BTC Chapter 327 : Sudden Public Opinion

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“They are killing chickens to warn monkeys. The raw materials and accessories we purchase in United States will increase our price in the future.” Tang Gang dismissed the comments at dinner table.

Taking advantage off-duty hours, Lu Zixin, Tang Gang, Xie Gan, Yao Li and other high-level companies to drink a little wine, gossip about work and other things.

“Fortunately, we have invested in a lot of spare parts suppliers in the past two years, and provided a lot of technology licenses to domestic partners. Reducing purchases from United States, so we have little effect on the group.” Yao Li and Tang Gang met a cup, said.

“But I can’t let them be so arrogant!” In addition to Lu Zixin, Xie Gan is the youngest, so he is full of enthusiasm and said: “If our mobile phone can enter North American market, it will definitely beat Apple and Samsung and become world’s number one smartphone manufacturer!”

“At the time, plus our global network of 6G communication networks, we can also serve as the world’s largest communications company, and the two swords are invincible!”

“Which is so easy?” Tang Gang shook his head. “The tax on the import of electronic products in United States is very heavy. When our group enters North American market, they will definitely come up with various policies to suppress us. Say you wanna make money, maybe you will lose money!”

“They can’t stand it anymore.” Xie Gan sighed. “Seeing that 6G nets are already popular in our country, they are still dead!”

“Of course, they can’t stand it!” Yao Li coldly snorted and said, “Science and Technology in United States has been developing for so many years, especially in communications industry. Now they have started to use 5G network communication, and for 6G still waiting for one and a half years.”

“And as long as we leading our products, they will go back to Bala and study it hundreds of times!”

Speaking of this, Yao Li is still a bit uncomfortable and said: “It is said that our Kunpeng battery factory, only one of our lithium-ion batteries, and now there are dozens of battery suppliers in United States and Japan countries can provide lithium-air batteries. Those foreign mobile phones and mobile electronic devices such as notebooks and batteries have come a big way.”

“This is just one aspect, and the other kind that leads to our HX2S smartphones, not too many other mobile phones.”

“What the fear, wait for our new generation of smart phones to come out and scare them!” At this time, Mo Liangyan, senior executive vice president of Red Letter Electronics, said that while he drank some wine and was full of red light and said: “Wait for us to add on virtual projection on mobile phone, their mobile phones will be completely eliminated!”

“President Lu, really? Is there a virtual projection for the next generation of Red Letter smartphones?” Xie Gan asked curiously, they didn’t know the progress in the institute, but they knew this research goal.

Lu Zixin smiled mysteriously and said: “The new generation of red letter smartphones is absolutely beyond your imagination. I can’t reveal the specifics. When the results of the institute come out, you will know.”

“Is there really a virtual projection on mobile phone?” Tang Gang wondered, Lu Zixin’s words made him guess in this respect.

“If it is true, can our smart glasses be equipped with projection parts?” Xie Gan is also curious.

“Buddha, can’t say, can’t say.” Lu Zixin continued to remain mysterious, toasted: “Come for a drink, I hope that our Red Letter Group will conquer North American smartphone market as soon as possible and become the world’s number one!”

“Dry!” The crowd no longer asked, just toasting.


Now in the company, there are some rumors in the market, it is said that the next generation of smart products of Red Letter will carry micro virtual projection function.

Many people are very interested in this. In the past six months, virtual projection technology has been used in more and more occasions.

For example, in a shopping mall, installing a large LED display can cost millions of dollars, but if you install a virtual projection device to project advertising, it can not only save a lot of direct costs, but also reduce the decoration process, save space, attract tourists and so on.

Or multimedia classrooms, conference rooms, hospitals, scientific research institutions, etc., where virtual projection are installed in some places with sufficient funds.

But these are limited to medium and large devices. If a smart phone that you can carry with you can also have these functions, the experience is absolutely good.

You can play virtual projection games without purchasing a dedicated virtual projection game console, and you can see virtual projection movies without going to the cinema. Virtual projection is not limited by the screen, but many places where advanced projection equipment is not available, maybe only a small smartphone will solve the problem in the future.

The domestic media has said a lot about catching the wind. Red letter has not officially responded, but there are many speculations on the Internet.

Even this content was transferred away from foreign media and reprinted on large media websites in United States, causing a sensation on Internet.

The title of this post is: “Are you still using an Apple phone? China smartphone has already led us in an era!”

The content of the post is also very intense, first listed many features of Red Letter smartphone, and Apple’s latest mobile phone comparison. Among them, Red Letter smartphone has been boasted for a long time, and Apple mobile phone is sloppy, uninspired, and worthless.

With the sharp world, I really don’t know whether it is deliberately boasting red letter or deliberately discrediting apple.

After the post, the content is even more exaggerated. It is directly claimed that Chinese people are using 6G network to facilitate learning, living, medical care, travel and so on. Virtual projection movies and virtual projection games have become popular, and even the next generation of mobile phones of Red Letter will be launched soon, will also have virtual projection capabilities.

Such a convenient network and equipment, which affects all aspects of people’s lives, cannot be introduced normally because of the policies of US government. The American people, who are known as the most developed countries in the world, have actually fallen behind China…

As soon as this article came out, it immediately caused great controversy.

Many American netizens still don’t know about these things. When they saw this report, they expressed their opinions.

“Is this report true? Is China already developed than ours? It is impossible!”

“Nonsense! Reporters who talk indiscriminately should go to hell!”

“This must have been written by Chinese people, deliberately promoting their country.”

“I went to China in the past year, I don’t have these things at all!”

“This is true! Do not believe you can check!”

There are also more real netizens who really went to check the information and found that many of the reports in this report are true, but they are also mixed with some private goods.

“My Scorpio, I have never been concerned about the news, China’s Science and Technology have developed to this point? Apple phones are not as good as Red Letter phones!” Some people are amazed.

“Why is the mainstream media never reporting? I really don’t know if I don’t searched for it!”

“Why aren’t such good things introduced? Are those people getting water in their minds? 6G network, virtual projection game, think about it!”

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  1. Its kind of funny. No matter how much this novel beats on the u.s.a. for bullying china because the u.s. is worried about china stealing technology. Red letter company is actually using technology ripped off from American corporations in a round about way. Like if the Americans in the novel ever got their hands on one of the source technologies and saw the original manufacturing marks it would be bad.

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