MST Chapter 156 : Ye Guang Paralysis

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Just Heavenly King Liu was in practice room, just heard someone shouting outside, shouting, he didn’t hear it clearly, but this time he heard it clearly, a black line appeared.

Heavenly King Liu smiled bitterly. “Forget it, don’t mutter, open the door, I will meet him, so shouting and bringing everyone.”

The black man also smiled, turned and opened the door.

Ye Guang still wants to shout, “Liu Xuecheng! You open the door, don’t hide.” The door is open. Liu Xuecheng is staring at him. “Uh, Heavenly King Liu.”

Liu Xuecheng is notoriously good-tempered, Ye Guang is so angry that he is not angry, smiles, “Assistant Ye, what is it?”

Ye Guang chuckled, “Heavenly King Liu, bother, didn’t I ask for your signature last time. This time we are all on a TV station. I am thinking about this and I will ask you for a signature.”

Liu Xuecheng: “Oh, this matter, OK, no problem.”

Ye Guang smiled and handed in the paper and pen. “This time I brought a pen and paper.”

Heavenly King Liu thought about May Day party. He couldn’t help but smile. He took the pen and paper. He signed a name for Ye Guang and returned the signed small book to Ye Guang.

Ye Guang took it with satisfaction.

Heavenly King Liu: “Assistant Ye, I heard that Liu Chiyan’s songs are all arranged by you. The “Invisible Wings” that Liu Chiyan sang yesterday is also yours, very good.”

Ye Guang waved his hand and said modestly. “It’s all clumsy, clumsy, laughed, laughed.”

Heavenly King Liu smiled. “Assistant Ye is too modest. Liu Chiyan said in public that you are a big gifted scholar, Assistant Ye, when will to help me make a song?”

Ye Guang: “Of course, there is no problem, there is a chance, there is a chance to help you make a good one.”

Liu Xuecheng: “Well, then I will say so. You will not be able to perfuse me if I am looking for a song next time.”

Liu Xuecheng wants to practice the song and he didn’t talk much to Ye Guang, Ye Guang got Heavenly King Liu signature, the goal was reached, after few words, Ye Guang left and satisfied.

After Ye Guang left, the black man closed the door. “Brother, do you really want to invite him to make a songs?”

Liu Xuecheng: “Yes, can’t you?”

Black man, “Isn’t it okay, is it him?”

Liu Xuecheng smiled: “Xiao Hei, don’t look at this guy , it’s a little funny, but Liu Chiyan said is true, he is a big gifted scholar, originally gave Liu Chiyan  May 1 party for the first “Chasing dream with a childlike heart” has been amazing to me, yesterday that Invisible Wings is also very good, and he is now on the CCTV broadcast of journey to the West storytelling show I also saw some, very good, easy people do not come out, this person’s road is wide, later will be a character, you look at it.”

Xiao Hei: “I haven’t listened to your praise for a long time.”

Ye Guang returned to Liu Chiyan’s exclusive area, holding a small notebook signed by Liu Xuecheng, and appeared in front of Liu Chiyan. “Look, Heavenly King Liu autograph, finally got it.”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “When you go out for a long time, you are going to find Heavenly King Liu to sign?”

Ye Guang: “Not all, go out and breathe, and go to Heavenly King Liu to sign.” Say, Ye Guang wants to start, and slap his head. “Ah, Heavenly King Liu has forgot to return my pen to me, no, I am looking for him.”

Liu Chiyan quickly pulled him with black line. “Can you not be embarrassed!!”

Ye Guang smiled and sat down honestly on the Sofa.

At nights

The Strongest Voice starts again.

Still the routine, Host Ren Keling and Yi Shan first read a series of advertising words, then introduced several judges and teachers, and finally entered the topic with great expectations.

Ren Keling: “Yesterday, our judges announced the proposition of today’s game, national style! We are China, so it is naturally Chinese style. After a day of selection and singing, our contestants also have today’s national style works.”

Yi Shan: “Yes, the contestants are the top singers of music industry. I believe they will bring you very nice Chinese style songs today.”

Ren Keling: “The game is cruel. Today, one of our soy sauce players will be eliminated, and there will be strong confrontation. We will wait and see who will be better.”

Yi Shan: “Next, we will invite the first player.”

Ren Keling: “The order of the player’s appearances has been sorted by lottery. Before the show started, our contestants have already drawn lots to determine the order of appearance tonight, let us see the big screen.”

On the big screen, there are five separate shots, which are the pictures of the five players when they draw the lottery in order, and there are pictures to accompany the shooting. Because of time, the five pictures are clipped together.

Careful audience found that Liu Chiyan draw picture, behind the sofa on the crooked paralysis of a person, fork legs, hands placed in front of the abdomen, mouth open, closed eyes asleep, mouth still have the spit, Liu Chiyan just smoked good sign, smoke in number 4th, smiling toward camera, and then found that seems to focus on the back, looked at a glance, saw Ye Guang sleeping position, some without words moved to the middle, blocking the camera with embarrassed a smile, the picture ended here.

Many viewers have noticed this scene, and there is some laughter on the scene.

Ye Guang in the lounge through the TV on the wall also saw the split screen picture of Liu Chiyan playing on the big screen, with a black line, “lying trough! When did this matter, how to shoot it.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a white look. “You still said, who let you fall asleep on Sofa in the afternoon, and it’s so ugly to sleep, the staff member took it when the lottery was drawn.”

Ye Guang patted his forehead. “My first name, why don’t you wake me up.”

Liu Chiyan: “How do I know that they suddenly came, and then took a picture and I woke you up.”

Ye Guang is speechless. “Good Goddess don’t shoot, focus on what I do! I have to find that cameramen to go to account! ”

Liu Chiyan: “Cancel, stop! Still not enough to be embarrassed?”

After this day, the Internet wind up an expression, a person’s sleeping position, this expression was received by countless netizens into the expression pack, this expression also has a unique name: Ye Guang Paralysed.

Ye Guang was followed by a netizen titled ‘Mobile Emoticon Pack’.

The results of the draw were announced: Liu Xuecheng unfortunately became the number 1, Feng Qiu Huang No. 2, He Xing No. 3, Liu Chiyan No. 4, and Han Yurou taking the No. 5 finale had the best chance.

In many cases, the order of the competition type programs is actually very important, because the audience’s senses will be refreshed by the next player at any time, even if you actually sing better than your next player, but after the next player enters the stage, the audience I was immersed in his singing emotions. After the end, in fact, the audience’s consciousness is more about the sense of the last player, so you may feel that the last player sings better.

Yi Shan: “The player’s appearance order has been announced. Next, we will invite the first contestant.”

Ren Keling: “Request the pleasure of seeing, Heavenly King Liu!”

The audience applauded.

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