MST Chapter 181 : Unexpected Ownership of Champion Trophy

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Ren Keling and Yi Shan are a bit embarrassed.

The appearance of trophy placed on the ground and no one took it. Make program group face not very good-looking.

Ren Keling: “Two, I’m really sorry. Because there not enough preparation in advance. Our trophy is only one. But, please rest assured, our program team will customizing the same championship trophy after the game. So who will holding this trophy now? In fact, they are all the same.”

That’s right, everyone knows the truth, but who is holding it? Liu Chiyan or Han Yurou? This is an unsolvable problem.

Ren Keling picked up the trophy and took it to the two. “Yurou, Chiyan, you discuss who is holding the trophy now. Don’t worry, the program group will definitely make up the same trophy.”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “Well, let’s give Han Yurou first.”

Han Yurou immediately shook her head, “I don’t want it, or you hold it.”

Liu Chiyan: “I will wait for program team to make up for it. You will hold it.”

“I will wait.” Han Yurou is not sloppy.

Ren Keling is a bit embarrassed to hold the trophy. These two are fighting. If no one took the trophy today, it would be embarrassing for The Strongest Voice. Tomorrow, it will be written as follows: The Strongest Voice champion trophy is dismissed; or: The Strongest Voice trophy is unclaimed.

Here, Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou are still arguing… No, courtesy, um, it’s polite.

Liu Chiyan: “You take it, you are the champion anyway, just take it.”

Han Yurou: “No, you still hold it. Anyway, I don’t want this. Still let it be for you.”

The two women shoved to push it, and for a long time, no one would take the trophy.

Ren Keling looked at the two, and the sweat on his head came out. He avoided the microphone and said softly to the two people. “Two, don’t push around, hurry up, who will take it. If this goes on, the show will not end.”

Han Yurou didn’t talk.

Liu Chiyan looked at the anxious Ren Keling and thought about it. She finally took the trophy from Ren Keling.

Still not waiting for Ren Keling’s brow to stretch out, Liu Chiyan took the microphone and looked at Ye Guang under the stage, “Ye Guang, come here.”

Everyone screamed, why did you call Ye Guang up? It’s live broadcast now.

Ye Guang came on stage, but there was no staff to stop him, and the fart was up.

Liu Chiyan handed the trophy to Ye Guang. Ye Guang took it and whispered, “What are you doing for me?”

Liu Chiyan held the microphone, “Actually, this session of The Strongest Voice, I think it’s not me, nor Han Yurou, who should hold this trophy. In this session of the strongest Voice, I can go to this step. It’s because there is Ye Guang writing for me behind the scenes. From the first opening to present, altogether eight songs are from Ye Guang. In fact, the honor of The Strongest Voice is not for me, but it’s better to say it is for Ye Guang.

Han Yurou and I not willing to take this trophy first. In order not to make the program group embarrassed, I will not refuse. I won this trophy. However, this trophy is not for me, but for Ye Guang. In my heart, he is this session of the Strongest Voice champion, this trophy should belong to him, so, this trophy I let Ye Guang take this trophy for me. Thank you everyone!”

The audience applauded, and many people agreed with Liu Chiyan’s statement.

I have to say that Ye Guang is so eye-catching in this session of The Strongest Voice. There are eight high-quality songs in a row, and each capital is so nice and fits the proposition. This is simply a miracle. Liu Chiyan said at the beginning that Ye Guang is Big Gifted Scholar, the name of this gifted scholar is considered to be true.

Ye Guang is a little confused. What is the situation? You don’t want a trophy, drag me up to get the trophy? Hey, I’m not a contestant, what’s the matter? Ye Guang just wanted to talk, Liu Chiyan stopped him with her eyes.

Ren Keling is also a bit embarrassed. The Strongest Voice’s championship trophy does not give the champion, but instead gives a songwriter, what is going on?

Ren Keling turned his attention to Director Feng Kaimou under the stage, and Feng Kaimou was helpless. After thinking about it, he nodded and could not delay it.

Ye Guang is Liu Chiyan person. If he takes it, it means Liu Chiyan took it, which is barely reasonable.

There is no longer a quarrel. If Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou are quarreling, there may be some jokes. The audience seems to have not shown any dissatisfaction with the trophy, so let’s do it!

The audience is really not have any dissatisfaction with Ye Guang’s trophy. For them, it doesn’t matter who actually got the trophy. Moreover, Ye Guang’s performance in The Strongest Voice not only made Liu Chiyan one of the champions, he also wrote these good things. The songs also convinced a large audience.


Ren Keling and Yi Shan talked about a series of oral advertisements, which ended the seven-day game.

Liu Xuecheng, He Xing, Han Yurou, Liu Chiyan, Mu Huang Mu Feng, several contestants stood side by side on the stage and waved goodbyes to the audience.

However, among them, there is still Ye Guang holding trophy with awkward smile.

Many viewers look at this picture and feel a little… Oh, I can’t say anything, it’s weird.

The contestants didn’t take the trophy and gave it to songwriter. It was really inexplicable and full of joy. This session of The Strongest Voice, all kinds of accidents really make people… Hah.

The program is completely over.

In the background, Liu Chiyan brought Ye Guang to the contestants and several judges, as well as the big guys from TV station and the program organizer and they talked for a while. Most of them were compliments. Then they all dispersed. Ye Guang doesn’t like this occasion very much.

In the evening, when he returned to the hotel, Liu Chiyan took the trophy of the strongest voice and looked left and right for a long time

Ye Guang smiled, “On the stage, the two of you pushed each other, and no one would take it. Now you can’t put it down.”

Liu Chiyan’s face was slightly red, “I don’t take it on stage. Whoever takes it, whoever is behind”

Ye Guang: “So you just called me up. You said that I’m not contestant and took the trophy. What’s the matter? I was confused on the stage..”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “Give you a long face, where can you find a wife who is so considerate and will give a man a long face.”

Ye Guang smiled, “Yes, my wife is the best.”

Liu Chiyan spit out a small tongue, “Actually…  asked you to come up at first, I wanted you to smash the trophy in half…”

Ye Guang stunned, “What? Smash in two?”

Liu Chiyan said, “I originally wanted you to smash it in half. So I don’t have to fight with Han Yurou. Each person is half, but when you come up. I think, it’s not good for organizer’s face. It’s not good to watch, so with a clever idea, I let you win the trophy. Hehe.”

Ye Guang is speechless, well, thanks to Liu Chiyan’s last thought. Otherwise he really smashed the trophy, it would be tantamount to slap the organizer face. The Strongest Voice trophy was smashed in public while live broadcast, even if there is a reason. It is impossible to say, there may be some troubles. Even if the organizer at the scene pinched the nose to recognize, but Liu Chiyan is also invisible is tantamount to offend The Strongest Voice organizer.

That night, after The Strongest Voice ended, the outside world was also full of discussions.

But, no matter how everyone talks, they cannot do without a topic, oh, or they cannot do without a person.

A person who not a contestant but won a trophy by accident – Ye Guang!

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