BTC Chapter 519 : Hello Hiro Hamada, I’m also Xiaohong

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With two robots in the R&D, Lu Zixin doesn’t have to worry too much.

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group. After a long time, Lu Zixin finally fulfilled his obligations as group owner. Recruiting new ones!

Mr. L : “Finally we can recruit new people.”

Peter Parker : “Finally there are new people? The last time we recruited new people was about a year ago!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Hello everyone, I am a cute little Red Queen.]”

Mr. L : “@Red Queen, the newcomer starts with Red envelope.”

He finished, the group prompts : “Red Queen sent lucky Red envelope, please click to receive.”

It’s too late and so fast, so Lu Zixin only can relies on the experience of grabbing Red envelope and clicks on it directly – but then, the group prompts : “You have grabbed Red Queen blessing: I wish you a happy New Year last year.”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: vomiting blood!]”

The little spider was estimated to have been tricked, he immediately said: “Red Queen, please don’t tease. I almost thought the phone was broken!”

Skynet : “Oh, stupid human tricks.”

In the hint of grabbing red envelope, it also grabbed Red Queen’s Red envelope.

Red Queen pretended to be at a loss and sent a message : “[emoticon: cute] everyone, I have already issued red envelope, is there someone new?”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: no, hurry up, I will ask you again.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: blackening]”

While watering the group, Lu Zixin activated the option to randomly invite group members in the group.

Group Tip : “Inviting random group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…”

A few hours later, the new group message reminder finally came : “‘Hiro Hamada’ has joined the group.”

“Hiro Hamada? Who?” Lu Zixin felt unfamiliar with this name, so he opened his profile to check.

His appearance is a boy with black hair, he looks only ten years old, with a little childishness.

Hiro Hamada : “14 years old, a mechanical prodigy from the world of super technology , with extraordinary talents in mechanical design and manufacturing.”

The super technology world is a world of super-Science and Technology. Their Science and Technology level is similar to some parallel worlds in Marvel universe, but the world of super technology world focused on the research and manufacturing of robots.

Mr. L : “Welcome, genius boy, this is a group rule, take a look.” Lu Zixin sent the group rules to Hiro Hamada.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: funny face.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: group status suddenly rises!]”

Peter Parker : “The new group member has arrived, so I am not the youngest?”

At this moment, In the super technology world, in a small utility room, Hiro Hamada is looking at the data in the group through the computer.

“Parallel world chat room? It’s so interesting!” Hiro Hamada jumped up excitedly and shouted to the side : “Big White, what do you see I found? A parallel world chat room!”

Behind him, a white and fat robot stared at him blankly and said: “You are in a good mood. If you are satisfied with my service. I can go to sleep.”

Big White body is made from carbon fiber mechanical bones and Big White appearance is white inflatable airbags. Soft and fat. This is a human medical companion robot designed by Hiro Hamada brother, Tadashi. Its main function is to detect and treat humans’ bad physical conditions, not only physically, but also psychologically and emotionally.

“No, Big White, I must change this setting. You can’t always sleep, we still have a lot to do!”Hiro Hamada said.

He operates the computer and chats in the group.

Hiro Hamada : “Hello, everyone! I am Hiro Hamada.”

Red Queen : “Hello Hiro Hamada, I’m also Xiaohong.” [X-N: Hiro Hamada name in chinese is Xiao Hong, so you know Red Queen joke.]

Hiro Hamada : “…”

Hiro Hamada : “Wait, these people in the group. Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, Reed Richards. Is it a superhero?”

Being a superhero, the little spider proudly said : “Yes, it’s me, Spider-Man!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: contempt.]”

Hiro Hamada excitedly said : “This is so cool! Super hero, super technology!””

Behind him, Big White reminded : “Your mood is in violent fluctuations.”

“I know! But I’m so excited! Big white, can you think, I am actually in the same chat room with superhero? And there’s Iron Man I admired the most, oh, if I can make his suit, it would be nice.“ Hiro Hamada said with a dance, but Big white just stared at him.

In the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Tony Stark also appeared, and tweeted : “Oh, looks like I have another small fan.”

Hiro Hamada said quickly : “Mr. Stark, I admire you the most. Your steel shirt is so cool. I want to make something like that too!”

Tony Stark : “Let’s try it.”

Hiro Hamada : “Really? Can I do it too?”

Tony Stark : “Of course, are you not a genius?”

Hiro Hamada : “That is what I brag.”

He used to call himself a genius, but in this group he didn’t dare to say that.

Hiro Hamada : “Boss, I also made a design drawing of the steel shirt. Can you give me some advice?”

“Oh, send it to see.” Tony Stark said.

Soon, Hiro Hamada sent a design drawing in the group.

Red Queen : “[masked emoticon: your picture is very good, I accepted it!]”

Tony Stark : “Your design is very good, but the power system is not enough, the weapon system… why do you want weapons? Kid, it’s dangerous to play weapon and this model seems a bit big.”

Hiro Hamada said embarrassingly : “This is not for me, it is for Big White.”

Tony Stark saw this steel suit completely imitated his suit design. Similar to Mark II armor, but the performance is much worse.

“At this age, you can do this. Really a genius.” Tony Stark said in a rare admiration, “With some small improvements, you can use this suit.”

With that, he added some modifications.

Hiro Hamada took a closer look and was very happy. He said : “Yes, I said how it feels imperfect. It turned out, I designed these places wrong. Thank you for your guidance!”

“Haha, Big White, your armor can be designed!” Hiro Hamada said to Big White behind him.

Big White asked in confusion : “I’m a medical assisted robot. Why do I need armor? Is this good for treatment?”

“Of course!” Hiro Hamada said, “helping to ‘treat’ those bad guys.”

Big White blinked. It’s difficult to understand what he meant.

Hiro Hamada continued to look at the group, and the group came to remind : “The group owner has sent a random red envelope, please click to check it.”

The group activity continues to grow and upgraded, but Lu Zixin unable to sent random red envelope. This time, there’s a newcomers entering the group and random red envelope activates itself

“Red envelope?” Hiro Hamada immediately clicked on the random red envelope to see what he could get.

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