MST Chapter 197 : The troublemaker finally left

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In the end, after many police officers repeated persuasion, Boss Huang’s family still don’t want to leave. Several policemen discussed and adopted some methods and measures.

Can’t disperse family members, disperse the crowd of onlookers, right?

The police officers persuaded the onlookers to leave, and a few people scattered around, pulling up a warning line from a distance to prevent passers-by from continuing to watch.

Studio staff called back to the studio by police officers, don’t watching from outside. The original crowd in front of studio door dispersed. Now just left Boss Huang family clamoring with banners, several police officer stand in a row to help security property guards Youxianqi entertainment door, several other police officers in four directions pull up warning line, not to let the unrelated masses go inside.

Boss Huang family members screamed for a while, but as time went by, the voice became smaller and smaller, and finally no one made a sound.

No wonder, without onlookers, who are they cursing for? Studio employees and Ye Guang are all inside, unless they have a big stereo, they can’t hear it, and several security guards and policemen stand like several wooden piles. This isn’t counted as crowd. It seems meaningless to shout like this. Ah, it seems to be singing a one-man show that no one is watching.

In the summer sun poison, all the family members are standing in the sun, all of them are sweating, and their speech is dry. You look at me, I look at you, but you can’t make up your mind.

After standing there for a while, the younger woman was a little overwhelmed, “Husband, let’s go, it’s not a problem here, I… a bit overwhelmed.”

Boss Huang son looked at his wife and wiped the sweat on his head. He turned and looked at the relatives and friends who came with him. All of them were hot and sweaty, their lips were white and their eyes were drifting. The momentum has gone. Apparently they have already retreated. If it is not because of feelings, maybe they have already proposed to leave.

Boss Huang son thought for a while and nodded, “That… Go back.”

The group finally died away.

So there is a way. The key is to find the right points. Boss Huang’s son and his party are making trouble, mainly for Ye Guang and the masses. If no one pays attention, their trouble is meaningless.

I have to say several police officers still have a way, and one trick worked.

Several police officers and security guards also sighed with relief.

Studio’s employees were not on the lookout, but they secretly paying attention to the outside. The family members left, they immediately reported to Jiang Fengxian, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan didn’t come out, Ye Guang and Jiang Fengxian went downstairs to thank the security guards and several police officers.

Jiang Fengxian want to gave red envelope on several police officers, but Ye Guang stopped him. It’s not Ye Guang stingy, but Ye Guang always feels, police profession is sacred and glorious. If several police officers accept it, Ye Guang feels it has tarnished the solemn profession of police.

Finally, Ye Guang greeted several police officers and security guards upstairs for a cup of tea, snacks, and a break. It was a gratitude conversation, but several police officers refused. The leading police officer is Ye Senhong, looks not very old. He looked like 30 or so. When Ye Guang asked the police officer to come upstairs for tea, he righteously refused, “We don’t have to drink tea, we have discipline, don’t take the masses stitch, maintenance order is what we should do, and so, we go first.”

Ye Guang immediately apologized to the police officer and quickly asked Studio staff to bring a few bottles of drinks, um, provided by Fruit Run.

“Captain Ye, I have a few bottles of drinks for my brothers. You didn’t drink a sip of water for a long time after you came here. You have worked so hard. Thank you so much.”

This time Captain Ye didn’t refuse, a few bottles of drink only. Although he’s discipline, drinking water isn’t a problem.

Captain Ye left with a few other police officers and left. After a few steps, Captain Ye turned back again, “Mr. Ye, can you give me an autograph?”

Ye Guang was taken aback.

Captain Ye quickly explained,”My dad likes your Journey to the West storytelling program. He watch it every night. I will ask one for my dad and make his elderly happy.”

Ye Guang smiled freely. This is the first time someone asked for autograph.

“Of course, no problem.” Ye Guang quickly went to the front desk and took a pen and paper. He signed his name seriously. Ye Guang has Calligraphy Erudition. The words are pretty good. Although the signature didn’t specially practiced, it looks very beautiful.

Pass the signature to Captain Ye, “Captain Ye, this isn’t violation of discipline.” Ye Guang teased.

Ye Senhong laughed, “No violation, no violation, thank you Mister Ye.”

Ye Guang waved his hand, “If anything, I should thank you.”

With the signature, Captain Ye Senhong left with other police. The family’s troubles were a paragraph, and it’s not clear whether they will come again.

In the afternoon, Ye Guang wasn’t in the mood to continue recording the program, and there is a wound on his face. He had to wait for the bruises to disappear a bit before starting work.

Nothing to do, Ye Guang walked around Weibo.

It didn’t take long to get upset and shut down Weibo. Weibo heat on the river jump was high, and the netizens were screaming at Ye Guang.

The police also issued a statement on the follow-up and internal situation of the incident jumping into the river. After all, this incident stirred up by rumors. Rumors have repeated, public opinion has continued, and the official is necessary to explain to the masses. The content of the statement is similar to Ye Guang weibo. It’s said, Huang Yan (boss Huang) jumped because of huge compensation.

It’s stands to reason, the police have spoken out and the pressure on Ye Guang should have reduced a lot. The excessive rhetoric that accuses him of killing people will be much less, but it’s very strange, even if the official has made a statement, the accusation and crusade against Ye Guang didn’t reduced at all, and the netizens still pointed their finger at him.

Ye Guang saw these, upsets and turned off Weibo without looking at it for a while. Why can’t this matter be clear? It’s like he really did something outrageous for people and gods and the whole people conquered him.

Being upset, Ye Guang’s phone rang.

An unfamiliar number.

Ye Guang picks up, “Hello, hello, who?”

At the end of the phone, “Hello, Little Ye?” I am Fan Qingwen.”

Ye Guang: “Oh, Sister Qingwen, how is Teacher Fan, how are you? Is there anything to call?” Ye Guang paid Teacher Fan 500,000 for medical expenses yesterday. It’s estimated that Fan Qingwen was calling for this.

Fan Qingwen: “Little Ye, sister asked you something. Yesterday, you paid my dad 500,000 medical expenses, right?”

Ye Guang pretended stupid, “What 500,000? Sister Qingwen, what do you mean?”

Fan Qingwen at the end of the phone was silent for two seconds, “Little Ye, you tell the truth to your sister, are you? Yesterday, after you leave, the nurse said someone paid my dad 500,000 medical expenses. My dad and I first thought of you. I wanted to ask you yesterday, but I didn’t have your number, and I don’t know where you live. If I didn’t ask my mom today, and she happened to have your number or else I couldn’t find you.”

Ye Guang certainly won’t admit, “Sister Qingwen, someone paid 500,000 for Teacher Fan medical bill? It’s not me, Teacher Fan is so good, it’s not surprising, there’s good people will help. ”

Ye Guang denied it, no matter how Fan Qingwen and Teacher Fan guess, as long as he not admit it, then they would be fine.

Ye Guang understands Teacher Fan, if he really admits, Teacher Fan would definitely not want to be favored by him.

Therefore, it can only be denied.

Add it together and let it go… Just ask you, I’m sincere and honest.

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