MST Chapter 80 : The studio is full of barrels

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Ye Guang recalled the plot of iPartment, while writing out the scenes and dialogue in the drama, there is still a difference between writing script and writing novel, originally when he wrote Ghost Blows out of the light, is exactly according to dream world Ghost Blows out the story of the light can be copied, but this time to write iPartment script is different, he needs to slowly recall every scene of drama, characters expression, action, as well as their dialogue.

The biggest difference between a novel and a script is that the characters in novel can mobilize all means, and the script can only rely on lines and dialogues. Of course, it is also inseparable from the follow-up performance of actors. Therefore, writing scripts requires extra detail on scenes, lines, movements, and manners. Even if Ye Guang has a Skill of Writer Swift Writing, the progress is not too fast.

“Is still writing?” Liu Chiyan came over and “It’s off work.”

Ye Guang stopped the hand on the keyboard, “Ah? It’s off work? I only wrote a little.”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “You haven’t had much time since you came back from outside. Let me see what you wrote.”

Ye Guang smiled and pulled the document to the beginning. “Please lead the review.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and then looked at the computer.

Introduction to iPartment.

A non-luxury apartment, two ordinary suites, living with seven young men and women of different backgrounds, different identities, different ideals.

Right here, every day there is a seemingly ordinary but fun humorous story, sometimes funny, sometimes bizarre, sometimes romantic, and sometimes touching.

Hu Yifei, Lu Zhanbo, Zeng Xiaoxian, Lin Wanyu, Lu Ziqiao, Chen Meijia, Guangu Shenqi, without exception, they are all people with stories. Together, they use laughter and roar to convey the life and values ​​of a new generation of young people. Together, they use the whispering words to wipe out the wonderful laughter and wisdom sparks.


Zeng Xiaoxian: Zeng Xiaoxian is a Radio station Anchor and also…

Hu Yifei: Lu Zhanbo sister of the reorganization family, the university teacher. She is a school karate…

Lu Ziqiao: Lu Ziqiao, the word cloth…

Chen Meijia: Chen Meijia is an eccentric, lively and lovely…

Guangu Shenqi: Guangu Shenqi is a cartoonist from RB, graduated…


Episode 1 Lu Zhanbo, a talented young man who graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, returned to China and was considered a network engineer by a network company. Lin Wanyu, the rich woman who happened to meet at the airport, was careless and had no social experience. He unknowingly got a bus to the suburbs…

(The roadside, Zhanbo took the luggage and saw a bus.)

Zhanbo: Finally there is an empty car.

(Zhanbo got on the bus and saw a beautiful woman twisting her butt to the card reader. She made a “beep” and looked for a position, then hesitated to follow suit.)

Driver: Hello, feed! Come back Come back


Episode 2……

Episode 3……

Liu Chiyan looked casually from the beginning, slowly and more increasingly.

After a while “Haha.” “Pooh.” “Too funny.” “Laughing to me.” Words like that kept coming out of her mouth.

Ye Guang wrote a total of three episodes. It didn’t take long for Liu Chiyan to read it all. “Ah, it’s gone. I laughed to death.” Said, Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang. “How do you think about it, it’s too funny.”

Ye Guang: “Write blindly, how is it, is it okay?”

“Yes.” Liu Chiyan nodded. “I think the story is actually quite simple, but the dialogue and the bridge are too fun. I think, there are those jokes that should not be sold.”

Ye Guang, “That is, what do you think, can you shoot with this?”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “OK! Just shoot this, read a few episodes of the script, I also want to see what effect the TV series produced. ”

Ye Guang: “Get it.”

Liu Chiyan: “Okay, get off work, the employees are waiting, you promised they to eat today.”

Ye Guang nodded and flattered. “Yes, let’s go, but you give me the money first. I can’t pay for it myself.”

Look at your unspoken sample!

Liu Chiyan smiled and handed Ye Guang a card. “The password is the same. Brush this today and count how much you eat.”

Ye Guang took the card and smiled.

Downstairs, the employees did not go, gathered in the hall waiting.

“President Liu and Advisor Ye are coming.”

“Advisor Ye, we have discussed where to eat, but don’t worry about your money.” Some employees laughed.

Ye Guang smiled. “Well, you can eat wherever you want! If I can’t do it, these people can eat me and I’m bankrupt.” Ye Guang said that the boldness is quite bold, and it’s not the same as having money

“Advisor Ye is mighty!”

“Advisor Ye Tyrant.”

More than 20 people set off in a mighty way. They didn’t choose anything particularly expensive, such as high-end Japanese food, or seafood dinners. They picked a good Hunan restaurant and asked for a big private room. Very big, enough for more than twenty people to sit.

When ordering, Ye Guang was in trouble. He only ordered the drinks. The dishes were directly directed to the waiter. “Give the signature dishes in your store, the ten dishes in the cold dish, the vegetables, and the total of forty. Let’s take a look at it.”

The waiter was not surprised by this kind of guest. He took the menu and went to the restaurant.

The staff of Studio is also very active when eating, very happy, talking and laughing, a few elders are drinking upside down, Ye Guang did not drink, not drinking, he does not like alcohol, Alcohol can make the brain faint, Ye Guang does not like this state, he likes to keep the brain awake.

Of course, employees do not want to let go Ye Guang so easily, one by one want to force him to drink, but Ye Guang oil salt, is not to drink, staff to his toast he also just pour coconut milk buy for Yiyi to cup and the other side touch the cup, employees are somewhat bitterly, but Ye Guang reason is very full ah, “I In addition to the general consultant, I am President Liu’s assistant and driver, as a driver, I have to have my professional qualities, this wine must not drink!”

Everyone can’t force him, and they doesn’t persuade him. Anyway, they is not particularly familiar with him, and people are leaders. How do you force the leader to drink? In the end, no one will take care of him. One by one, he should eat and drink. He should drink and be very happy.

However, Shang Shan agitated Ye Guang abruptly , “Hey, Grandpas don’t even drink a little wine.”

Ye Guang wanted to slap his sleeves and blow a few bottles of wine on the spot. Liu Chiyan secretly pulled him under the table, which made him give up.

A meal spent more than 5,000 yuan in total, the hotel boss is also a person, directly wiped the zero, and brushed a total of 5,000 yuan. To be honest, although the card is Liu Chiyan’s card, but Ye Guang still has some distressed, a meal of five thousand, hah, this Studio is a barrel of food!

After the meal, everyone went back to each house directly from the hotel, saying that is the case, but in fact it is two directions, one is the direction of Liu Chiyan’s family, the other is the direction of the employee’s apartments, they live in concentrated one room, Liu Chiyan has set up some staff apartments, which are said to be good, Ye Guang has not seen it. But Liu Chiyan said that it was not bad, it should be no worse.

Will my wife be a stingy person?

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