe that it will not be a few days after the fire, and when the wind has passed, I will have to fight it!”

“That is, I can read the novel and occasionally listen to the storytelling, but I will never watch the storytelling on TV. In the past few days, Journey to the West has been very hot, but I didn’t see it anyway.”

“I didn’t even look at it. When I saw it, I changed the channel and I had no love for the storytelling.”

“This program is really good. I have watched it for two days. The novel theme is classical mythology. I suggest you take a look.”

“The day before yesterday and yesterday just started broadcasting, and it was Friday and Saturday. There was another story named at the CPPCC meeting. The ratings are good. But it is estimated that it is a short-lived one. It is not necessarily good in the future. Anyway, I am not optimistic.”

“On the contrary, I am very optimistic about this program. Now folk art programs are getting worse and worse. It’s hard to see such a show. It’s a clear stream, and I hope it will get better and better.”

Netizens have a lot of arguments, they are optimistic, and they are not optimistic, but no matter how netizens comment, they still have to see the results of the program.

Ye Guang today also hollow, finally relaxed a day, did not go anywhere, in the home nest, during this time, I was busy everyday, originally Liu Chiyan also ready to let Ye Guang go with Yiyi to buy a small schoolbag stationery, Ye Guang too lazy to move so evade the road, “Buy what, do not buy, these schools will send, school uniforms, school bags, stationery and school uniform are issued, do not specifically buy.”

Liu Chiyan: “Is there still this?”

Ye Guang: “Of course, otherwise you think why tuition fees are so expensive! Simply, there are more than 500 pieces of such things, what tuition, tuition fees, and food expenses add up to one-time I have paid two thousand.”

Liu Chiyan: “Not much.”

Ye Guang gritted: “Of course not much for you!”

Liu Chiyan smiled and suddenly thought of something, “No! Where are you coming from two thousand yuan! ”

Ye Guang was surprised and sweaty.

Whoops! Speaking of a leak, in order to help Yiyi to enter a school, he used the original 10,000 yuan of private money, otherwise he was unable to pay tuition for hundreds of pieces.

Ye Guang sweating, “That… Dad paid the money.”

Liu Chiyan will be suspicious, “Really?”

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, really!”

Liu Chiyan cut a sentence, she didn’t believe it. “Then I called and asked Dad to return the money to Dad. how can I get my dad to pay for Yiyi’s schooling.” Liu Chiyan said that she would take out her mobile phone and make a call.

Ye Guang stopped quickly, “Don’t! Our Dad is not ignorant of Yiyi. You have to call the money to pay for it. He was sure to get angry when you called to raise money on this phone. Besides, Yiyi got into his household account, and he got a granddaughter out. What’s wrong with paying for tuition!”

Liu Chiyan didn’t really want to call. She just teased Ye Guang. “Then don’t call.”

Ye Guang nodded with satisfaction and relieved.

Liu Chiyan said again, “There is not much money in private housing.”

“Well, not much… shit.” Ye Guang just put down his watch and said that he missed his mouth. “You set me up!”

Liu Chiyan snorted and the old god was on the road. “Who told you to be stupid, please hand it over.”

Ye Guang shook his head.

Liu Chiyan blinked.

Ye Guang is shaking his head.

Liu Chiyan blinks again!

Ye Guang recognized, found out a thousand yuan, “Give you! Housekeeper!”

Liu Chiyan took the money, smiled proudly, and then stretched out her hand, “There are all, hand it in!”

Ye Guang: “No, that’s all.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t believe it, “Why not sleep on sofa at night!!”

Ye Guang hesitated for a moment, then he chose money on the sofa. “It’s gone!”

This trick is not good, Liu Chiyan has changed another move, “You will not touch me in the future!”

Ye Guang once again stunned. In Liu Chiyan and the money, he decisively chose Liu Chiyan, joking, can money be used to compare with dear wife?

Ye Guang pulled out another 1,200 yuan. “That’s all, I will give it to you!”

Liu Chiyan didn’t believe that this was all Ye Guang’s private money, but she didn’t force Ye Guang. “Forget it, let go of you, and see what you can do for Yiyi.” Said, Liu Chiyan returned the money to Ye Guang. “Return you, just reward you.”

Ye Guang froze, then took it quickly, “Thank, wife!” In other words, Ye Guang is a Taurus, a small wealthy fan.

Liu Chiyan smiled and said, “I said that you have to use money to tell me, that it is, I am not not giving you,  you still hide some private money, not allowed next time, next time all confiscated!”

Ye Guang nodded.

The mouth is promised, but, as a married man without financial rights, hiding money is the subconscious behavior, how could it be changed? When it is time to hide it, you have to hide it. Even if it is useless, some people even hide it. More than ten years of private house money, but he didn’t spend a penny, but his life is not as good as the comfortable money that is not hiding money, every day is tight.

However, most people still enjoy this and change their private money.

Maybe it’s because I want to drink more occasionally.

Maybe because I want to take a pack of good smoke occasionally.

Maybe he just wants to hide some money. Why is he hiding himself?

Ye Guang belongs to this kind of thing. He actually has no use for hiding money. Liu Chiyan is usually pay for daily expenses. Liu Chiyan is also pay when he needs money. He has 800 pieces of pocket money every month. He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink alcohol, he doesn’t go out to fool around, and there aren’t many places to spend money. It’s really not necessary to hide private money.

But he just wants to hide, it doesn’t matter if he had more money or less, one piece and two pieces was also love, just want to hide some private money, have money and have the confidence!

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